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  • Man 'raped and abused young sisters', Victorian County Court hears
  • By Daniel Fogarty
  • Herald Sun
  • 19/11/2009 Make a Comment (2)
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TWO young sisters were raped and brutalised by a Melbourne man who then demanded they have abortions when they fell pregnant to him, a court has heard.

A third, younger sister also moved in with the man in the late 1980s, when she was in her teens, and continues in a relationship with him to this day.

All three have children by him.

One of the girls was aged 11 when first abused by the man in the early 1980s, the Victorian County Court was told today.

Prosecutors allege her sister had been living with the man since the late 1970s and was first abused when she was 15.

It is claimed the girls endured physical and psychological abuse including beatings and one of them had a loaded double-barrelled shotgun pointed at her.

Both girls fell pregnant to the man in 1990.

Prosecutors allege the man threatened to kill one of the girls, who was expecting twins, if she did not abort the babies.

The man told the other girl he would abort her baby "with a coat hanger" if she did not do as he said, it is alleged.

The man is standing trial after pleading not guilty to 23 charges including two counts of aggravated rape, five counts of rape and three counts of making a demand with a threat to kill.

His lawyer Peter Chadwick said the man denied using violence and raping the women.

"These women are not telling the truth," he said.

"Frankly these are false accusations. The accusations of the two sisters are totally and comprehensively denied."

Prosecutor Kieran Gilligan told the court the girls had met the man through their mother who worked with his then partner.

In late 1977 the mother had a breakdown and it was suggested the oldest girl live with the man and his partner.

One night the man's partner found him in bed with the girl, it is alleged.

The man's partner later moved away, leaving the man and the girl to live in the house alone.

Mr Gilligan said the man began physically and sexually abusing the girl.

On one occasion he allegedly banged her head 10 times against his panel van.

The second sister later joined them in their suburban Melbourne home.

Mr Gilligan said the man once hog-tied the older sister with a dressing gown cord and tied her to a table.

He then raped the second sister, taking her virginity, he said.

The trial continues.


    By:Johnsie W.. from qld, AUST on May 15, 2010 @ 3:47 pm
    Heard this man was sentenced receiving 18 yrs jail and 14 years non parole. His lawyers never even rolled up to the plea and sentencing hearings for him. Murderers and people who bash old people and hurt kids hardly get more than 5 yrs so what's the go? What a shocking system.
    By:Hiram Vanderbuilt from Qld, Oz on November 20, 2009 @ 7:47 pm
    Er, whatever happened to the Statute of Limitations or is it open season on all men throughout the ages?
    Why would these two sisters wait 20 years or so before making these allegations?
    In the current climate, this man is going to struggle to get a fair trial.
    I had that Rob Hulls in the back of the cab once.

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