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  • Desperate mum's cry for a son
  • By Nick Papps
  • Sunday Herald Sun
  • 10/03/2002 Make a Comment (1)
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Heartache: Michelle Knight in the bedroom of her missing son, Andrew.
MICHELLE Knight is living every parent's nightmare.

Someone has taken her child.

Twelve-year-old Andrew Knight was last seen almost two months ago playing with friends at an Ashburton swimming pool.

Sweet and innocent:Andrew Knight

The out-going boy was expected home that night, January 11, but never made it.

His mother has no idea where he is and it is tearing her apart.

Every day since her son disappeared, Ms Knight has driven through the streets of Melbourne in a desperate, tireless bid to find her son.

She even hands out flyers with a picture of her little boy, hoping that someone will have seen him or know where he is.

Yesterday, she told how her world has collapsed and how she can hardly bear to enter the bedroom where her son used to sleep.

"I can't walk into his room," she said. "It's too painful.

"His door's closed, just seeing the teddies on his bed, just knowing he's not there.

"This has torn me apart so much. It's like a big nightmare.

"I just want him back. He's part of my life that's missing. There's a big hole somewhere."

Andrew's disappearance is being investigated by Federal Police.

In January, a court order was issued for Andrew to be returned to his mother and the Family Court took the rare decision to issue a full description of him.

At the time, police said Andrew might be with his father Michael and issued the father's description, but now it is not known who Andrew is with and where.

While police wait for a tip-off, Ms Knight said she wonders about the health of her "sweet and innocent" child.

In the months since his disappearance, Ms Knight has had to endure enormous pain, but none greater than the heart-break of missing her son's 12th birthday.

"On the 24th of February he turned 12," she said.

"That was really bad. I never missed his birthday.

"It's just so hard to go on every day. I just hope someone will see him out there."

"Someone has to see him. I don't know how the people or person can live with themselves knowing where Andrew is.

"I just want to say to Andrew I love him and want him to come home."

Anyone with information about Andrew Knight is asked to call Federal Police on 9607 7777 or Ms Knight's legal representative Leanne Kelly on 9328 2144.

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Dad's story

    By:John Abbott from Queensland, Australia on September 13, 2015 @ 10:30 am
    Mum? A lesbian who was unabashed with her lesbian antics and even in front of Andrew. The child knew what all sex toys were called and often described them to his helpless father because the Family Court, by its conduct, would punish him if he dared to complain about it. What parent deserves this kind of shame before his or her own children and then be made to feel helpless. The court now appears to be behaving itself since the Blackshirts assailed it. Let us hope it continues to do so.

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