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    Domestic violence and perjury - By:patrick Shea from wa, Australia on August 7, 2022 @ 12:23 pm
    The royal commission into domestic violence was a very bias and one sided investigation . It failed to look at the some of the possible CAUSES of the issue and the family law courts involvement as a catalyst and fuel to an already volatile situation . The continual breaches of court orders failure to enforce orders and use of children as pawns . The any domestic violence is a vile and horrendous act ,It is a crime that is committed everyday in the family law court right under the watchful eye of Judges ,magistrates and court officials . The inquiry it women giving false evidence to the family law court will change nothing it was just to appease fathers No Attorney generals department or DPP will look at your evidence and jeopardize a political career. The fact that the family law court operate like an organised crime gang and are untouchable
    mediation - By:patrick Shea from wa, Australia on August 7, 2022 @ 12:23 pm
    Adam mediation will only work if .She has not made any false claims of domestic violence abuse alcohol and drug abuse etc . Take notes and get her to sign all items discussed has some women only participate in mediation to appease the court Then turn it back on you stating its your failure to co-operate or your demands are unreasonable the court are then informed that issues are unresolved . The court will sit on the fence and state that the relationship was unresolved rather than explain why and whom is the aggressor . Good luck . i know after 17 years of battling the corrupt and bias system
    Justice - By:patrick Shea from wa, Australia on August 7, 2022 @ 12:23 pm
    Could we get enough fathers that have overwhelming evidence that they were unfairly judged and discriminated against based on gender and perjury and that the preconceived opinion that all men are perpetrators of domestic violence .this would require rock solid evidence that was ignored or that decisions were made against them due to false and misleading evidence . With the possibility of mounting a class action with the attorney general ,DPP or corruption and crime commission . It would require solid evidence and transcripts . Presently the attorney generals department and the dpp refuse to investigate lone applications but a class action with solid evidence may work Class actions filed simultaneously Australia wide That courts are responsible for a gross miscarriage of justice .As a concerted effort with solid evidence hopefully we can move forward . The continual false and misleading evidence is perjury and perverting justice and the courts should have to bear some responsibilty for failing to allow proceedings to move on without supporting evidence supplied or the statement should be dismissed prior to trials This would show that it has been nothing more than a vindictive,malious witch hunt by a narrassitic woman
    Missing People and Documents - By:Rod Koslweski from WA, Australia on June 22, 2022 @ 12:14 pm
    Apologies for missing out on a minute detail. My own contact details. For inquiries to this service contact me: Unit51@protonmail.com
    People and Document search - By:Rod Koslewski from WA, Australia on June 22, 2022 @ 9:30 am
    The biggest problem facing our legal services and courts which disadvantage many (men and women) is the deliberate withholding of evidentiary material from courts and adversaries in litigation.

    Lawyers and parties involved in litigation have a legal obligation to disclose material even where the disclosure of such material helps their opponents. Yet judges turn a blind eye where such withholding of material is obvious. (breaches of disclosure obligations).

    There is now a service provided by a company that provides a service to clients to be able to fight on equal terms by providing two vital services to clients to assist especially in litigation involving family law:

    i) they can assist in locating people (missing partners and children, fugitive defaulting parents and children taken without authority from a custodial parent).

    ii) using sophisticated tracing means locate missing documents, witnesses and communication between parties that were withheld from disclosure.

    There is more. It is a highly cost effective means of smoking out cheats and the misconduct of their lawyers and people within the system who assist one party against the other when they are required to be independent (e.g. child psychologists including those appointed by the courts).

    Write first for information detailing your name, type of matter location, telephone and email contact.
    Reduce Tolls - By:George_B from VIC, Australia on July 28, 2022 @ 10:13 pm
    If you are having trouble making ends meet with job losses, high petrol and food prices and cost of living etc, one private and unnecessary expense are toll fees. As they can add up over time you may want to re-consider making any contributions to these toll companies, who effectively act on behalf of the State. If you already have an e-tag you will have to first finalise the account and possibly return the e-tag so no further billing can accrue. For those who pay up front or who pay upon receipt of a notice, simply stop. As no commercial agreement (contract) exists, regard any notice as junk mail. Any tab will most likely be picked up by the State anyway. Whilst the sending out of notices may be their obligation it is not yours, especially so when the State has sunk your ship and you hanging on tight. You could bin the notices, some return them RTS and No Contract, or you could store them in a box as a matter of record, with all your other unopened mail. Who knows what they may come in handy for on a cold winter's night. Essentially, when you are labouring under a disability and unable to perform the duties of your office, any obligation to contribute to the welfare of another ceases while that disability exists.
    Reduce payment for Utility Bills - By:George_B from VIC, Australia on August 1, 2022 @ 6:57 am
    To all those who have lost their jobs under mandates and finding it difficult to make ends meet, especially with the cost of bills on the rise yet again, just set up and forget your electronic banking to schedule affordable and regular monthly contributions for gas, electricity and water of say $20-$40, or whatever you can afford. Don't lose your shelter or inability to put food on the table for your family just to pay your bills in full to the state, exhausting yourself to the point of insane worry or death.

    Whatever you do do not make verbal or written agreements with these utility providers as there is absolutely no need, especially for amounts that may not be yours and cannot sustain, giving them a reason to disconnect you as a form of default. Ideally it may not serve you to talk to them over the phone, especially when some can be quite insistent, if not coercive, about pushing you into an arrangement that you do not want or cannot sustain and have you acknowledge any arrears/debt that is not yours, so be careful.

    Lose the fear and start taking your power back today and help the state with the contracting of the economy by paying less.If at any time you are disconnected simply call them up and 'ask' they put the service back on... that's it! If they attempt to get you into an arrangement stay strong and persist with only getting re-connected and say you require time to consider any offer they put to you, and that now is not the time to discuss any financial arrangements while you are under duress.

    You could always ask them to read out, and confirm in writing, where in their obligations or under the Energy Retail Code, does it require them to conditionally obtain a payment arrangement before the service is re-connected. Disconnection is usually a Last Resort and rare event, as them being complicit in causing you harm is a big NO NO and quite separate to them collecting on a fiction.
    460. Importing asian to Australia - By:Frank from qld, au on June 22, 2022 @ 5:30 am
    My Philipina friend filed DVO aganst me after she receieved her permanent visa> I have no legal aid. I can not fight this, This is discrimination by state and Gympie magistrate courts. There is two laws in Australia depending on who you are.
    Crooked Judges - By:Roland Fong from NSW, Australia on June 17, 2022 @ 6:52 am
    Its time people who post in this and in other similar forums did something more concrete than to simply post and bitch.

    A foreign born lawyer who defended an African man whose children had been kidnapped by an imposter and brought to Australia as a refugee claiming these children were hers is an example of how standing up to bullying can help and turn things around radically.

    The lawyer ran the matter for 2 years pro bono with little help from anyone including from the Bar, whilst Legal Aid did everything it could including lying on affidavit to stand in his way.

    The barrister (later a family court judge- the late Judge Andrews) who acted for the mother under instructions from legal aid Queensland chest butted this lawyer in court when he discovered he was on the losing end of the matter.

    The lawyer persisted, was fined by the retired incompetent judge Bell (tinker bell as he was then known) for daring to act for the elder daughter and the father trying to regain custody of the two kidnapped children.

    The federal attorney general at the time under a labour government in Canberra allowed the imposter into Australia inspite of her having full blown AIDS. His clerk said he had the discretion to waive her health requirements.

    With the assistance of a police man with a conscience the father's side managed to access information the Family Court previously denied the father's lawyer.

    Following a further hearing of the matter in which incriminating and damaging evidence about the conduct of the lawyers from the imposters side (including the late Judge Andrews) was presented, the matter was abandoned with the imposter fleeing town not to be heard of since.

    Family Court appointed "independent" psychologists work with Legal Aid (or the women's only legal aid agency) to distort reports presented to the courts in favour of women. An example of this point was presented during this particular case.

    Well may we say "God Save the Queen", but nothing will save the likes of Judge Andrews or his ilk within the Family Courts of Australia. If it is not the courts, the legal services commissions, the peak professional bodies, it is God that will eventually prevail along with the truth.

    I ask you to take heed of this post and to speak up.

    Mediation - By:George B from VIC, Australia on February 17, 2021 @ 2:16 am
    @Adam, don't think the place is as important as it is for both parties to be willing to negotiate, compromise and be fair. As a general rule, if you can respect and help the other person get what they want, you will have a much better chance of getting what you want... cheers
    Mediation - By:Adam V from NSW, Australia on January 19, 2021 @ 10:32 am
    Hi gents
    I'm looking to engage in mediation with my ex to arrange a concrete visitation agreement.
    Does anyone have suggestions of father friendly mediation organization?
    Aldi mobile stole my data & credit - By:PS from Victoria, Australia on January 19, 2021 @ 10:32 am
    ALDI are refusing to restore my mobile rollover data of 103GB and account credit apparently due to an unjust and hidden term but it is more like theft, misleading and deceptive conduct. No notice or anything. They appear to help but are just giving me the runaround. Has anyone had an issue like this and what does one do to get remedy and justice? thanks in advance
    STOP our young from wearing masks - By:MJ from VIC, AUST on January 19, 2021 @ 10:32 am
    Just wanna say here if I may, how bad I feel for children of all ages when I see them wearing masks. Not from their own free will with any proper understanding or rationale but through being compelled by their parents and others. Coerced and psychologically manipulated into wearing them as though it is the norm so get used to it, wear it as a fashion statement and be part of the mind numbing State sanctioned collective or else.

    So what choice does a child have? From a child's fear of not fitting in or belonging, afraid of being alienated, to incurring the wrath of their parents, teachers or other ignoramuses.

    Swags of kids are being subjected to their parent's ignorance, yet again, over and over. Parents who too have been trapped in fear and clear mind control in response to certain agendas by twisted individuals in this country and globally... its sickening i tell u and above all very unhealthy; physically, mentally, emotionally for our kids and contrary to law. So which part of unhealthy and the law do parents do not understand?

    As for the lies the state has told this speaks volumes. All those complicit should be charged, jailed and assets seized. Parents, schools, govts and media outlets should be horsewhipped for causing such harm, dehumanization and overall child abuse on our precious young. This is not normal... no fuckin way!!! So to all parents and adults out there complicit in such crimes... STOP it NOW!!!!! You have been noticed.
    Response to Kallenbach - By:Mark Kosmider from Formerly WA, United Kingdom on January 19, 2021 @ 10:32 am
    I couldn't agree more.

    Unless we take definitive and decisive action, like a mass withdrawal of labour, we will just keep getting kicked from pillar to post.

    I left AU for my sanity after being falsely accused and being screwed over by the FCWA and CSA.

    many of us have already lost a lot, if not all, so what have we got to lose?
    Kossmider - By:David Kallenbach from Queensland, Australia on November 29, 2020 @ 2:01 am
    There is a youtube video thats trending about a self represented "journalist" Shane Dowling alleging corrupt practices in the District Court of New South Wales.

    His approach was a bit crude but very effective. He brow beat the judge to admitting he (the judge ) did not have sexual intercourse with a party to the proceedings. The judge caved in. This is unprecedented. We all have to be like Shane Dowling. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Putting that to one side (lesson learned) Youtube has become a bit sensitive about allegations against judges. The Chief justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland was overheard by a registry clerk in Queensland making disparaging remarks about the character of people from the subcontinent and Asians.

    The Law Society of Queensland (by one of its former employees) also speaks of a general bias against Asian and in particular Vietnamese Australian lawyers and lawyers (regardless of their racial origins) from the smaller suburban firms.

    The point I make is this. Unless we all stand up against this system, we will continue to be oppressed by a class of people who come from the upper end of town connected and powerful (till we topple them). They system is broke being staffed (or stuffed) by corrupt public school boys and girls.

    There is a former High Court judge who is also overtly racist, perverted and corrupt (now in the cross hairs of a journalist and lawyer). He acted for the CBA and is believed also to have been the source of attacks against Dyson Hayden Banking Royal Commissioner. He makes disparaging remarks about women lawyers, men and one not of his class and does so in arbitration which he specializes in. He is also now known to have passed information on how he would deal with a matter, to one side of the two party battle.

    This has to stop.

    If they are capable of corrupt practices against each other think where you stand as a parent with biases against you on account of your gender as a man.
    Response to David Kallenbach from NSW - By:Mark Kosmider from WA (Formerly), United Kingdom on January 19, 2021 @ 10:34 am
    David Kallenbach, you're right in what you say. Many fathers want change, however, very few are willing to put in the hard yards to bring about the change that is is badly needed. All they want to do is bitch and moan about the system.

    You can read my article on the same subject at the link below. I believe a mass withdrawal of labour by fathers and their supporters is the only way to go. The current Family Law Inquiry will amount to very little, if anything at all.
    Organizing men - By:David Kallenbach from NSW, Australia on November 29, 2020 @ 2:00 am
    In the current environment of covid lockdowns and the diminishing power of 'feminism' and other identity politics groups, I tend to agree wholeheartedly with Gopal Raj Kumar that if we as fathers, men generally want to get anywhere we go for the jugular, the judges courts and all. The courts are corrupted if not through incompetence then by pandering to a lobby and a political agenda. As men and workers in main industries in the country we have to get our unions on side or make sure they know which side we will be on when the next election day is announced. We have to get our unions to stand with us, the churches and other mainstream organizations. There are lawyers out there who will stand by us and we should be prepared to fund such a movement. It will be hard at first but every hand counts. We can begin with plastering social media with well scripted anecdotal stuff worth reading, then move to our own websites and bringing pressure to bear on the courts. It is not illegal. They have put themselves in the cross hairs of every right thinking lobby in Australia.
    450. Response to Gopal Raj Kumar - By:Mark from Formally WA, United Kingdom on June 27, 2020 @ 3:46 pm
    Gopal Raj Kumar, you right in what you say. Many fathers want change, however, very few are will to put in the hard yards to bring about change. All they want to do is bitch and moan about the system.

    You can read my article on the same subject at the link below. I believe a mass withdrawal of labour by fathers and their supporters is the only way to go. The current Family Law Inquiry will amount to very little, if anything at all.

    Why Fathers Lose - By:Gopal Raj Kumar from Victoria, Australia on June 26, 2020 @ 2:38 am
    Fathers in Australia are so brow beaten they can't organize a chook raffle. The women win because they can. And because they show the have the numbers because they can, the government hands out money to them in grants, loans and gifts showering them with money like confetti. We need to organize even if through social media, reach critical mass and do a "Father's rights matter" march through all the major cities of Australia. If Black Lives Matter (which saw more whites than blacks attend- albeit mainly women) then the same can be said of Father's rights too. Judges are morally corrupt in Australia. They hold steadfast to the belief that feminism as postulated by women of the left, the loudest of them is the gospel truth. We must change that. No one else will.

    What Action Would Be Noticed? - By:Mark from Formerly WA, United Kingdom on June 26, 2020 @ 2:38 am
    Attached is the link to my latest piece about Class Actions and protesting.
    This is piece is aimed at those people who are going through the hell that is the Australian Family Court and Australian Child Support Agency, and are considering instigating class actions.
    Justice - By:Tony from WA, Australia on June 27, 2020 @ 4:35 am
    Hi next to homeless,
    Excellent paragraph on the subject and highlighting some good points.
    Yep the CSA don't like the truth to be said but the more we say it as it is and the more people read your say the better. A excellent platform to inform others of the reality of the whole broken system.
    My ex wife gets back with a fat alcoholic old boyfriend and moves to a place miles away from the father and do the CSA and family court care, they don't give a shit.
    The kids complained to me they hate him but i'm unable to do anything but report to child services. Outcome nothing done.
    At the end of the day the kids will seek you out for the truth. All i can say is keep all the Family Court documents and CSA letters etc and save it as evidence that you tried to do the right thing but were shafted by the CSA / family law court system.
    My bush pig ex wife has bad mouthed me to the kids and i guarantee many other ex wives will have done the same.
    Trust me it will bite her in the ass because the kids will hate her for her lies and years of missed time with their father.
    Why is this ok? - By:Next to homeless from WA, Australia on June 26, 2020 @ 2:39 am
    I hear you Tony as do most people reading. The damage caused to kids through this acceptable system is horrendous. Damage caused to childhoods through greed of mothers who know that that everything will go their way thanks to Family Court and CSA. Why is it acceptable for when two parents to separate that one can continue to be a parent. The other pretty much loses their parenting right there and it is fucked up for the rest of the kids childhood. How is that ok????? I honestly wouldn't have had kids if I knew what was going to happen. The heartache I have seen them go through, the control from the mum. The destruction of my life orchestrated by the ex has obliterated a decade of my life. In fact more if you count the financial loss.I have been at the depths of despair, without food, had to leave my rental as I couldn't afford rent, I could go on and on. I worked 11 hours today. To provide that smug lazy shit who works a 5 hour day a luxury lifestyle. Overseas holidays, crossfit, new clothes, mortgage paid all by me. While I am counting dollars, paying back debts, defaulted debts, frozen bank accounts, living in a fucking room in a share house. Why is this acceptable for men in Australia to suffer this abuse. It is a story that is almost the same all around Australia. It is abuse. But apparantly this is ok. Abuse of the kids rights and of their mental health is apparently ok as well. Women hold all the power. Cheat, crocodile tears in front of a magistrate to get a VRO, then bang, they have power and control over you until your kids are 18. You lose everything financially and if that is not enough. You have lost everything, don't see your kids, lost all your stuff, you get to Pay ??? the ex until the kids are 18. It is seriously messed up. I can guarantee you this. If it was the other way around, it would not last as women would be heard and listen to. Because it is men, no one gives a shit. To add to that I honestly don't think it would be such a problem the other way around as men wouldn't generally want to mess up their kids childhood or be so mean towards their ex or so greedy. Sure there are some pricks out there but generally most guys want to do the right thing. I am sure there are good women out there too that also do the right thing. It is unfortunate though that the majority don't. Remove the financial incentive and it would be a different story. we need to stop incentivising (maybe not a word, but going with it) divorce.It is fucking weird counting every day of your life to the day that you have a chance of having some sort of life again when you then get every dollar that you earn. For me that is over 600 a week back in my pocket again. 23 months left out of 10.5 years, can't fucking wait.

    One Sided - By:Tony from WA, Australia on June 26, 2020 @ 2:39 am
    As usual the CSA is one sided in favour of the lying bush pig ex wife who has the kids.
    How can she deliberately turn down a job near The ex husband so the kids get the benefit of both parents and take the kids thousands of miles away to a dead beat town such as Mount Isa so the other parent gets no access to the kids and the fucked up CSA allow it to happen.
    To make it worse she goes there with a absolute Feral drop kick that the kids hate and one of them claims hit them.
    CSA informed but as usual not interested. What a bunch of assholes who's only interest is their own narcissism and men hating agenda.
    The ex wife should work for the CSA, certainly not fit to be in charge of other people's kids, fucking hypocrite !
    An absolute fat bush pig of a woman who makes it bad for other women who try to do the right thing and not use the kids as a weapon which she has done from day one and the CSA allow it to happen.
    The CSA needs to be sacked as its not fit for purpose.
    Corona virus or not - By:Tony from WA , Australia on June 26, 2020 @ 2:40 am
    Well the CSA are so understanding ( not ) of the fathers that have no access to their kids year in and out.
    And now due to Covid 19 and no work the corrupt bastards still take every dollar and keep adding to the debt, this leaves the father in a worst financial and mental health situation and the CSA just enjoy being scumbags to the parent that does not have the kids.
    They don't give a care about the father, the kids and any contact that they don't have, only the bush pig ex-wife who's constanly lies and use's the kids as a weapon against the ex-husband to get more cash.
    The ex wife can even cut out the innocent grandparents. When explained to the csa, do they care, no they don't give a shit. These people in the CSA aren't human or understanding in any form,
    As I've said before the CSA is not fit for purpose and Australia should be ashamed not proud of having one of the most corrupt and hated government departments in the world.
    The only criteria for a job in the CSA, are you a narcissistic, people hating bastard, great they have a job for you in the CSA!
    You need to fight intelligently - By:Gopal Raj KUmar from ACT, Australia on October 25, 2021 @ 5:50 am
    There is already support for an inquiry into the judiciary by the departing head of the Queensland Law Society Bill Potts. Hi description of judges as being overworked and drunks is not far fetched or fanciful.


    Please instead of letting off steam, sign the petition and let us move on with putting pressure on governments and on the courts compelling them to behave.

    Indidual stories of abuse and false allegations are passe and don't do much to bringing this broken system to its rightful end. All you do is drive yourselves to madness.

    Women and judges are as infallible as anyone else is. They are able to manipulate the system to their needs but not if you stand up to them and put up an intelligent resistance.

    Cardinal Pell's guilt was the work of a woman first then a group of them channeling their causes via social media.

    We too can achieve the same results for ourselves if we move in the right direction if we think and act. Lawyers like Luke Cudmore in Queensland, bright young and bold has turned around the fortunes of many men before the family courts against all odds. He speaks out about the biases of judges and courts because he believes in what he does. Not many like him.

    Get on to the petition and lets all make some headway.
    Spider & the Fly - By:Spidey from Vic, Terra Nullis on April 23, 2020 @ 1:40 am
    Knowing who's who can be difficult so here's a quick analogy. You are but a fly. The Government is the spider and it's web is everything it created and has control over. This is called Administration. Hence, through Acts and the legal system it controls alphabet agencies, CSA, Ombudsmen, police, courts, councils, banks and even their instruments like their currency, just to name a few..

    The govt has no authority over people, just like the spider has none over the fly, except for when the fly gets caught by the web and placed into the jurisdiction of the spider.

    As the fly buzzes furiously for his freedom, perceived as aggression and belligerence by the government, the fly traps himself further and incurs the wrath of the spider.

    The moral of the story is to understand what belongs to you and what you have control over, and what you do not.
    Hi Mark - By:Shane from WA, Australia on April 21, 2020 @ 12:31 pm
    Can you call me please mate?
    I have a story for you.
    Like to get involved if I can.
    440. False Allegations Research Project - By:Mark Kosmider from WA, Australia on April 16, 2020 @ 12:10 am
    False Allegations Research Project

    Hi Group

    I launched my False Allegations Research Project 4 April 2020. To date I have emailed 12 surveys, of which 2 have been returned to me completed.

    Many of us have been the unfortunate recipients of False Allegations in the Family Courts in Australia, so now is your time to have your say. The more respondents who take part in the survey the more accurate will be the data, and consequently, the final report about the crisis us falsely accused find ourselves in. I am hoping to receive a minimum of "300" completed surveys. More would be ideal.

    I am undertaking this research project because 10-years ago this month (April Fool's Day to be precise) I was falsely accused of abusing my then 33-month old son in the Family Court of WA. In July of this year I will have been alienated from him for 10-years. No contact at all. Not even a photo or school report. And yet, I have still had to pay child support!

    Rather than get angry and bitter and twisted, I am hoping to use the results of my research project to highlight the problem, and to bring about change and accountability.

    You can find more details about the project, including the survey document by clicking on the link below.

    Please feel free to pass on this link to anyone you feel may want to take part who are not members of this group. My email is mkresearchproject@gmail.com.

    Thank you, Mark Kosmider
    Covid19 - By:Next to homeless from WA, AUSTRALIA on April 16, 2020 @ 11:48 am
    Whole population - "What, we have to stay in, no holidays or going to cafes and restaurants, struggle to pay rwnt and have trouble buying food !!??

    Divorced dads - "Yeah whats new? Welcome to our world, except there was never any help for us. Society was fine letting us struggle. It's only a problem now the entitled cannot go on their precious holidays.
    Child support. Finally listened to - By:Rob from nsw, Australia on October 25, 2021 @ 5:47 am
    Must have asked the right person the same question I've been asking for 20 years. Child support stopped $100000 late fee gone and have been receiving money back slowly but it's coming back. $20000 so far. Can't stop crying, it's finally over. Just took nearly 30 years to do it. Finally will be able to do and get what I have never been able too, when I get over the shock.
    Child support, when does it stop - By:Rob from NSW, AU on April 16, 2020 @ 12:09 am
    Finished paying $180000 child support bill with still no explanation why I owed that amount ,but it's paid but now have a $100000 late payment penalty. It just never ends. Last time I spoke to them they sent the police to my house and was locked up, for no reason but saying that it's no wonder why so many blokes kill themselves. Not going to call them about this bill because over the last 20 years I haven't had one question I have asked answered. Was told by them 6 months ago the late payment penalties would disappear when child support was paid, but that never happened. Looks like I will still be paying until I retire. I have Given up. You just can't get a break.
    Child Support on disability pension - By:Brent from South Australia, Australia on April 5, 2020 @ 4:21 am
    I'm writing to air my past payments. I'm on a disability support pension and I know it can not be garnished for child support.

    I guess the constant nasty actions, and threats, of not allowing contact with my son; if I don't do what she wants or don't pay Child support got to me. Well I started giving her over 2.5 thousand dollars every year for his schooling and other incidental expenses of $40 per fortnight because I could not fight anymore.

    Now my son is 15 and I understand the DHS system, especially family tax benefits A and B in which she receives.

    I stopped paying her after another incident when she , out of the blue wanted more money. This time I said no! I also wanted to know where the FTB A & B payments go?

    Anyway, since I said "no!" and my son is old enough to make up his own mind when he wants to stay with me, a great depressive fog has been lifted. By standing up I have taken my power back, with honors. Now she is screaming bloody murder wanting money and wont sit down for a mediated meeting so I can show her the records.

    All I say now is "where has all the FTB money gone to"? I went through all the records, and with a school card fee remission my money covered all his schooling plus.

    Anyway I'm just airing. The big test now is how can I, and my son, weather the storm of her threatening to take my son out of school while constantly in his ear about how bad his dad is for stopping voluntary payments.

    This is the test. To get rid of my 'Stockholm Syndrome'.
    Anyone else know if I'm right?
    Not fit for purpose - By:Tony from WA , Australia on March 10, 2020 @ 8:57 am
    Yep that's the truth of it, no end in sight, the ex wife being a absolute bush pig and not giving a stuff about her own kids seeing their own father and using them as a weapon with those CSA scumbags.
    Karma will come back on you and one day the kids will find out the truth.
    What a joke and a bloody hypocrite. Get a job with the CSA, you are well qualified and being a bush pig you should fit in well with those assholes.
    Relationship Breakdown, suicide - By:Graeme Sudholz from NSW, Australia on March 6, 2020 @ 2:07 am
    FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA - By:Alexandra from New South Wales, Australia on March 21, 2020 @ 2:08 am
    I have clicked-signed the petition at http://chng.it/Ymv9PdJZ

    Every bit counts.
    Be strong - By:Shane from WA, Australia on January 31, 2020 @ 2:42 am
    Hey, Tony,
    yes I know it' is all shit Mate.
    Call me or text for a chat Mate.
    I'm in WA too.
    0419 926 521
    No access to kids - By:Tony from WA, australia on February 20, 2020 @ 4:52 am
    Hi to all the poor sods who have to deal with the most corrupt CSA system in the world.
    How can it be fair for the ex wife to agree to not having child support and renege on that agreement that was signed in a solicitors and the state court, when she had been left a mortgage free house, all contents and a good car.
    Then she talks to her inbreed mates and gets these corrupt bastards (CSA) to get even more money from the ex- husband.
    Well the CSA does not recognise the Australian legal system and are a law only to themselves.
    When i contacted them, they stated you earn money and we take it!
    They do not care if the father see's the children and as such he has no leverage to force the mother to give access visits etc.
    The whole system is not fit for purpose, the people in it are narcissistic men hating bastards who should be given some of their own treatment and see how they like it. The CSA should be shut down, it should stand for CSA --Child Separation Abuse as all the CSA does is fuck up the kids lives with the parent who has no access.
    Australia should be embarrassed by this system compared to the rest of the world. The CSA are not interested in the children, only their toxic system they run, SHAME ON YOU AUSTRALIA for allowing this to happen.
    430. Canadian Family Law. - By:Eddie from British Columbia, Canada on January 17, 2020 @ 1:36 am
    I read all the comments about Australian Family Law and think this problem is the result of 'British Justice'. In Canada not only do Judges totally disregard the law, including protections guaranteed by the Canadian Constitution, but even take bribes when deciding cases, and as to lawyers, a lawyer here is far more likely to work against their own client than for them.
    HUMAN RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL LAW - By:Alexandra Samootin from New South Wales, Australia on January 15, 2020 @ 6:06 am
    Due to the malfeasance of the Courts, I lost the possession of my marital property at the age of 64. I now have a PETITION going to the UN at https://chn.ge/2Hpu2aa - UN receipted my COMPLAINTS SUBMISSION - promised process and then no further response.

    888 click-signs already! Let's make it 1,000 Thanks, Alex
    Make Judges and Lawyers Accountable - By:Gopal Raj KUmar from Victoria, Australia on March 11, 2020 @ 12:14 am
    UNless you do something at the top you can complain all you want and get nowhere like the mouse running feverishly on the treadmill.

    Go to http://chng.it/Ymv9PdJZ

    Already two formal complaints have been lodged against sitting judges in the Supreme Court of Queensland and one against a judge of the Federal Court (Family division).

    Against the Supreme Court judges one is by a layer the other by a litigant who a judge abused during a hearing.

    The fish they say rots from the head. If we don't arrest it there and remain intimidated, we are going to be like sheep in the fire engulfing our nation.

    By:Name from nsw, Zog on February 11, 2020 @ 6:27 am
    Csa/family flaw, multi billion dollar racket destroying families and creating the new stolen generation and creating domestic violence as a resoult.
    The csa maggots have all sorts of penalties they threaten the paying parent with, such " capacity to earn " ,back payment for a provisional amount that they think you've earned,etc etc.
    But what penalties do they enforce on the receiving parent?
    Do they force the receiving parent to do their tax return in return for payment?
    Do they increase their provisional income on capacity to earn?
    Do they carry out checks weather the receiving parent has other sources of income, such a working for cash or living above their means or claiming to be single, whilst living in a defacto relationship. Thus ripping off paying parent and centerlink? .
    Do the look at bogus living arrangements such as living in seperation in a one bedroom unit for example.
    The answer is nothing, they do none of that.
    They just support and encourage parasitic lifestyles that do no good for themselfs or the people they sap off.
    While the interrogate the honest parent who is forced to pay unrealistic amounts of money to someone who is no accountable to anyone. And then the fake news media dramatize domestic violence. Revolution dreaming...
    Change.Org Trending - By:Gopal Raj Kumar from Victoria, Australia on January 17, 2020 @ 1:38 am
    There is a petition I think you should all sign on to. If you are able to please also make sure your buddies men, women and others also sign on to it. I am happy yo put up money to make this more widespread whether or not you are prepared to support it. I understand the paralysis that enters the system when you are faced with a hopeless situation when confronted by the unfairness of our judicial and legal system

    Go to http://chng.it/Ymv9PdJZ

    Pass it on.
    Change.org - By:Gopal Raj Kumar from Victoria, Australia on February 3, 2020 @ 8:59 am
    We need to ensure that we have critical mass first in order to affect change. It is easy for women to achieve that because from Bob Hawke (Bill Landeryou's mate) and Paul Keating they funded hundreds of women's groups. They have the money, we have the will and the cause.

    Someone need to start a change.org petition and I am willing to give it a start. But each and everyone one of you needs to put your shoulder to the wheel and push it along.

    No government ought to feel safe by ignoring the plight of children deprived of their fathers (and mothers) by an incompetent family court and government.

    These are "our courts" "our judges" and we need to control them.
    By:David Kallenbach from Queensland, Australia on March 11, 2020 @ 12:15 am
    The fmaily courts and the political theories they call laws embedded into it need to go. Men (and women of conscience) have to take a stand instead of complaining about it.

    Australia's savings and its economy has suffered irrepairable damage because of it.

    The judiciary are politically appointed and merit becomes a casualty in the family courts. It is the same in all our courts. The chief justice of the Supreme Court of Queensland is a case in point.

    In Queensland they rolled a fine judge who was appointed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in a most unconstitutional way and put in a complete nutter in the current Chief Justice. She forms views, does not like non Europeans, men and women who view justice as an outcome. But thats what we get for a politically correct appointment.

    Queensland requires a Royal Commission every decade. Lets have one soon but also one at the national level to rid the family court of its judges and better still make them accountable.

    We also need to make lawyers more accountable. And for that the pretentions of their 'immunities' and self correcting self regulating peak professional bodies have to go. Government need to have real people judge the judges and lawyers.

    May 2020 be the year men find their courage, their tomatoes and get to starting a petition online to end the family court and women's rights only madness. We ar all Australians created equal before God aren't we?
    Be strong - By:SG66 from WA, Australia on December 25, 2019 @ 10:43 pm
    Anyone one that needs a chat today?
    Call me.Think of the kids.
    Evil Fuck'n bitch - By:Shane from WA, Australia on December 25, 2019 @ 10:43 pm

    Deceitful X wife and all the bull shit.( still got shit going on, she wont leave me alone and just see my kids)
    Mate to be as up front as I can I told child support to fuck off and I will never ever give that deceitful thieving C--t a cent and I told them I know your recording the call, I know your account is at $40k and feel free to play it back to the b--ch.
    Shane mate and anyone else call me for a chat or email me if you can't talk (I go through times when I can't talk either)
    0419 926 521 or shanegodwin66@gmail.com

    We are loosing more men a year (and it's not just about the men) than we did in the Vietnam war in 6 f--k'n years.
    WTF if wrong with this hey??
    Call, text opr emasil, I have lost to many people I know because of this fucked up system.
    Happy to chat, court tomorrow morning, wish me luck..
    The X just accused me of sexually abusing the kids.
    4 months she will keep them from getting together.(long story she was investigated April before last for belting the shit out of my 5 year old Daughter)
    What a complete bottom of the barrel shit to do.
    Mate's we need to try to fix this shit, not for us because it's too late for us but for our children.
    So sorry guy's however I'm really pissed this time.
    Happy to chat if you want to call.
    Can't believe it!! - By:SG66 from WA, Australia on February 3, 2020 @ 9:11 am
    The evil thing has done the worst of the worst.
    Now she has made a report to the powers that be that I have been sexually abusing my kids.
    Just when I thought there was nothing more she could do to me.
    My poor son text me on his phone and asked why I didn't pick them up on Friday, he was told nothing of course..He is absolutely spewing on how and why his Mother would do this.
    My poor kids, it's so not fair.
    Has anyone got some advice or something?
    I have spoken to the investigating officer on Friday but he wouldn't tell me anything.
    call me or text on 0419 926 521
    420. Be Strong - By:SG66 from WA, Australia on April 29, 2020 @ 3:51 am
    Hey mate don't do any thing that would fuck up your kids any more..
    It's hard enough for them as it is.
    Think of them ,it keeps me going.
    call me for a chat, anyone.
    I'm here to help and listen.
    It's time for a revolution, isn't it?"??????
    Tit 4 Tat - By:Victoria from Canberra, Australia on March 11, 2020 @ 2:10 am
    Now before I begin, I have always been a fair person, I have seen father's be slandered, excluded and accused of some outrageous stories, parent alienation has been the most successful way to get "rid" of the other parent or to make them submissive to your demands. However, what support is there for those who have been in that position?
    Unfortunately I had a drug problem a couple of years ago and "tough love" approach was put in place to encourage me to become sober. It worked. Then, my child's father whom of which I asked to be the main carer of our child took the opportunity to slander me, take FVO out on me, but then ensured that people believed I was a danger to myself and others, my family disowned me, my contact with them is minimal, I have lost friends whom I had been friends with for 20years, I had been robbed, lied about, used as a scape goat, basically gang-stalked and although my behaviour wasn't the most appropriate, it did provide "proof" for him to claim all his lies about me.
    He also claimed that I was a prostitute and thief, he contacted my new employer and told them these lies and exaggeration of twisted truth and when I had finally thought there was some relief he now has our child brain washed and forced to say certain types words to put me into a head spin. He refuses to acknowledge that I am her mother, claims that I haven't been a mother her entire life, he would agree to a visit and then cancel and tell others that I never see her, which in part is truth but not by my choice! I have gone to police to seek assistance as he is bound by the same terms of the FVO and is emotionally controlling me, telling me this will never end, he wants me permanently out of his and her life and will make sure he does everything possible to achieve this goal, I have it all in text, yet local police appear to be disinterested and have claimed it's difficult to charge someone who has micro reversed a family violence order?
    He has full custody of our child, and I don't want our child to not have him in her life but where do I get to seek help and how? After 10 years I finally had a mental breakdown and after all the years he fucked up he is under the impression and ensuring others are too, that I am the worst and most dangerous person around?
    He constantly tells me to kill myself and his antics to make sure that I am isolated makes me want to.
    I have written on here to ask for information on getting actual support that will put my childs right first and allow her to have her mother in her life? Please help!
    SURVEY - By:CAMS Australia from vic, australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:09 am
    We are reaching out to all, please participate in the following survey to help research the top identifying changeable factors of Child Support.
    It is completely anonymous, multiple choice and will take approx 2 minute to complete. Make you opinion count!


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