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  • I will nail 'gutless' cowards
  • By Ian Haberfield
  • Sunday Herald Sun
  • 19/05/2002 Make a Comment (1)
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Rob Hulls
A Family Breakdown Industry Failing Families

The State Government is considering new laws to protect women from anonymous hate campaigns that follow Family Court disputes.

Attorney-General Rob Hulls said yesterday that the Government would reform criminal law and procedures to ensure that women were protected from violence and anonymous hate campaigns perpetrated by men's rights vigilante groups such as the Blackshirts.

Ashburton mother Michelle Knight was the most recent target of the Blackshirts who sent a vicious letter about her to neighbours.

The letter claimed Ms Knight had corrupted her children and asked her neighbours to give her a message that "enough is enough".

Ms Knight said she received phantom phone calls and knocks on the door.

She said the hate campaign made her fearful and she, and her children, were now living as prisoners in their own home.

Mr Hulls said the Blackshirts could face stalking or harrassment charges.

"Ultimately it's a matter for the police and courts, but i am seeking further advice on what we can do to stop them," he said.

"By acting anonymously, this group is making it very difficult for the police to identify individual offenders and any further applications for an intervention order under the Crimes ( Family Violence) Act is being frustrated by the failure to identify a particular member of the Blackshirts brigade.

"But we are investigating what action can be taken to halt this intimidatory and cowardly behaviour and if need be, we will make changes to the Crimes Act to bring these people to justice."

Mr Hulls said the Blackshirts' campaign of terror against women and children would not alter Family Court decisions.

"If these men think they can pump around in their Blackshirts uniform and carry out all sorts of ludicrous actions under the guise of protecting marriage, family and children, they need to think again," he said.

"Such acts are outrageous and gutless."

"These angry men (Blackshirts) should stop harassing innocent citizens and attend the various men's support groups that have been established to deal legally and effectively with the hurt and pain of broken marriages."

"If they don't, they will finish up before the courts facing criminal charges."

    By:John Abbott from Queensland, Australia on September 13, 2015 @ 10:21 am
    Poor diddums Hulls, He called us gutless cowards but when we went to his office he locked the door and refused to talk to us - was he scared - a coward? Maybe? In any event, PM John Howard amended the Family Law Act to recognise fathers as parents - Mission accomplished.
    As to masks, section 121 of the FLA provides for heavy penalties for anyone who exposes identities, we, as the Blackshirts used this as our strength and their weakness. It workd very well given that the media could not report on Family Court issues and were terrified of the so called court to punish them for reporting anything to do with issues regarding the plight of fathers and their children. The Blackshirts brought the court into disrepute which ultimately led to the resignation of the Chief justice and the Blackshirts brought the world media into the whole sordid system that ultimately may have cause the changes in law.

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