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  • Ticket inspectors 'told to fine every two hours'
  • 11/09/2009 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: PrincePlanet ( 3 articles in 2009 )
TICKET Inspectors in Victoria have been ordered to fine at least one commuter every two hours, an inside source claims.

The Herald Sun claims targets revealed in confidential documents contradict claims by Yarra Trams it does not set quotas.

Melbourne's tram operator also set a target of catching more than 60,000 commuters over a nine-month period.

Some of those confidential reports have been obtained by the Herald Sun under Freedom of Information laws.

The documents show Yarra Trams fell short of its targets, issuing about 49,000 fines - worth about $8.5 million - over the nine-month period.

Fines start at $172, from which the operator gets $30.

Despite the targets outlined in the reports, Yarra Trams denied it sets quotas.

"Authorised officers work in accordance with the Transport Act and regulations as well as a code of conduct," spokesman Colin Tyrus said.

But a tram industry source said fine targets did exist.

From July 2008 until April this year, Yarra Trams set a "target" for each inspector to write 0.48 reports every hour, or one every 125 minutes.


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