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  • Contract hit target in custody battle
  • By CBC Canada News Reporter
  • CBC News ca
  • 18/09/2009 Make a Comment (2)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 29 articles in 2009 )
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Stan Noniewicz says he can't figure out why someone would try to kill his son, Richard. (CBC)
The father of a man whose ex-wife is accused of plotting to have him killed says the two were involved in a vicious and lengthy custody battle over their son.

Vancouver police said Friday they had foiled an alleged plot by Liza Joylene Belcourt, 32, of Surrey, B.C., to hire two people to kill her ex-husband, Richard Noniewicz.

Belcourt, Jordon Joseph Doiron, 23, of Port Coquitlam and David Dean Laidlaw, 39, of Langley have all been arrested.

All three were charged with one count each of conspiracy to commit murder and were scheduled to appear in court Friday for a bail hearing.

Noniewicz's father, Stan Noniewicz, said his son and Belcourt split up in 2006, sparking disputes around property, business and custody of their son.

The disputes have carried on for years, Stan Noniewicz said, taking a toll on his son.

"Most of the money he's been making has been going to lawyers, to the point where it's bankrupted the company and my boy's not working now."

Despite the animosity, Noniewicz said he's trying to understand why someone would want his son dead.

"I didn't figure it was going to go this far. I wasn't expecting that," he said.

"I figure there is a lot of usual hate and discontent in any divorce, in any split up, but I didn't think anybody would quite carry it this far," he said.

Contract hit foiled, police say
Vancouver police Insp. Brad Desmarais said investigators foiled a woman's plot to hire two people to kill her ex-husband. (CBC)
At a media briefing Friday, police said it appears Belcourt had only peripheral links to gangs before allegedly hiring the two hit men with gang connections to kill her ex-husband in August.

Insp. Brad Desmarais of the Vancouver Police Department's gangs and drug section said it's common for gangsters to hire contract killers to get rid of their rivals.

"I think it is less well known that these gang hit men can be also hired by members of the public, who may have only peripheral gang connections themselves, but do harbour a death wish for someone else," Desmarais said.

The anti-gang squad learned of the alleged plot and began an intense investigation involving 50 members of the Vancouver Police Department, the B.C. Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit and the West Vancouver Police Department.

Richard Noniewicz was badly shaken when he learned of the alleged plan and an elaborate safety plan was put in place by police to ensure he was safe, said Desmarais.

He said the investigation has also led to breaks in other investigations.

"This conspiracy investigation has yielded leads which have caused us to refocus our investigative resources on a series of shootings earlier this year, which left a number of people with significant life-altering injuries," he said.

"I can promise you today, as we have in the past, that more arrests are coming and more gangsters will be going down," said Desmarais.
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the target wrote:
Posted 2009/09/22
at 1:39 AM ETthis guy did an interveiw with cbc today check it out bc headlines he sounds foreal chech it out101Agree 0DisagreePolicy Report abuseJeffRL wrote:
Posted 2009/09/20
at 5:18 PM ETThis should make the custody decision easier for the judge. Looks like the alleged perp may have decided all or nothing.515Agree 1DisagreePolicy Report abuseCameron1 wrote:
Posted 2009/09/20
at 3:49 PM ETthe target wrote:
Posted 2009/09/20
at 2:38 AM ET "....,now he has a son to look out for wich makes it tougher,....."

the target, don't assume the father will now get cudtody of his boy. It's not done deal because of the charges against the mother. Unfortunately it's in the hands of the court and he could be made "a ward of the Court" which probably gets social services involved and with them involved anything can happen.

No, this by no means ends it. Some courts have done some very questionable things in similar situations so all you can hope for is the judge in this case lives in the real world like most of us. Anyway the woman isn't convicted yet so the father might be awarded "temporary custody" until the case is decided. Then who knows what will happen.323Agree 2DisagreePolicy Report abuseSandy McTire wrote:
Posted 2009/09/20
at 1:45 PM ET"I think it is less well known that these gang hit men can be also hired by members of the public, who may have only peripheral gang connections themselves, but do harbour a death wish for someone else," Desmarais said.

Well, now it's well known.515Agree 1DisagreePolicy Report abuseDaveyone wrote:
Posted 2009/09/20
at 1:20 PM ETOn the 19th Sept 09 I 'celebrated' 2 years of no contact with my children in spite of a court order entitling me to have weekend, mid week and school holidays contact shared equally with the mother!
If someone comes to me for advice I say if you can not resolve things with a former partner sure as hell the family court judges will not in fact the lawyers and barristers perpetuate matters for theirown financiail ends and as absolutly nothing to do with the welfare of the children for whom these courts pretent ot serve. A vengeful mother has more power then a Judge!!
Having discussed this with people from all over the world including an eminent Professor from Toronto and you seem to have it worse of all in Canada The US is on a par with us in the UK with state and county variations and things seem a liitle more open in Australia but all are far from ideal and until the pwers that be can respect both parents equally there will always be an impass here and the children and ultimately society will suffer from it! We live in 'Broken Britain' we are told and here is the root cause, injustice and nobody respects that!!
Best wishes & kind regards
Davey.60You agree with this comment Policy Report abuse
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    By:Daveyone from Davey's last stand!, England! on September 23, 2009 @ 9:51 pm
    After spending these past months effectivly talking to myself here, I will now bow out but my thought are with you guys and hope the pain we have all shared fades and you are able to find peace of mind eventually Kind regards and best wishes Davey!
    By:Daveyone from London, England! on September 22, 2009 @ 10:19 pm
    Checkout the news from the front line thread on the members forum!

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