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  • Barrister banished
  • By Karen Collier
  • Herald Sun
  • 15/11/2006 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: James ( 1 article in 2006 )
A MAVERICK barrister has been banned for six months for mishandling up to $50,000 of a client's money.

David Anthony Perkins' punishment for misconduct follows a previous suspension for calling a senior tribunal member a bigot and coward.

The Victorian Bar Council took action against the lawyer over allegations money paid in advance of legal services for a client was placed in a personal rather than trust account.

Mr Perkins, who was once arrested while running down a street wearing only an unbuttoned dress, defended the money mismanagement claims, blamed tardy accounting, and pleaded to keep his certificate.

But the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal this week said the barrister had shown a lack of remorse for a serious offence. He was banished from practising as a barrister for six months from November 13 and ordered to pay costs.

"The mishandling of trust money is something that must be vigorously discouraged," the tribunal decision noted.

Mr Perkins, in his late 50s, argued he had done most of the legal work when the money was placed in the account.

Mr Perkins was charged with offences including offensive behaviour and resisting arrest in 1996 when picked up by police in Hawthorn just after 2am wearing only an unbuttoned dress and smeared make-up.

He pleaded not guilty in the Prahran Magistrates' Court, was put on a good behaviour bond and fined $500.

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