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  • Police sued on 'racism'
  • By Fiona Hudson
  • Heral Sun
  • 07/02/2009 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: JohnnyBgood ( 6 articles in 2009 )
Be Grateful Today!
A YOUTH worker at the centre of race-based claims against police is suing two officers and the state over an allegedly unprovoked attack.

Somali community leader Ahmed Dini, 21, claims he was wrongfully assaulted and imprisoned, and then maliciously prosecuted.

Mr Dini - once honoured for his peacekeeping efforts - is seeking substantial damages from the officers as well as the state.

The alleged attack, on Valentine's Day 2006, near Debney Park Oval, Flemington, left him with extensive facial injuries, including broken and dislodged teeth and bleeding gums, he claims.

Documents lodged with the County Court this week claim he required significant dental repairs, he still has difficulty eating and he suffers continuing psychological damage.

Mr Dini claims he was coming back from buying a hot chocolate and cake when he stopped to watch police arrest a man named Ghafoor Wakil.

Mr Wakil this week also lodged a civil claim.

In the statement of claim against police, Mr Dini alleges Sen-Constable Matthew Alston approached and told him to raise his hands.

He claims Sen-Constable Alston, "without any lawful justification or excuse", hit him in the face with a torch.

The writ alleges the blow left Mr Dini dazed, frightened and spitting blood.

The court documents claim Sen-Constable Alston told him: "Get out of here, go home." But before Mr Dini could leave, the writ claims, the officer unlawfully arrested and imprisoned him.

The second officer named on the writ is prosecutor Ivan Petrunic. The writ claims he "maliciously and without reasonable and probable cause" prosecuted Mr Dini at Melbourne Magistrates' Court on a charge of hindering police.

A magistrate dismissed the charge and said aspects of the case were curious.

In another matter, Mr Dini is facing charges of affray and assault with a weapon in a brawl at an under-18 soccer match at the same ground where he claims police attacked him.

There are still many in the Victorian Police Force who are 'thugs'.

Most people know this, and it's just not the one's that physically bash people up.

Essentially, most police get high from the adrenalin of the action and the perceived power they have (as police). They are however usually too immature enough to recognize this.

Even their attitudes to the public in the way they sometimes talk to you on the phone such as a Senior Constable (a police officer of minimum 5 years service) who when asked what her name was, as they normally offer this to you up front, spoke so quickly on the phone, her name was unrecognisable. When asked to repeat it, inferring to slow it down the second and third times, she didn't.

When asked if she could spell it, she got huffy and beligerant as though it was somehow my fault, or I was in the wrong and had the problem. I asked to be handed to the Seargent in charge. It's often futile to deal with robotic, often mindless, or shall we say police programmed servants, so why waste your time and energy.

Bad attitude, bad police training, immature even for a Senior Constable, issues with her name, which did sound demeaning. Sounded similar to "half ass", so that may have been it. I simply don't know. If it was her surname, has someone not told her she can legally change her surname. Maybe she was teased and bullied as a child, and has now grown up to be a bully herself. Who will ever really know.

It doesn't help the public (such as myself) forming a very dim view of the Police Force, and I suggest they improve their manners. I will refrain from naming the female SC this time, as I don't believe she has done anything terribly wrong, I am a loving, forgiving and compassionate person after all, and I certainly don't want to upset her, or her career. I belive she is merely a product of the police system, which is not her fault.

But overall, there are many bullies and powere mongers in the force, no matter what level or rank, which should be removed. Usually the higher they get, the more cunning they become and clever at hiding their brutal mentality.

However, the public is not fooled.


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