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  • Another 'Dad on Air'
  • By Daveyone
  • The Sun UK newspaper
  • 28/08/2009 Make a Comment (2)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 29 articles in 2009 )
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SAS Hero Andy McNab talks to Jon about the lack of support from the Government going out to our brave troops in Afghanistan. Flight Lieutenant and presenter John Nichol talks to Jon Gaunt about the war in Afghanistan.

Click Here to Listen to Gaunty talk to Andy McNab and John Nichol

The SUN'S Whitehall Editor David Wooding talks to Gaunty about the links between this year's population boom and the recession.

Sun Feature Writer Nick Francis chats to Gaunty about eating raw fish off a naked ladies body.

Chief Executive of McDonalds, Steve Easterbrook and Business Editor Steve Hawkes chat to Gaunty about business and employment.

Click Here to Listen to Gaunty and McDonald's Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook

Chief Executive of the Immigration Advisory Service Keith Best takes a look at immigration and rising population in the UK.

Motoring Editor Ken Gibson keeps the petrol heads in our midst bang up to date with the latest motoring news featuring the new two seat Mini Cooper.

Click Here to Listen to Gaunty and Motoring Editor Ken Gibson

Jon Gaunt talks to Nigel another father who raised another man's child.
(Daveyone speaks after this interview!)

BIZARRE GIRL Lia tells Gaunty about all the showbiz news and updates us on Reading Festival which starts tonight.

Click Here to Listen to Gaunty and Bizarre Reporter Lia Nicholls

Chairman of MigrationWatchUK Sir Andrew Green talks to Gaunty about the effect the recession has had on migration.

Mike Thomas chats to Gaunty about Jon's gym memberships problems with David Lloyd


    By:Daveyone from Little Englander!, England! on August 30, 2009 @ 6:22 am
    Jon Gaunt has shown some understanding to our cause and is back on air live Tuesday 1st Sept at 10 am (BST) so will continue to keep our concerns high on his agenga and keep up the momentum of what is started!
    By:Daveyone from the rebellion has started!, England! on August 29, 2009 @ 4:30 pm
    Send your story to , by 10 am (London time)Tuesday 1st Sept following Davey's long broadcast on Friday and say how the family law system has affected you keep it brief to the point and polite please! Once we have got the mainstream talking here there is an international band of rebals heading your way lead by that ol' stalwart AMFORTAS ready to get the message to Rudd!

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