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  • Police fire upon Unarmed Civilians at Melbourne Protest
  • 22/09/2021 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Sammy_D ( 2 articles in 2021 )
Many hundreds of construction workers and supporters took to the streets of Melbourne
today protesting Premier Andrews' vaccine mandates. As the 'No Jab No Job' march took hold at the Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne, hundreds of Victorian Police including front-line militia in riot gear surrounded civilians in what appeared to be a Mexican standoff.

After negotiations between high ranking police and peaceful protesters failed, the militia opened fire on unarmed civilians with rubber bullets and grenades soon after. The footage of some 3 hours and 44 minutes can be viewed here and here as people flee for their safety.

BELOW: Injured was a 'tradie' known as Michael who presented before a reporter with a huge lump on his back having been hit by a police militia launched projectile.

The firing of 'potentially lethal' projectiles upon unarmed civilians is far from acceptable and must be fully investigated immediately. Police Commissioner Shane Patton must provide a full and complete explanation to the protesters and the community at large for such an egregious assault, battery and abuse of power. Further, all senior police officers who ordered this assault must be publicly reprimanded or the Commissioner himself must step down or be relieved of duty as clearly he is unfit to command.

LEFT: One protester was shot some 11 times in the onslaught.

There are clearly serious questions surrounding this serious misconduct and excessive use of force by police.

This military division of police have clearly overstepped the mark by endangering the public. It appears the Rules of Engagement protocols, Geneva and Hague Conventions, Australian customs and international law may have been breached for which all individuals commanding these hostile forces, whether military or civil, must be held to account.

This firing upon an unarmed public is not the first time with multiple instances of fire occurring over this past week and back on 21 August at a 'Freedom' protest near Flinders Street station.

LEFT: Matt Lawson, a peaceful protester who attended the Flinders St rally, was fired upon by police at close range. The projectile hit Mr Lawson in the stomach requiring hospitalization. He sustained damage to his abdomen with huge bruising.

If hit in the face, eye, neck or any vital part of a person's anatomy, serious injury or death may ensue. And for what, because common people are asserting their rights and freedoms.

Expressing their political views making the public even more aware about a failing and captured political system, gagged doctors, coercive medical procedures, unfair workplace mandates and the lack of credibility with mainstream media not informing the public of the truth. The list goes on and on about the lack of transparency and truth behind the COVID-19 'scamdemic' as it has been referred to by many since its inception in early 2020.

There are few words that fully describe the deplorable actions of Victoria Police not only obliterating people's rights, life and liberty on a sacred site such as the Shrine, but to desecrate the memories of our forefathers lost their lives in defending our individual and nation's freedoms.

From all appearances the faith and confidence the community have in the Victorian Police has reached an all time low. To begin making amends, the community would seek all police members look deep inside and ask themselves if employing such draconian measures ordered by their commanding officers, political and unelected medical tyrants is an OK excuse to inflict harm upon innocent and unarmed men, women and children all for a paycheck.

Maybe it is high time the police stand down ceasing any further unjustified and disproportionate attacks on the people of these lands. Considering a return to a police service, not a force, where the people are properly served may just win the police the respect and favour, and a conscience free of torment and guilt from inflicting harm on their brothers and sisters. Victorian police members are requested to serve on the right side of history as others have done worldwide. A more healthier and gratifying life awaits you.


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