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In his compelling open letter to NSW Police Commissioner dated October 26, Alex Cooney threw down the challenge to other members of the force to show their solidarity, and join him in a quest to challenge the directives being given to police in response to the National State of Emergency.

Since then, his letter has been downloaded over 52,000 times from this site alone. More the 6500 people have completed our form to show their support, and hundreds of members of the police and military have come out in support.

One senior member of the NSW Police Force Public Order & Riot Squad, Kevin Dawson, has met the challenge, issuing his own open letter raising similar concerns about bureaucratic influence in the force, the enforcing of "arbitrary rules" that are "often confusing...often infringing upon basic human rights...causing harm when it is apparently meant for good" and "causing the demise of good judgement in policing".

In the letter he raises questions of "the legality of the infringement notices we have been asked to issue", citing the absence of a declared State of Emergency in New South Wales.

Of alarming concern is the instruction given to the police to assist with the BLM and Armenian protests, while making an example of protesters deemed to be "anti-government" with a "get them quick" attitude.

Kevin pointed out the clear bias to break up a small protest held between the NRL Grand Final, attended by 40,000 and a pub with an extended liquor license to accept double patronage, using "safety reasons" as the purpose. He pointed out that there are clear prejudices coming from above, and brought into question the moral and ethical standards in the present state of the force, ultimately questioning if there is another agenda at play.

In one powerful statement Kevin states: "It appears that the medical establishment has taken over the decision-making through unelected Chief Health Officers. Their decisions corner us into relenting to their demands, so questioning the factual basis of these decisions should be encouraged. If there is truly no conspiracy here, why aren’t we having the conversation?"

Kevin makes the point that "when we assume a person has committed a crime, we conduct an investigation, yet when a citizen assumes wrongdoing by its government, it’s called a conspiracy theory. If this is not covert social conditioning, then I put it to you that we need to be openly discussing the points raised in Alexander Cooney’s letter."

From the actions of one brave officer having the courage and conviction to speak out, a chorus of support has sprung forth, with Kevin another link in a clear chain reaction of discord. Just like Alex Cooney, Kevin is also calling on the NSW Police Commissioner to question the government's directions, in the hope of restoring community trust in our police force.

This "Cops for Covid Truth" movement', and two very powerful open letters provide an insight into the growing concern with the government's measures for handling the pandemic, and the use of police to enforce them.

At Advocate Me, we have thrown all our resources into supporting these brave officers, and are openly inviting more, across the entire country to join this movement. To sign up to show your support, click here and complete the online form.


NSW is NOT operating under a State of Emergency, yet the police are being compelled to enforce directions on the basis they do, when it is clearly without these additional powers

Bias shown to BLM and Armenia protesters where police were asked to assist these groups to protest, and to "make an example" of people protesting anything anti-government, with a "get them quick" attitude.

Use of terms like “anti everything hippies” to describe these protesters, is indicative of the prejudice coming from above.

Unprofessional conduct called out, where obscenely derogatory remarks about anti-government protesters, raises serious moral and ethical questions about the present state of the force.

Police made to break up a small protest sighting "safety concerns" as the reason, while tens of thousands nearby were permitted at the NRL grand final and its precinct.

The medical establishment has taken over the decision making through unelected Chief Health Officers.

Weeks have passed with no response to Alex Cooney's open letter, motivating further action from within the force.

The Second Letter


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