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  • Why are we afraid to call a spade a spade.Or an evil bitch an evil bitch
  • By Me
  • 29/12/2008 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Frustrated and angry ( 1 article in 2008 )
Why is society so ashamed of its women that it refuses to aknkowledge there evil hatred of Fathers

I am a loving caring father. My daughter Georgia is a fantastic child and has huge potential to be anything she wants to be.

The big problem is that her mother is an evil hearted blackminded cunt. There is no other way to describe this putrid exuse for a mother. Ten years Ihave sat back and accepted the short end of the stick in relation to my childs life and have been the victim of countless character assasanations and attempts to undermine anything I do for my daughter and to totaly trivialise everything about my life ,my family and my imput into my Daughters life.

This evil cunt has numerous men usauly of the dreggs of society around. Her current man is a known GBH/Exstacy dealer and biker hangeron. They think that this frightens me yet they dont know what i am capable off and they are all biding their time.

Any man who stands between a father and his child purley to support a extremely flawed individual like that evil cunt is just a maggot.

By the way the GBH/Exstacy dealer has a 12 yo daughter that he has not seen in 8 years because he cant be fucked. How fucking pathetic these scum bags are.

The courts ,the government ,the police,the social workers ,the contact centres,the solicitors.
Not one of these organisations are capable of deciding anyhting and i hold them as reponsable for the kidnap of my child and the subsequent destruction of a potentialy great excistence.

Fuck this Fucking shit fucked up world.
I hate the human race you all fucking stink of gready self absourbed filth.

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