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  • Peoples Treaty Poem for Freedom
  • By Dylan Wilson
  • 07/09/2021 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Johnny_B ( 1 article in 2021 )

Peoples Treaty Poem for Freedom #PeoplesTreaty [6:04]

There is movement from the Nations
For the world has been locked down
And resistance is the only lawful way
With the people out in forces
And restrictions all around
This Government corruption, cannot stay
We're so tired of being divided
We're free people, here we are
All gathered, & we share a common plight
For together, we're united
And our voices travel far
And we look toward our future with delight
And there's the government
Who makes it pile by, holding fiction up
With foreign acts, that constitute the show
But weak before the truth when jurisdiction is brought up
These cowards don't know which way they should go
And many try to have a go
Try to make their legal stand
No court will even see their case and claims
For never obligated, is the bevel in his hand
Of the Judge who occupies the courtroom stage
But one things here, it's crippling
To the systems of the beast
A truth. that exposes all their lies
A deception in our history, of a crime still on repeat
Complicit to ongoing genocide
It may be hard & tough to hear it, but the truth can't be denied
It takes courage to walk where others fear to tread
Those before us may have shamed us, but they are not you and I
For we hold the knowledge now of truth instead
But still we feed the greedy, & inside their courts we play
And I tell you now that course will never do
For a long and endless lineup has, now proven to this day
These courts are just imposters , Kangaroo
While you're waiting, mad & itching, wondering if we ever can
An urgency is coming to a head
For it warrants resolution , & we want this all to end
So alternatives, are needed now instead
Whilst the symptoms are delivered
Through the media lies worldwide
Where the tales of global grief, spoon fed to us
Show the forces of compliance, with compassion tossed aside
It is obvious, they are not here for us
As they show up to divide us, their aggression surely known
And deliver orders blindly in the street
With the threats that they provide us, our outrage it has grown
And with courage, we still stand upon our feet
So we vent, & yearn for recourse & upon our chests we thump
And they turn away & leave us wondering how
With the threats of fine enforcement , they expect that we will jump
But the truth is the solution coming now
The answer is agreement, Peoples Treaty to unite
Implemented by the people & their will
For they never can divide us, with solution in our sight
Our unity will fill their spines with chills
A past of voices swallowed, by the forces who distract
Compounded with their underhanded threats
But the echo woke our spirits & we fiercely answer back
We will not bend, we are not in your debt
And onward ever onward, we will walk through every day
No matter what we will not run and hide
With the narrative so swiftly, set to keep you in your cage
For freedom, we will make this stand worldwide
As we stand before the future, with our heartstrings being pulled
The results of being locked down & suppressed
Causing grievance & confusion & the narratives are full
Of doom and gloom as fear controls us best
But the truth stands to deliver & it holds us in its breadth
And we'll turn it all around, the time is here
We will be as large as mountains & will shadow any threat
And we will do it all, without an ounce of fear
When we see the system lying & we hear the real deciet
When we find out that the fiction let's them hide
Stand true with Peoples Treaty as we offer them defeat
because the system gets no ticket on this ride
Through the lies & the bombardments
Confronting mass unwoken crowds
A voice of reason, stands firm in it's dissent
And with the truth it is unable, to bend or be shut down
With the freedom of the people, it's intent
Now we're right among the choices, in between red and blue pill
And old constructs on the sidelines, offering mute
But we offer no prescription & respect what is your will
It's time to crawl out now, from underneath their boot
If I've lost you for a moment where beliefs have sorely met
Common laws & constitutions you won't yield
Take a good hard look around you, every symptom you can bet
Is a consequence of fiction , nothing real
We stand forth empty handed, no sea of paper need be shown
With only truth, we will go forward & not back
And with the lies surely defeated we will set our sights on home
So our children get the chance to have a crack
And while some still hold on tightly where jurisdiction there is not
Where Common Laws & constitutions are a cur
We say end the covid, end the lies, end the fiction, end the rot
With hope that your integrity will start to stir
And here as we're confronted with a chance to be the change
We ask the conversation be shared far & wide
Peoples Treaty is solution & with truth we will remain
In honour moving forward side by side
And where upon this continent, we see the symptoms played
In the media & where we hear it, all the time
Help make the Peoples Treaty concept a household word today
And visit

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