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  • By Daveyone
  • World4Justice Day 2010
  • 16/12/2009 Make a Comment (1)
  • Contributed by: Daveyone ( 29 articles in 2009 )
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No need to Scale Canterbury Cathedral Roof!

The Archbishop should adopt a multi-faith approach to resolve this fundamental social shortfall!

I was delighted to greet Nigel Ace,Co-ordinater for New Fathers 4 Justice. and sensed an air of optimism, and this was reflected by a lack of superhero's climbing on things and more a sophisticated approach to get this crucial message across to the Archbishop and the wider public.The BBC and other media organisations are quick to ridicule Batman without asking why is he on Harriet Harman's roof! This makes it imperative to show first hand accounts as with Darren Ash on how the appalling Family law courts treat the caring Dads and rely too heavily on the erroneous social services (the same incompetents responsible for Baby Peter, Victoria Climbe, Khyra Ishaq and the many thousands of other children's tragic stories that never reach the headlines till it is too late to help them!)

Could the New Supreme Court hold the key?
We are all aware that miscarriages of justice happen in the best of magistrates courts even under the scrutiny of the press and public, then the process is put in place for appeal and a mechanism exists to put these failures right! In family Law courts the judge is under no such scrutiny and accounts to nobody, so when children are wrongly taken from their parents and may entre the care system they are lost for good and no such course of redress exists.The judges cover their backs by saying they have acted on the ('snapshot') findings of a CAFCASS reporter or the like who in turn will not seek to upset the apple cart as it will, at the very least, mean more administration for them, whilst cloaking an over bureaucratised and equally secretive and unaccountable social service system, with of all people Ed (so what)Balls at the helm!?! (Lets support Nevres Kemel click Baby 'P' picture left)The same rule applies to a caring father as the mother is empowered to prevent the Dad seeing his own children, whilst that child may be raised by a stranger who has not spent 30 seconds in a family court room and will inherit the former family home which could be the culmination of your life's work and what you had intended to serve as a safe and secure home to raise your children! (Lord Justice Ward wrote about this in The Times 1st May 2008 click failing judges in the sidebar for the whole story)

The Good mothers are also penalised by all this as they try to make good a broken relationship and working part time to make things work whilst not putting undue demands on a Dad, via the state sponsored bandits in the form of the CSA (who expect good Dads to pay twice), who shows little interest or support for the mother!

Don't forget also the extended family who also lose out on their most vulnerable family members, such as grandparents these 'bastions of commonsense and stability' who are being snubbed as the logical mediators in all this, or indeed carers whist parents sort out their difficulties rather then the children being forced into care. Why are they punished for their parents mistake when maybe it is the parents that need to be taken to one side and taught some basic but far reaching parental responsibilities? It is also a double whammy for a grandparent as they see the heartbreak of their own children as well as the 'no contact' with their grandchildren.The whole system flies in the face of our given norms of past generations, and with legal professionals earning £200 per hour to advise separating parents and £2000 per court appearance what possible incentive is there for mediation or conciliation when the endless pot of legal aid shows no sign of emptying any time soon!

So I for one will stand firm with the good Dads of F4J and like Nigel it is probably too late for the benefit of our own children as childhood is quite a short span of time, but I will use this opportunity to warn President Obama ,Prime Minister Rudd, Prime Minister Harper and who ever we are going to be endowed with next May that they have till the 1st June 2010 other wise we will come after them on World 4 Justice Day and will not stop till this atrocious law is reformed and the true welfare of the little heard children is made paramount and not the pretence currently dished out in this appalling

Family Law Court System!


    By:Daveyone from London, England on December 17, 2009 @ 5:03 am
    Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Dawn in our protest...World4Justice part of it get others to join you Major cities need to hear our voice then maybe the leaders will listen!
    Best Wishes Davey

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