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  • Woman threats to chop boys
  • By Jasmin Lill
  • The Courier Mail (Qld)
  • 13/08/2004 Make a Comment
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A WOMAN accused of abducting two little boys threatened to chop them up before stealing them from outside one of their homes in a quiet suburban street this week, a court has been told.

Jodi Ann Lawler, 21, was refused bail after she appeared in the Brisbane Magistrate's Court yesterday charged with two counts of abducting a child under 16 and with one count of attempting to abduct a child under 16 at Keperra on Wednesday.

Brothers Jacob, 5, and Zachary, 3, were playing outside a house in the northwestern Brisbane suburb when Lawler allegedly abducted Zachary and friend Peter, 5, while Jacob ran to get help.

Defence lawyer Jim Coburn yesterday argued for his client's release, saying she was anorexic and had been diagnosed with drug-induced psychosis as a result of her use of methylamphetamines.

"She freely admits the circumstances are bizarre," Mr Coburn said.

He said Lawler was receiving treatment for her problems, but that she could not explain the alleged abduction.

"Her sympathies extend to the parents of the children she took from one side of town to the other."

Mr Coburn added that the children had been used as pawns stemming from problems associated with her ex-boyfriend, and that she was extremely confused about what happened on Wednesday.

But police prosecutor Sergeant Lynne Asher objected strongly to Lawler's release, saying she had used chocolate to lure three children toward her vehicle before one of the boys went to get help.

Sgt Asher said by the time he and his parents had rushed outside, Lawler and the two little boys had gone.

Lawler is then alleged to have driven the boys 20km to the southside suburb of Darra before another person who knew she didn't have children alerted authorities.

Sgt Asher said Lawler had threatened to chop the boys up and told them to get into a cage. They had refused and were allowed to watch television.

She added that the crime was "just so deplorable" that it questioned whether the treatment Lawler was having was working, and what might happen if she was granted bail.

"Are we going to find that someone else's children will go missing?" she said.

Magistrate Christine Roney refused Lawler bail, and became visibly distressed when telling Lawler that custody was only reserved for the most serious of offences.

She then remanded Lawler in custody until August 26.

Lawler was also fined $400 after she pleaded guilty to failing to appear at court in Brisbane and Inala last month on charges including public nuisance, unlawful entry of a motor vehicle and stealing.

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