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  • Wake Up people - More evidence COVID is not a health issue but an economic one
  • The crime of the century
  • 09/09/2020 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Brian_P ( 1 article in 2020 )

Emergent BioSolutions are behind CoVid-19 Crime of the Century ( Citizens arrest anyone??) [9:34]

Event 201 being a global simulation exercise with real life consequences, has clearly gone way too far causing severe injury and death to countless people across the globe.

If there was ever a strong case to say NO to global control by a handful of people, the failed COVID-19 Pandemic exercise is surely it. Globalisation is not healthy and globalists are not our friends. Let us keep all nations under national and state control with full transparency and accountability ensuring proper representative governance clearly in the hands of the people who dwell within that land or region.

AWAKE everyone & STOP participating in this "DEADLY" HOAX

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