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  • Abducted by estranged wife Melinda
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • 13/12/2008 Make a Comment
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Australian authorities say Andrew, 4, was abducted by his mother, Mr Thompson's estranged wife Melinda, on April 24 this year.

The pair flew from Sydney to Singapore and then on to the German city of Frankfurt, where they disappeared.

In a rare move, the Family Court this week issued a publication order after Australian and German police exhausted their efforts to find Mrs Thompson, who may be travelling under her maiden name of Stratton.

The document warns anyone recognising her or her son not to approach them as 46-year-old Mrs Thompson may pose a danger to herself and her young son. They have been asked instead to contact police.

Mr Thompson yesterday told The Daily Telegraph he had been left reeling by the breakdown of his six-year marriage last Christmas and his wife's subsequent decision to snatch their son.

Before their disappearance, a psychiatric report found she was suffering from a mental condition that affected her judgment and her ability to parent effectively.

Mr Thompson said finding Andrew was his only priority.

"He's been ripped away from everything he knows," he said.

"He's probably blissfully unaware of what's going on because he's only four but the emotional damage that's being done to this child is absolutely shocking."

While members of Mrs Thompson's family knew she planned to leave Australia, they don't know where she is now.

Both she and Andrew are Australian citizens, although Mrs Thompson, who holds an MBA, is fluent in French and German.

Mr Thompson said Interpol had issued alerts in 187 countries and a huge international media campaign would be launched, with posters featuring Andrew's image to appear on buses across the UK.


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