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  • Baby P gran signs petition
  • By Anthony France
  • The Sun
  • 29/05/2009 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 29 articles in 2009 )
Be Grateful Today!
THE gran of tragic Baby P last night said she would sign The Sun’s petition calling for longer sentences for the tot’s abusers.

The distraught woman branded her own daughter “pure evil” after she and her child-raping boyfriend were jailed over the death of the youngster.

But like so many Sun readers, she was outraged when little Peter’s monstrous mother, 27, was told she could apply for parole in THREE YEARS. Now 35,499 readers have signed our petition.

Sign our petition calling for increased sentences for the abusers of little Baby Peter by clicking below...

The grandmother said of her daughter: “I am the first in the queue when it comes to getting her sentence increased.

“She may think I’m a traitor but I will be signing your petition. My daughter is pure evil. I’ve lost my grandson.

Baby P’s mother was given an indeterminate sentence at London’s Old Bailey. But she has already served two years of her five-year minimum term on remand.


The lad’s 32-year-old stepdad was jailed for ten years, but could be out in eight. Lodger Jason Owen, 37 — who turned a blind eye to the abuse — was jailed for a minimum of three years but could be free in two.

Members of the public voiced their outrage outside the court on Friday. The National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children, murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne’s mum Sara, and other campaigners have also condemned the sentences as too lenient.

Two thousand people an HOUR have been logging on to sign our petition demanding that Justice Secretary Jack Straw and the Attorney General increase the jail terms.

By last night 35,499 had signed our petition. The numbers are expected to be bolstered by tens of thousands of readers who have posted the slip, in the Sun newspaper, to us.

Baby P died in agony in August 2007 after months of brutal torture, sustaining 50 injuries.

"She may think I'm a traitor but my daughter is pure evil" Baby P's grandmother yesterday

He suffered a broken back and eight smashed ribs right under the noses of social workers in Haringey, North London.

The angelic 17-month-old was also punched so hard in the mouth he swallowed a tooth.

Yet it emerged over the weekend that in a letter to a penpal from her cell at HMP Holloway, Baby P’s mum offered TIPS on bringing up kids.

She also described her cushy life in jail, where she slobs around watching daytime TV shows and doing Sudoku puzzles.

Sara Payne, whose eight-year-old daughter Sarah was murdered in 2000 by paedophile Roy Whiting, said: “I am sickened to learn of the pitiful tariffs handed down to the individuals directly responsible for this baby’s death.

“They are wicked, loathsome and unquestionably on a par with every child killer in the country.

Demand justice ... (from left to right) the lodger could be out in August 2011, mother could be out in August 2012, stepdad could be out in August 2017


“These laughable prison terms have enraged the public. And it’s an insult to the all-too-short life of a harmless 17-month-old.

“As a mother, I implore the relevant authorities to reconsider their decisions. This is all about justice for Baby P.”

Sun online readers have also been venting their outrage. One user, whose screen-name is tillytuppence, wrote: “This light sentence does not reflect in any way the seriousness of this crime.

“It certainly does not take into account the unimaginable suffering of a little boy.”

Bert123456 said: “I’m sickened. When will these lawmakers, judges, and politicians get a feel for the mood in this country? Is that really the paltry price for a child’s life?”

And Sweet-student wrote: “The problem is people are no longer scared of the judicial system. These evil people will live a comfortable life in prison and want for nothing.

“The only appropriate sentence would be life without the possibility of parole.”

AComment90 added: “Britain is lost in red tape.”


    By:Daveyone from Hertfordshire, England on May 30, 2009 @ 11:11 pm
    We need to suport this one please sign here!

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