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  • What do the 'Jab' Safety Data Sheets Reveal?
  • 02/10/2021 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Pike ( 15 articles in 2021 )

The Law part 2 [39:44] The Law [37:26]

Pfizer Safety Data Sheet
Astrazeneca Safety Data Sheet

Firstly, do not over react to any generic mass email or correspondence you may receive from an employer re the jab as they most likely have a current obligation just to give you notice, and that's where it generally ends.

Next, you do not have to talk to an employer or any staff member about your medical and vax history as this is private and confidential, protected under privacy laws. Question and be careful of any information requested regarding your health, even your vax status. If your employer threatens to fire you if you do not provide any vax or health details, simply request your employer put any demand and conditions in writing, addressed to you personally, so you can deal with it in a proper manner; affording you a reasonable time, away from your workplace to obtain suitable advice.

Certainly, do not resign or sign anything on the spot you do not understand or if put under pressure in any way by your employer.

If any demand or ultimatum comes from your employer (either get jabbed or be fired), be sure to raise with the CEO the safety concerns mentioned above.

Most employers will be aware of the COVID con being played out and won't press the issue, but instead be more understanding than you may think, as they too have already been burdened extensively by this pre-planned hit on the Victorian Economy and families under the guise of this covid skulduggery.

However if not, request from them a copy of any Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) and any Risk Assessment re 'COVID and Vaccines' done in the workplace.

If your employer fails to co-operate and be reasonable and still wants to unfairly dismiss you, ask them whether WorkSafe Victoria or Fair Work Commission should be notified to assist with the process of investigating such health and safety concerns.

Also, check if your employer is relying upon any clauses or conditions in any workplace agreement you may have for you to get jabbed, as these may need to amended or excluded, being contrary to your health.

For more information read the Fair Work Commission's Deputy President Lyndall Dean's decision in the recent FWC case Jennifer Kimber v Sapphire Coast Community Aged Care Ltd (C2021/2676), particularly from paragraph 101 onwards.

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