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  • Chained wife cheated death
  • By Paul Anderson
  • Herald Sun
  • 07/02/2009 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: JohnnyBgood ( 6 articles in 2009 )
SONIA Cook believed she was going to die, lying gagged and chained in the back seat of her family car.

Her husband, Cameron Neil Cook - a former policeman-turned Legal Aid solicitor - was sitting at the wheel with a kamikaze vendetta to drive into Port Phillip Bay.

His plan: to drown himself and his wife as their young son slept at home having been tricked into taking a Temazepam pill on the promise it was a vitamin C tablet.

As Cook eyed the Mordialloc pier he revved the engine.

"I'm sorry, Sonia, but I am taking you with me," he said.

Sonia tried to plead through her gaffer tape gag.

Cameron Cook, the adopted son of a Port Moresby hospital midwife, had lived an itinerant early life because his adoptive father was a military man.

He dabbled in university degrees before embarking for a bit of English teaching in Japan - where he met a girlfriend who was fatally stabbed in a robbery gone wrong.

Upon his return to Melbourne, Cook joined Victoria Police in 1996.

Ironically, he met future wife Sonia after her mother was involved in a car accident.

The two married in 1998 at the Police Academy Chapel and have a young son.

His lawyer, John Kelly, said Cook's long hours of law study and a weekend job at a service station placed a strain on the marital relationship.

His placement as a Legal Aid solicitor in Morwell only added to the tension.

In July 2007, Sonia asked her husband for a divorce. Marriage counselling was proposed, but the sessions did not last.

On September 5, 2007, Cook employed the services of a private investigator. Sonia had struck up a relationship with a man she knew at work.

"The marriage was over at that point in time," chief prosecutor Gavin Silbert, SC, told the Supreme Court yesterday.

On September 7, Cook bought a knife and handcuffs, and padlocks and chains.

That night he slipped his son the Temazepam pill and later bashed Sonia on a bed.

Cook later told police: "I knew I was f---ed as soon as I hit her. I knew I had thrown away my entire life."

Cook bound his wife's hands and ankles with grey tape, gagged her mouth and continued to punch her in the face.

All the while he accused her of betraying him, and put his new knife to her throat.

After apologising, Cook then showed Sonia surveillance footage of her kissing her new male friend. He then said he was going to kill himself.

Minutes later Sonia was covered with a blanket and chained to the back seat of the car.

Cook drove to Mordialloc and tried to take a road that led to a deep waterway, but the gate was locked.

According to Mr Silbert, Sonia Cook would be dead today had that gate been unlocked.

After telling his wife he was taking her with him, Cook instead drove his car off the Mordialloc pier into what was shallow rocky water.

"As the vehicle was filling with water, (Ms Cook) kept yanking the chains which were attached to the seat," Mr Silbert said. "She states that something then broke and that she escaped by a rear window."

Ms Cook was found by police wandering along Main St.

Police arrested her husband in the partly submerged vehicle.

Cameron Cook, 42, has pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder, intentionally causing serious injury and conduct endangering life. He will be sentenced at a later date.

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