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  • World Wide Freedom Rally - Sat 22 Jan 2022
  • 07/01/2022 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Col ( 4 articles in 2022 )

Over 21 months of people blindly complying with this Scamdemic is utter madness.

It is Super Simple to end this world wide craziness and restore sanity.

For a start simply say NO, decline or conditionally accept depending on whether any valid contract exists.

No more Ignorance
No more Fear and being Fooled
No more Compliance
No more Masks
No more QR codes
No more Social distancing
No more Isolation or Quarantine
No more Jabs
No more Testing - PCR, RAT
No more Discrimination or Segregation
No more Threats of Coercion
No more Shutting down businesses
No more Job losses
No more Using your Credit Card, instead use Cash - you will be sorry if you let it go
No more Shopping Online at Big stores, spend Cash locally supporting your community
No more Intent to harm and injure
No more of NOT knowing who you are
No more of NOT knowing who they are
No more believing paid Political and Media gatekeepers
No more lies
No more misrepresentation
No more Mass Hypnosis - Awaken from the spells
No more being DECEIVED!
How many more can you think of?

What we all must seek from our so called 'government' administrative representatives is Full Disclosure.


Then, and only then may we see the problems and provide solutions.

Yes it is time that we start to take proper Responsibility and asserting Vigilance.

The War upon YOU and your Family STOPS when you STOP Participating!

There is no virus, covid or otherwise, that constitutes this form of Control and Abuse.

Yes there is something else going on - time to open your mind and stop being FOOLED!

If you are not part of of the Solution, YOU are definitely part of the problem!

During this period of an undeclared War, where the globalists restructure and balance their accounts incorporating a multitude of agendas, NEVER give up your rights; including your freedom, dignity and the right to informed consent, allowing them to experiment on YOU, your children and family, for god knows what reason and to what end.

We can create a better world but first you need to preserve your rights and stay alive.

Un-blind yourself and do your research... before it's too late for you, a loved one, friend or humanity.

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