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  • South Africa: Festive season crime stats 'concerning' - including 49 child rapes
  • 23/12/2008 Make a Comment
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A total of 1722 people were assaulted in KwaZulu-Natal and 111 people sustained gunshot wounds over the first 18 days of December, the provincial health department said.

Another 493 people had been stabbed, and 282 raped (49 being child victims).

Provincial health MEC Neliswa Peggy Nkonyeni said she was extremely concerned about these figures, which had been incurred over the festive season.

"These statistics indicate a violent society that continues to violate women and girls. The department also notes with concern the role of alcohol and drugs in promoting these unsocial behaviours."

She said violence could not only lead to death but had effects on health - including brain injuries, bruises and scalds, chronic pain syndromes, and irritable bowel syndrome.

"Injuries and violence are threats to health in every country of the world. While violence and road traffic injuries account for the greatest proportion, other injuries such as drowning, burns, rape and suicides make up nearly 50 percent of all fatal injuries."

The figures for December showed 118 suicide cases, 1008 vehicle accidents, 17 drownings and 139 burn victims.

"Although the greatest cost of injury is in human suffering and loss, the financial costs are far from trivial. The burden of injuries is greatest amongst the poor," said Nkonyeni.

She urged holidaymakers and residents to be safe and vigilant and not to indulge in drugs. - Sapa
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