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  • By Martin Philips
  • The Sun (UK)
  • 28/12/2003 Make a Comment (1)
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Ex uses daughter to blackmail me.

... cruel law denies dads access to kids

HUNDREDS of fathers desperate to see their children have joined The Sun's Justice For Dads campaign.

They back the demands of Sir Bob Geldof for a change in the law to give equal access to children for BOTH parents.

More than a million kids in Britain will not be with their fathers this Christmas and every year thousands of men are finding they have no rights to see their children after a family break-up.

Below are a few of the many hundreds of moving messages we have received. Names have been changed.

THANK you for your support of fathers who are left in the wilderness, abused by a biased and unjust system.

I separated from my ex-partner shortly after my daughter's birth in 1991 and the mother quickly relocated to her home town 400 miles away. She left while I was working offshore.

Subsequent attempts to obtain contact with my daughter were tentatively successful until my ex-partner started a new relationship. It quickly became apparent I was to be removed from the picture.

My daughter, now aged 12, has been used as a tool for blackmail and punishment.


THE lack of respect the law gives to a dad's relationship with his children is a disgrace.

The behaviour of some mothers who use the system to isolate the father from his children is also despicable.

Even when my marriage fell apart, I did not conceive that my ex-wife would also want me so removed from the children's lives.

The law should treat dads as equal parents - and tackle those mothers who do not.


MY wife and I separated and shared the care of our three-year-old daughter for nine months.

My daughter was with me three days a week, every week. It worked fine until my ex's solicitors told her that these arrangements would affect her financial claim against our joint assets.

So in March this year she reduced my contact to every other weekend - four days a month!

Meanwhile, she and her lover have set up home together and he enjoys seeing my child any time he wants.

This is the reality of British justice.


THANK you for your Justice for Dads campaign. After two years, I now have access to my five-year-old daughter but it hasn't been easy. It has cost me my home and all of my savings to get this far.

But I still live in fear of my access being taken away at any time on my ex-wife's impulse.


I AM a father of one fighting an unfair court system for contact with my daughter.

None of my family has been allowed to see her since December 2002. I am constantly accused falsely of harassment with no evidence being put forward, yet it is me and my daughter who are being punished.


I WILL not see my daughter on Christmas Day. The last time I saw my ten-year-old was just before Christmas Day two years ago.

Her last words to me were "I'll miss you, Dad."

Since then my ex-wife has done everything in her power to stop contact, including telling my daughter that I no longer wish to see her.

Earlier this year my ex-wife moved and has not informed me of the new address. I have applied to the court for the address, to be told that giving me my daughter's address would breach my ex-wife's human rights.


    By:Harold from SA, Australia on July 19, 2011 @ 4:49 pm
    What's bad for parents is 2 + 2 = 5.

    In other words what society teaches people is that marriage is for life, or at least until children have grown up.

    Parents are not taught about the contradictory laws of Family Law legislation and procedures, all making for quite a rude shock and awakening when parents can lose their kids, assets and the family life they once knew it to be.

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