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  • Post Traumatic Main Stream Media Disorder (PTMSMD)
  • By Anthony Golle
  • 31/08/2020 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Gill ( 1 article in 2020 )
Post Traumatic Main Stream Media Disorder

A mental disorder where you stop thinking for yourself and believe what you are told on the news.

The unknowing person is unconscious due to years of brainwashing and in a continual state of fear, unable to comprehend their own gut feel or intuition
Symptoms include:

🚨Wearing masks that deprive oxygen and trap bacteria 🦠 and loss of identity

🚨Excessive use of hand sanitizer

🚨A surplus of toilet paper 🧻 in your home for unknown reasons

🚨 Using the the words “conspiracy theorists” “anti-vaxxer” or “tin foil hat” as a response when you have nothing intelligent to contribute when showed science, logic or uncensored data

🚨 Injecting unknown poisons into your body in an attempt to achieve “health”


Turn off your TV 📺

Touch the earth 🌏

Breath (and remove anything that inhibits this)🌬

Be silent so you can be in your heart 💟 and come to your senses 🙌🏼

Drink clean water 💦

Move your body 🏃🏾 in ways that are joyful to you (include singing 🗯and dancing 💃🏼)

Eat the colour of the rainbow 🌈 each day in fruit 🍉 vegetables🥦 and berries 🍇

Turn off your wifi 🔇

Read a book 📖- yep 👍🏽 a real physical book you can hold

in your hand 🤚🏼 (right now I recommend “Mans search for meaning” - Viktor Frankl)

Put your phone 📱 down and be present with people

Hug 🤗 Laugh 😂

... you know ... all the things you would innately do when free thinking

If symptoms persist:

Seek the advice of someone who has dedicated their life to healing people as we have done as a race for thousands of years traditionally - but through $billion marketing slander campaigns these arts have been squashed and labelled “alternate” “complimentary” or “natural”.


In no way is this medical advice. You need double blind placebo billionaire tech guy paid off scientific studies for that 😉


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