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  • Response to Diana Bryant article
  • By President Torney
  • 31/03/2009 Make a Comment (5)
  • Contributed by: president ( 2 articles in 2009 )
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On 25 March 2009 CJ Bryant responded to an article in The Age Editorial titled "Parents need to be sure of bias-free custody rulings".
Her response is in black with President Torney's comments in red. Click here to read the original article.

I support the view that parents and the public need to be sure of "bias-free custody rulings".

You can support Collingwood footy club as far as I am concerned. That does not assure anyone of anything. It’s simply a politically correct statement that means absolutely nothing.

You say: "The Family Court should not be above examination to ensure any trace of institutional bias against fathers has not persisted regardless of the effects of its own reforms."

IT’S OWN REFORMS? Excuse me while I get back up off the floor. The only reason anything changes in Australia’s courts is because the public demonstrates against corruption and abuse by the judiciary and associated agencies and demands change. How in the hell can an abusive institution reform itself?

While I don't accept there was institutional bias against fathers, the court is not and should not be above examination.

BRYANT, ONLY A LABOTOMISED PSYCHOPATH WOULD MAKE THAT STATEMENT. You should be jailed for life for simply uttering those words. You don’t have the slightest idea of the grief and pain inflicted on fathers and innocent children by orders made in the family court.

It was my decision to collect and publish the data on the outcome of proceedings because I believe it is important the public knows what kind of orders are being made.

The fact that it is up to you to make such a decision is exactly what is wrong with your abusive court and the system in general. Let me explain something to you and all members of the judiciary. You are simply public servants funded by the Australian taxpayer. As for the public, they don’t give a damn what happens in the abusive family court, until it happens to them.

I anticipated it might be misunderstood and used to criticise the court but that is a price I was willing to pay for transparency.

Christ! You must have gone to university? So the data confirms what men have been saying for over 30 years and you were able to conclude that you and the court would be criticised? You’re simply bloody amazing (in a moronic kind of way). Get one thing clear in your tiny brain Bryant, nothing is misunderstood.

The more successful we are at persuading parents that it is in the interests of their children to resolve matters amicably out of court, then the more difficult will be the cases that come to court.

Bryant, how many cases were diverted away from the family court since the bullshit legislation changes in 2006.

Were these cases that would have resulted in amicable solutions without being diverted to alternative resolution methods?

Give us the figures for the total number of family break ups so we can see what percentage is being diverted away from the court.

Are you so stupid that you cant understand that what you refer to as more difficult cases are the same cases that have always resulted in mothers gaining the upper hand.

Understanding this gives some idea of why, in those cases, it is unlikely an order for shared time will be in the interests of children. It is not "despite" but "because of" the children's best interests being paramount that of 1450 cases finalised, only 15 per cent resulted in 50-50 parenting arrangements.

No Bryant! Your twisted academic mind simply cannot grasp the facts of what is happening to families across the world.

Let me translate from academic bullshit into English.

What you are actually saying is that because the parents cannot agree on an amicable outcome you and the rest of the academic rabble associated with the family court will decide it is in the best interest of the children to be with the parent who has breasts.

The problem is that you and your fellow judges assisted by family court councillors and other abusive so called experts are making decisions that are destroying families. This is especially the case for innocent children.

We, the fathers who have been abused by the system, want this decision making process to be removed from the hands of academics like yourself.

We do not believe that any member of the judiciary is qualified to make such important decisions. Nor do we believe that the dregs parading as child welfare experts have any more capabilities than the judiciary.

Personally I would say that judges were the last group of persons I would want involved with my family and especially my children. This observation is based on personal experience.

My actions in the publication of all judgements (available on AustLii) and the publication of this data speaks for itself.

What speaks for itself is the obvious ignorance exhibited in this reply and in general the ongoing refusal of the judiciary to accept that they are simply public servants and are no suitable to make decisions that affect the future of families, especially innocent children.

As I have repeated since your appointment, answer the questions about your childhood and the alleged absence of a father and the rumours about your mother’s criminal activities.

Be transparent Bryant. We are sick to death of the same old claptrap coming out of the family court.


Diana Bryant, Chief Justice, Family Court, Melbourne

The term chief justice offends me. There is no justice in Australia. Our courts are based on corrupt laws. In my eyes you are simply the chief judge, public servant to the people of Victoria.

President Torney

VOFLA (Victims Of Family Law Abuse) (the place to expose corruption)

    By:Steve from Qld, Australia on September 20, 2013 @ 7:07 am
    f4j oz to do a name and shame page

    The only way to fight back is to expose the truth in legal terms, short sharp words on the record.

    1. do you think the judges and judiciary was fair and just?
    2. do you think the lawyers and practitioners we honest and dedicated?

    Alleged misbehaviour or incapacity, proved misbehaviour or incapacity.

    Only then will you find peace of mind.
    By:Billy-not-silly from QLD, Brissy on September 20, 2013 @ 6:16 am
    Are you really in the know? Where is your proof, sources and links?
    By:In the know from Victoria, Australia on September 19, 2013 @ 8:27 pm
    Written by a narsissist pedophile sex offender and it's on the net for all to see... Supported by a sad and sorry woman who is probably a victim of sexual assault herself and knows no better... All probably collecting the dole too.. You can read it like a book....It's the children I feel sorry for....
    By:Nat from vic, Australia on April 4, 2011 @ 1:48 pm
    Horatio Hornblower - Pull your head in. You have no idea about this man. He is an honourable person trying to inform the public of Family Law abuse, abuse to children and in most cases fathers. You have left an ill informed message on this site to satisfy your own agenda. Try leaving something positive next time that empowers those in need that visit.
    By:Horatio Hornblower from Victoria, Australia on April 2, 2011 @ 7:11 pm
    All this from a man that has been jailed for extreme vilence, abuse and sexual offences,against woman and minors.

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