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  • Australian Covax 19 Developer Professor Nikolai Petrovsky
  • 01/11/2021 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Brian_P ( 2 articles in 2021 )

Public Discussion with Professor Nikolai Petrovsky on MRNA Technology 28/10/2021 [1:01:27]

"My Aunt got blood clots after the Astrazenic vaccine the next day in her lungs but made it, came home from hospital and after 3 days got more clots and past away." - Gunilla Tait

"Perhaps a start would be to see in full what contracts our government has signed with Pfizer Moderna and AstraZeneca etc.. why the secrecy, why are these contracts which may be the link to vaccine mandates (until transparency happens we will never know) blacked out from the public who are ultimately being affected by these gene therapies, either by loss of freedoms and the right to work, or by adverse events?
Perhaps law firms should be looking at vaccine mandates from that angle?
As for this vaccine, it seems a very safe option, so why is our government being difficult? Why are they not championing this and backing it?
Perhaps it really does come down to what agreements they have signed in the contracts with big pharma?
We certainly need an investigation into this asap!" - Angela Mccrea

"wow, $350K to TGA - that says a lot. They should be begging for people like you guys to develop something for the greater good of humanity. They should be paying you." - Mary Bacon

"and I wonder why not ? The government seems happy to enter into confidential agreements with foreign multinationals, sending hundreds of millions of $ overseas, but cannot support Australian industry and innovation. Disgusting (and likely corrupt)." - Bryan J Buchanan

"India - state of Uttar Pradash eliminated Covid without a V. 250mil people and they could do it. There is a more effective treatment than any innoculation." - marzalive

"Neither blackrock or vanguard owns nicolai’s company. That’s why they won’t fund him. The only solution we are allowed to accept is the one planned for us. I just lost my job in medical research for not receiving the genetic therapies. I have read a study on nicolai’s covax-19 jab. I would take it if it was available." - Tea Ezra

"1st. Release the safe and effective treatments that were blocked and withheld from the people of Australia.
That in itself should result in life in jail for all that have taken part in the blocking of the medication." - Shut TheGate

"Bravo for staying in integrity and having been in mainstream medicine all my life I uphold all your views.
I developed Auto-Immune illness several years ago following many vaccines in nursing
I would take your vaccine if it was available in Australia
The global agenda is evidently not about health" - Patricia Newton

"Sadly I'm struggling to hear the question being asked, which would make it easier to assess whether a question is being skirted or directly answered.
With that said it bothers me greatly that he still thinks it has to be the vaccine and nothing else in most cases. This tells me he doesn't have a deep understanding of human biology and its complex efficiency.

I guess profit is still an important factor in all of this if the human immune system can't apparently function without their synthetic immune system interventions. $$
Fear is being used to create dependency, and dependency is being used to make billions if not trillions of dollars." = Ail Fawka

Prof Petrovsky's Career
Flinders University South Australia
• College of Medicine and Public Health
• Director of Endocrinology – T2D and Vaccine research
• Professor of Medicine
• Founder of Vaxine a vaccine development company funded by USA National Institute of Health (NIH) to develop novel vaccine technologies.
• 1979 - Bachelor of Medical Science
• 1982- Bachelor of Medicine
• 1998 - PhD
Has been involved in the development of vaccines for
1. Influenza
2. Hepatitis B
3. Sting Allergy
4. Malaria
5. Japanese Encephalitis
6. Rabies
7. HIV
Authored 90 scientific papers and book chapters.

Australian medical doctor & vaccine developer Prof. Nikolai Petrovsky who just lost his position with Flinders University, due to not agreeing to take TGA approved COVID vaccine, sums up the corrupt state of affairs:


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