About Fathers 4 Justice

athers and good people being removed from the lives of their children and families are fighting back!

Notwithstanding opposition by the huge and often inequitable Family Law Industry — dedicated fathers, mothers and extended family battle at great odds striving to restore the balance at every turn.

Parents, carers and of course our children face enormous pressures from the many effects of Separation, change and a very archaic legal system. God given privileges, rights and freedoms that are naturally bestowed upon us as fathers, mothers, children and as god's creatures are often over ridden by those with money and power.

Our livelihood, families, fatherhood, motherhood, freedom and natural existence as we once knew it, are all under serious threat. Unfortunately, it will get worse before it gets better, unless we as responsible wise fathers and caring people unite, stand up and confront all signs of oppression and tyranny before it's too late. Make no mistake, whatever your age, wake-up, open your mind, ears, eyes and look around to see what's really happening!

If you do nothing, do not be surprised when you wake up one day and wonder where the good life has gone. Not just for you, but your children and their children.

A father's foremost role is to protect his wife, children and family. Our secondary role is to unite with other fathers and men to defend our nation in times of war and attack from hostile acts against us. Our third is to be wise, aware, merry and enjoy life!

Fathers 4 Justice Australia — commonly known as F4J, is a community of concerned fathers who have experienced the harsh hand of unfairness, injustice and unwarranted destruction of their family by various people and organisations that profit from the demise of vulnerable families in times of despair.

As awareness and maturity of the Australian community grows so does support for F4J from fathers, mothers, young men and women, grandparents, family relatives, children and other concerned members of society who are outraged, want a voice and a call to action, to combat and resolve the growing number of issues that harm ordinary loving Australian families when there is absolutely no need to do so!


The mission of Fathers 4 Justice is to unite and support father's and families; educating fathers in awareness and preparedness through revealing facts and truth about real life day to day issues of Separation, Divorce and being a father and man in today's society.

"Man alone is easy prey. Only by uniting together as one large family, will we keep the wolves from the door!"


Originating with protests in the UK in about 2002 with founder Matt O'connor leading the charge, F4J as part of the men's movement was joined by Australians in 2004. However, the guiding principles behind F4J is proving to be far bigger than just the Family Law Industry and equal parenting, F4J looks outside the family to see what and who in society is benefiting from the destruction of family values, and then seeks justice to remedy these causes.

Since then, changes have been implemented by the government and private organisations to, on the face of it, give a fairer deal to children and families alike, through more equal and balanced parenting arrangements and settlements. Although in the right direction, greater changes are still needed in the form of preventative education, support and rehabilitation for separated families, from the unnecessary emotional pain and financial loss, most families incur post family separation.

To protect and insulate families from having the grief of their separation exacerbated, often by draconian systems and laws in place, F4J remains vigilant, ensuring that the sanctity of family and people's rights be preserved, and that our children are kept safe, protected and loved at all times.

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