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  • Construction workers everywhere in Melbourne Victoria 'Say No to Mandatory Vax'
  • 17/09/2021 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Connie ( 1 article in 2021 )
Video courtesy of Real Rukshan, Independent Journalist

Everyone has the right and the duty to demand freedom of choice to have or not have this experimental medical procedures.

No forced or coerced medical mandate is legal, ever.

In the case of covid jabs it violates the Nuremberg Code at each of the 10 points.

1. All other treatments have been withdrawn from the marked or completely ignored. Existing medication has been deliberately withheld from those who needed it resulting in deaths

2. There is no up to date information published about the side effects of the vaccines.

3. The jab is an undisclosed experimental procedure.

4. The forced or coerced participants have not been told that they are the guinea pigs and the drug trials/ jab trials do not finish untill 2023.

5.The individual is not given a choice to withdraw from this experiment at any time they choose or to just say NO.

6. Participants have not been informed of the mounting death rate from the vaccine, nor have they been told about the extremely high rate of permanent physical and psychological damages being reported from the jab. The people must demand that the law is followed. Mandates and acts put out by the premiers is not law. None of these acts or mandates have been made law so you do not have to abide by any of them.

False laws deserve disdain and non compliance.

By Marilyn Edgar, Construction Industry Against Forced Medical Procedures, (


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