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  • 'My kids have gone. It's like they've died'
  • The Sun (UK)
  • 24/12/2003 Make a Comment (2)
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Be Grateful Today!

Father's anguish: ... lone dads
back our justice campaign
THE SUN'S Justice For Dads campaign has been swamped with more than 500 e-mails of pleas and support from fathers desperate to see their children.

They back our demand for a change in the law to give equal rights of access for BOTH parents.

Below are just some of the moving messages.

On the right are words of support from both main political parties.

I WAS denied contact with my father for many years because my mother hated him. br> A word of warning to any mother - children don't stay children.
I have grown up to despise my mother but now have contact with my father.

THANK you so much and well done for nationally highlighting what fathers like me are facing this Christmas.

I WOULD like to thank The Sun for getting behind dads like myself who have had to battle to see our children.
This is exactly what we need - the nation's biggest daily newspaper giving us their support.

THE law and court welfare system is a total sham.
I spent five years trying to maintain contact with my two children.
In that time, seven court orders were issued and each was breached by my former wife without challenge by the courts.

MY 20-month-old son is facing his second Christmas without seeing his father.
I am a community police officer and committed to equality - I just wish I could get some.

I'm a woman of 25 engaged to a wonderful father of 26.
He has two girls who he hasn't seen since July, despite a judge granting him parental responsibility and a contact order.
Every time we had contact with the mother she was drunk, abusive and difficult.
My fiance tried to get full custody but failed because he worked full-time.

FOR the first time in four years I will be 'allowed' by my ex-wife to see my kids on Christmas Day - for 15 minutes.
Despite a court order allowing contact she has just refused and the courts have done nothing.

I AM not allowed to see my three children from my previous marriage.
What right does my ex-wife and her boyfriend have, in their words, to tell me to "stay out of our lives"?
I doted on my kids and now they are gone. It's like they have died.

THANK you so much for highlighting the plight of thousands of children who will not be able to see their dads at Christmas.
This is because of biased Family Court judges who remain wedded to the sexist values of the 1950s, despite the fact that society has long ago moved on.

I AM another of the one in four dads who will not see his children this Christmas.
Well done The Sun for having the courage to print the truth about the awful decisions made by secret Family Courts.

THOSE who allow children to be denied the love and care of both parents are guilty of emotional and psychological child abuse.

    By:Gouda from SA, Australia on April 9, 2016 @ 12:47 pm
    Firstly, great site and reading. Painful stuff all this many years ago. Even more painful as it still happens today.
    By:Tyrone from Hamilton, New Zealand on September 14, 2015 @ 8:37 am
    Who really understands the bonds of our nature and sacred contracts?

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