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  • 02/04/2004 Make a Comment (2)
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Be Grateful Today!

One can only surmise the feelings running through the head of a small boy, just eight years of age, as he sits on his bed and peruses his new surroundings.

What thoughts would enter his mind as he sat all alone in a new environment, far away from his loving mother and family.

Surrounded by many other boys also left at boarding school to be educated away from the safety and familiarity of their home.

Raised on a coffee plantation in Papua New Guinea and then taken to Scotch College Melbourne in 1946 and there to remain until 1954, approximately 8 years without the closeness of a mother or the guidance of a father. Like too many who now hold positions of power in this country, this was the beginnings of the lifestyle experienced by Alastair Nicholson, retired chief judge of the Family Court of Australia.

Probably the most hated judge this country has ever seen or likely to see in the future.

There is much written in the media of his charisma and charm, his compassion for families, and children and his concern about family violence and a determination to make the court's services accessible to the disadvantaged, including remote indigenous communities. It would appear from all of this that Alastair Nicholson was the perfect choice for the job. Nicholson was appointed in 1988 by Labor attorney-general Lionel Bowen, who says he chose him because of his ability to understand human behaviour.

Nicholson has fallen out with governments of both political colours. A search of the internet turns up extraordinary vitriol from radical men's groups as far away as Canada and the United States. "Alastair Nicholson is bigoted, a disgrace. He is not the solution to the problem. He is part of the problem," says one website. More moderate groups talk about him being out of touch with reality.

Whatever ones opinion is, there can be no doubt that a child of this tender age who spends the prime years of his childhood locked in a boarding school, has absolutely no idea of the concept of a normal loving family. The victims of this man's court will attest to this.

And here lies the problem. Boarding school, university then head first into a so called intellectual law system with all the social trimmings, without ever realising that you are a victim of child abuse, a possession, dumped at a boarding school to be raised by god knows who or what, coming out at the other end with a totally twisted concept of family values.

Nicholson's attacks on loving fathers are well documented. His so called defence of his court, which a blind man can see is the central point of abuse and destruction of the traditional family unit, are simply his misconceived opinions of how life should be. Sad to say the least.

This man has made a career out of denial. While the entire western world struggles with family law and its perverted administration, Nicholson stands high on his perch crowing about the greatness of a system that has been a failure since its inception. Even in retirement, during his last pathetic death throws, he attempts to provide yet another solution, a newer methodology, an excuse for his obvious inability to comprehend the wonderful concept known to most of us as our family.

Fathers all over Australia are rejoicing at the retirement of this man. Nobody knows the actual numbers of suicides, rapes, beatings and general abuse that has resulted directly or indirectly from an order of his court. The secrecy generated by him and his fellow judges has made it impossible to obtain the true records of cases decided in this court. The government dare not obtain the figures relating to the abuse of children due to the removal of loving fathers, they could not withstand the public attacks if all were revealed.

Nothing in our past has been as horrific as the destruction inflicted on innocent families by family law, but Nicholson throughout his reign, has refused to face the truth about his court's actions.

The family law act is not perfect, like any other piece of legislation drafted by a mere mortal, but its the interpretation of this law and its administration that is at fault. No new concept is going to change the attitudes of this court's judiciary, or the judiciary as a whole. Upon looking into the childhood of Alastair Nicholson one can only ask, how many more were denied a natural childhood, what checks and balances are in place to decide the suitability of family law judges? From the ongoing catastrophic results produced by this court, it's pretty clear to see that it's not the system that is faulty, it's the operators.

Maybe we should feel sorry for a small boy of 8 years, who sat on a bed in 1946 and wondered who would tuck him in at night. A small boy who no longer received the close contact of a father, the wisdom and guidance that every child needs in these tender years.

Children need love and a mum and dad. Any person interfering with this formula is committing a crime, a crime against the laws of nature. Alastair is living proof of this....

Retired Chief Judge, Alastair Nicholson, poses next to a painting hung in his honour.

As one father commented, "Why hang a painting,

Why not the real thing?"

For evil to prevail a good man need do nothing
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    By:Harold from SA, Australia on July 17, 2012 @ 9:10 pm
    yes superb article...woteva was nicholsons problem?

    was he really paying out on fathers for his own personal problems???
    By:BJ from NSW, Australia on January 4, 2011 @ 7:37 pm
    What a classic, well written and compiled story about Nicholson, an obvious failure causing many families to go under. Some of us fathers will never forget his reign and the destruction it caused to our families. May God have mercy on all their souls for what they have done as we are all still paying a high price of suffering, especially our kids! The family court is an absolute useless place no one ever wants to have the misery of attending. Give it a big miss. Happy New Year to all those lawyers and judges who get payed millions and billions living of the suffering of vulnerable families. Nothing has changed nor will it ever im sorry to say.

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