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  • Lies, Sabotage, Subversion, Theft
  • Families Against Family Court Abuse
  • 27/11/2003 Make a Comment
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Subversion, Theft

All through its political life, The Family Court of Australia relied heavily on secrecy, propaganda, lies and deceit to maintain the 'Status Quo' i.e. transferring hard earned family assets to a handful of elite lawyers and psychologists - robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The head master of the Family Court emerges publicly thinking he can 'fool all the people all the time'. He tends to interfere with matters of state disregarding his true position. One must suspect that he suffers a high level of political frustration and envy for not politically making it - although another opening is yet creeping up with the resignation of Simon Crean!

Yes Al, you wondered where you were when the claim was made 'that men were as often victims of family violence as they were the perpetrators of it'. Well Al it could have been at the Radisson, the Carlton Crest, the Sofitel, the Novotel or even your arch enemy's (Jeff's) Crown enjoying heady concoctions of anti Father statistics - the wilder or more absurd the better! No doubt you were vigorously engaged in trying to drum up more subsidies and grants from the great Tax Collector to finance the expansion of your very costly Divorce Law kingdom.

Then there is 'Al the jetsetter!' - Canada, California, Sweden, Germany, U.K., Kuala Lumpur, Phew! What time could you possibly have for such mundane domestic matters as the future of Fathers and their children after their crunching journey through your Family Court? The news from Parliament is that you appear to work for about five months of the year - maybe this explains something about the 'Utopia' referred to by Sir Harry Gibbs when he was describing your Family Court.

Extremism Al is a foul political ploy thank God you never made it as a politician. You fabricate fringe examples to demonise ordinary hard working fathers, you oppose any attempt to clean up 'Your Act' (reference the numerous Parliamentary Inquiries already held into your Family Court and no doubt the many more to come).

Ordinary fathers, who unsuspectingly refer to your clan as 'Your Honour', are used in the exposure to abuse and exploitation of their children by being removed from those children's lives. Your judges treat them as 'Cattle' but you make them live in hope. Your cronies make millions of dollars from the problems you firstly create and then pretend to fix .

Your public outbursts and obstructions place you in a position of 'Public Bias' against those who you pretend to serve. Doesn't this prohibit you from presiding on cases?

Al don't cramp your lifestyle with any make believe statistics. Fathers are not crying out for your 'research' they are screaming for justice, fairness, and riddance of attitudes like yours. Above all to be left alone to have a normal life with their children of whom you have deprived them.

Anyway Al, from the tens of thousands of Fathers who will not see their children this Festive Season (or maybe never again) have a MERRY CHRISTMAS! And a peaceful and pleasant and fulfilling retirement.

And from the rest of us well wishers GOOD "F" RIDDANCE you wanker!

(The above comments reflect the opinion of the writer only based on past experience)

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