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  • Are we missing Fathers for Xmas including the top man himself?
  • 20/12/2009 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: admin ( 15 articles in 2009 )
Everywhere one looks in the world of Separation, Divorce, homelessness, post war, on welfare, in prisons or mental illness, there just seems to be a steady decline
of functioning fathers in families and in fact in society, despite what propaganda machines will have you believe that everything is 'hunky dory'.

So what's the problem, what's missing and what's the solution?

Men have to appear to always be strong physically, mentally and emotionally.

The first part of the problem is men find it difficult to sometimes be human, such as appearing to be weak as in that caring intelligent type possibly not exuding that tough bully exterior with tatts. Men can't show they're in trouble and have emotions in need help just like any other person from time to time.

The second part of the problem is due to this rough and tough male bravado society has not seen let alone accept and setup systems to really help men on their sometimes difficult path throughout life often losing their way more than once.

What appears to be missing is a lack of fathers and grandfathers which is really not surprising when trawling back over the centuries seeing where we have lost our male mentors, guidance, coaches, leadership and companions.

In this last century alone from the first world war in 1914-1918, to the great depression 1929-1939, the second world war 1939-1945, Vietnam War starting from about 1950-1973 and the Family Court of Australia commencing in 1975 until this current day.

Although this chronology may not be conclusive as there were other wars strewn throughout the century, it does however serve as a rough indicator where men and fathers have been eliminated if not prevented from passing on much needed and valuable knowledge, skills, mentoring, guidance and wisdom to their young sons, as often was the case in tribes since the beginning of time.

As for a solution, I believe a cessation to all forms of war both inter country and civil is a good start with this including pitting dads against mums and the system in our Family Courts.

Only then will men be given the opportunity to start to really learn about their manhood and fatherhood in the confines and security of their own peers who will accept them, and precondition them according to their family cultures and traditions.

Possibly, if this was allowed to happen one just might witness a new, stronger, confident and more intelligent male emerge who would be more family focused and capable, through deeper fatherly roots.

The end result just maybe a strengthening of the family structure unparalleled in past times.

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