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  • Rough Justice for Geoff Hibbert - a call to arms.
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  • 16/07/2009 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 29 articles in 2009 )
16 July 2009: Rough Justice for Geoff Hibbert - a call to arms.
Category: News Posted by: Toon
A demonstration was staged today outside Harrow crown court after M25 protester Geoff Hibbert was jailed for six months.

After already spending a month on remand in Wormwoods Scrubs Geoff is expected to be incarcerated for at least another ten weeks before becoming eligible for early release, his appeal has been lodged and is ongoing.

Judge Alan Greenwood drew gasps from the gallery as he concluded that these type of protests were not justified as there is; "no problem with family law" and that the sentence was a "deterrent" to future protests.

Rffj believe that if you are a UK citizen you now have no rights to carry out a peaceful protest under this police state, sponsored by a failing Labour government who have continued to erode our civil liberties with rafts of new legislation aimed at silencing those who dare to question.

In our criminal courts we regularly see shoplifters, burglers, muggers and fraudsters walk free or receive a token slap on the wrist despite having previous criminal records.

Yet here we see a hard-working peaceful father, who had no previous police record, criminalised and jailed for his first offence.

Geoff has spent over fifty thousand pounds in legal fees trying to secure a relationship with his daughter, he has not seen her for around two years.

He simply wished to highlight the injustice he encountered by staging a peaceful protest - after fully exploring every other legal avenue what other option was available to him?

Rffj pledge that the protests will continue with increased frequency and to ensure maximum disruption to the workings of family courts and all of their associated agencies, the war against fathers has reached a new level today, we must all stand together and fight the injustice then hit back hard after the treatment of our brother Geoff Hibbert by the state


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