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  • The fight continues against Adani and Corrupt Australian Administrators
  • 15/09/2020 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Dannii ( 3 articles in 2020 )

The fight continues

As the Wangan and Jagalingou tribal warriors, our defiant stand against Adani will not be silenced. We are still #StandingOurGround against the destruction of our ancestral land and waters.

11 days ago we delivered an official eviction notice to Adani for illegally trespassing on Country, we demanded they cease all mining and extractive activities immediately.

For 5 days we enforced this eviction notice by lighting the spirit fire on the main access road to the mine site. Adani’s truck and vehicle movement was stopped.

On Friday the Queensland Police Service descended on our peaceful stand with an overwhelming force of 50 officers and 20 vehicles. They did Adani's bidding and forced us off our Country.

This is just the beginning of our resistance to Adani. We will return and continue to enforce the eviction to protect our homeland. We demand that Premier Palaszczuk show some courage and come and meet with us on Country.

Thank you to all our allies, we need your continued support. Take action: call and email Premier Palaszczuk today. Together we will #EvictAdani.

Call the Premier - (07) 3719 7000
Email the Premier -

Visit Wangan and Jagalingou - Standing Our Ground on Facebook to support our brothers and sisters.

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