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  • Draconian: Brutal assault by 'Victoria Police' kicking and kneeing man in head multiple times
  • By Jake Edwards
  • 13/09/2020 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Bazza ( 2 articles in 2020 )
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Bad cops at it again?

Update: we've been contacted by a person who claims to be a family member and supposedly this is a man with mental health issues, and the alleged "crime" he committed was escaping from the hospital.

This happened on Cooper St Epping today approx 4:20pm, a man stopped his car on the road and emerged from the vehicle, with police then RAMMING INTO HIM sending him flying across the asphalt, then a short case began resulting in this. I don't know what this man did, but nevertheless, this in NOT OKAY. This is absolutely disgusting behaviour from the victoria police. Excuse my language but I couldn't control myself.
I understand he resisted arrest, but the brutality used is UNJUSTIFIABLE.

‘Disgusting’: Furious father slams Victoria Police over violent arrest

14 September 2020
The father of a mentally ill man who was stomped on the head by police while being arrested at Epping says his son is now in a coma as a result of the incident.

An internal Victoria Police investigation is now underway after disturbing video emerged online of the arrest.

It shows six police officers pinning the man to the ground before one of them stomps of the man’s head.

His distraught father rang Neil Mitchell on Monday, demanding the officer lose his job.

“I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so upset,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s disgusting.”

Click PLAY below to see how it unfolded (WARNING: graphic content)

He said his son was bi-polar and was in the hospital on Sunday waiting to see a doctor, but they didn’t have a bed.

He then bumped into a friend and went outside, when the incident unfolded.

“The police had no right to do what they did,” he said.

Click PLAY below to hear more on 3AW Mornings

Coronavirus: Mentally ill man in coma after stomped on head by police [2:31]

There is ‘something really crook’ going on with the Victorian police: Rowan Dean [3:24]

Putting any courts or internal police investigations aside, let these individual Police Officers explain publicly, to each and everyone in the community, why they harmed this man and what they propose to make amends.

Also, let Police Commissioner Shane Patton explain publicly why the officers acted this way, including the training, support and counselling Police Officers receive. Again, the actions of the Officers appear to be from systemic failures in conduct and culture from being remedied from previous cases of police caused deaths and injuries. As nothing much seems to change with the police, perhaps the guiding principles of this antiquated institution should return to Police SERVICE as opposed to Police FORCE.

Further, let Premier Daniel Andrews and others responsible explain the reasons for police force failures and what future safeguards will be promptly implemented to protect non-armed and non-beligerant civilians from being repeatedly assaulted in such draconian ways.

Let the Truth be told !!!

Justice for Timothy Atkins

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