Minister for Men's Affairs

Do we need a representative on behalf of
men's and father's issues?

Do you feel helpless like a male prisoner as your rights slip by the way side?

A Minister for Women's Affairs exists in Australia so why not one for men?

Clearly, men don't have a proper voice and with each day passing are losing more rights and privileges down the proverbial black hole.

With an ever increasing number of suicides, incarceration, family breakups, male depression, lack of suitable role models and benefits that help male growth in alignment with their true nature, it's not only men and fathers who suffer, so do our sons and daughters, mothers, the whole and extended family unit as we know it and in turn, our community at large.

Prior to the seventies the paternal role was generally simple, clear and unchallenged. Men had important roles such as head of the household, the main breadwinner, provider and protector with a standing in the community of some significance. A man had purpose, knew where he was going and assisted with his journey, not hindered.

However, with an upsurge in women's rights and equality over the past half century or so, the importance of fathers and men's roles have been confused and downsized, if not altogether diminished.

Add this to how insignificant father's rights and priviliges are in the Family Court and the State usurping your power and providing/protecting roles, you soon begin to wonder where your roles, rights and life have gone. Not respected nor valued by the state but merely a slave and servant; someone to pay taxes, fines, child support and be a consumer. Wow, what a life!

With women ordering sperm over the internet for over a decade now, is man finally getting the picture his part in the fertility process of creating a family maybe drawing to an end? Will a family in the future ever include men or fathers, and what of boys and girls, their development and future?

With many instances of man having trouble fitting into society these days, is it any wonder many fathers are wondering where the male species is heading and asking "is the human race losing it's mind?" So what are the roles of a father these days, both in the eyes of the man, woman, child and by the community at large? Men will evolve but into what as their environmental landscape is always changing.

So what do you believe constitutes the myriad of issues confronting fathers and men today and what we need help with, or do you believe you as a man have it all, can go it alone and everything is all ok? Read more on A Minister for Men...

Share your thoughts and feelings below in a common and united cause that with courage will achieve better for all!

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    Woman's view on Australian feminism - By:Ben from NSW, Australia on December 21, 2022 @ 8:56 am
    Why I HATE Australian feminism
    Anti-father BS - By:George from WA/SA, Aus on September 3, 2017 @ 10:26 am
    Who is behind all this anti Fathers Day BS? Would a minister for men not make a difference here?
    The Unnaccountable legal industry - By:Diarmuid Hannigan from Victoria, Australia on April 16, 2017 @ 2:42 pm
    Australia is a nation where the laws of the land do not respect the family. The legal Industry has a monopoly over making money from family disagreements. 40% of marriages fail hence it is a huge earner for the lawyers. The longer the process the greater the damage to the family and the more money for the legal vultures. This is a system designed by lawyers, run by lawyers and administered by lawyers. Lawyers are not accountable under Australian Consumer Law and are not bound by the Victorian Charter of Human Rights. The laws of Australia do not and have never respected the family unit which means this vile profession hurts everybody. The problem dates Pre Captain Cook but was formed from a land of Terra Nullius a place where there where no Families under the law only a prison.

    The current adversarial process that is utilised within the family law courts (Abattoirs) hurts families and makes lawyers rich. It is a form of reverse , or should I say perverse wealth redistribution. Both political parties are lead by lawyers and they are over represented in our parliaments by at least 50000 percent. To achieve a change we must first identify the enemy, unfortunately this enemy is a very good actor and when we continue to believe that the legal profession can be trusted we will always be subjected to their plunder.
    Men stand up - By:Joanna B from WA, Australa on February 23, 2017 @ 3:28 pm
    some of us girls want our men to stand up tall & brave. Go men protect
    Fuck'm, the thieving retarded bastards - By:SG from Western Australia, Australia on December 9, 2016 @ 1:37 am

    What all the people in this twisted disgusting system need to remember is its an "industry".And no one gives a fuck if you don't get to see your kids and you starve to death.
    The system still makes the money.

    We have all been played like suckers for ever with this corrupt shit.It's time to wake up people, there is no God, it's all bllshit, yes that's right, all of it is bullshit and no one gives a shit..
    Perhaps it's time for a revolt
    How many gov jobs are created here for people that should be in full time care?? Their a bunch of under educated
    We would all agree I'm sure that they would be unemployable in the real world, if you have any doubt about that just go to a Centerlink and have a look at the staff thats what your dealing with at the C__t's S__t's and Arsholes!!!
    D,C"s all round for sure, it looks like an adult day care center for the retarded.
    I've been screwed from the pointy end of the pineapple and she is now going to go for spousal maintenance even though I'm not working. She can make up any crapp she wants and they believe her. She had a VRO taken out to remove me from the home/home office destroyed the bus we had and forced me into taking a small % of our assets.
    Who ever gets the VRO first wins!!
    That what the Fuck'n useless lawyers say anyway.
    SG Perth
    2016 election - By:John Soros from QLD, AUSTRALIA on June 22, 2016 @ 2:28 pm
    Guess if a Minister 4 Men existed would the truth not come out on how badly fathers are being screwed in courts & with child support???
    Organise - By:George from ACT, Australia on December 21, 2022 @ 8:48 am
    Nah ones not needed if men could get their shit together,, trouble is men can't!!
    As per leadership and rights! - By:Lisa from Perth, Australia on April 27, 2017 @ 8:56 am
    do not question my way or methods I too have completely fucked by society but look at various state laws etc and see some positive changes all my whinging and bitching and bikering as well. so nw new legislation to the prntal rights and also of second families as well huh so next reforms to be duly considered to and as for fathers not paying any maintance we have centrelink advance loans if on a government allowance so now no excuses so be fair you once loved that person and conceived a child hopefully out of love so do the right thing boys. come on host a boys day huh and have a barbeque and rase funds hopefully without alcohol being consumed and start own charity huh the blokes barbie day so can all assista nd help one another and have a child family day provided for all huh! now get off your arss an ddo as I say and want and need a swell less bitchig then its all really so simple but does anyone listen to me nor appreciate me? enough said huh boys!
    Men 2nd class - By:paul from wa, australia on April 27, 2017 @ 8:57 am
    We have for some time been under the microscope by way of various modes of checks and balances to ensure that one gender is placed on the same playing field as the other gender(as it should be).I have a challenge for the members of the community.Can some one please provide the name of the government representative/minister that manages the portfolio of 'Mens Affairs' i will give you a clue there is a 'Womens Affairs' representative/minister
    10. Rights - By:MrNatural from Victoria, Australia on April 27, 2017 @ 8:57 am
    Rights is a great subject Bill and with many levels.
    Simply, rights come from knowing who you are; as an individual and collective. Many don't know who they, hence have limited rights. Other forces attempt to intimidate you with legislation, courts and their so called authority, however if you know who you are, what you are not and stand in your truth, these forces have no power over you. Btw lawyers are quite powerless when you understand their oaths and constraints.
    By:Bill from NSW, Australia on April 27, 2017 @ 8:58 am
    You talk about "Rights" as if you have them-you don't. "rights" based on common law are not rights at all if they can be overridden by legislative law as is the case in Australia. In every Western country except Australia constitutions have a "Bill-Of-Rights" that protect individuals. 50% of Australians think they have the same rights as Americans-they do not. So this discussion on your "Rights" seems a bit premature..!!
    If you doubt my comments check with your local Barristers..!
    Equality - By:Daveyone from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on April 27, 2017 @ 8:58 am
    It is time the 100 year pendulum of equality swung back to take into account the worth of a Father beyond Sperm and as an ATM machine This Animal Farm ( some' are more equal then others ) concept has to be brought right up to date!
    Politics is on the nose - By:Peter Shivers from Canberra, Australia on April 29, 2017 @ 8:41 am
    The only reason women have a minister is they worked collectively at creating the position plus women are important in the eyes of the ruling class and corporates as they are baby breeders, wonderful consumers and bring in big business all round. Kids are the currency that keeps big profits and the wheels of evolution and wars churning. Altho as a side point, Abbott as Minister for Women isn't going down to well with the female folk atm judged by the disdain in recent Australian marches.

    On the whole, politicians are largely useless and serve as little value to the ordinary person in the street. Politics is an illusion; an affront to fool everyday joes causing the majority to believe they have a voice. Clearly, this is often not the case, as soon as they're in power they don't give a tinkers cuss about the you and me, just themselves. Plus their votes are often bought by the highest bidder if they play their cards right.

    Some may have a few strong words that represent some people, some of the time, however in general it's just a fun game in parliament that bestows upon them a glorified title and handsome benefits. They rarely answer emails and letters, let alone respond to them with any real vigour, care or concern. So best we all start uniting as men and fathers, fighting, resisting and creating to forge a bright new future individually and collectively when we see injustice. Looking within and redemption is the name of the game to create peace for all.

    As for a minister for men, it might be nice if it would ever be effective, however we've seen with Abbott's throning how a minister's position can be minimised if not invalidated. Plus to think that one person, some clown who gets the portfolio (man or woman), would seriously go all out for men is a big ask and possibly naive. Politicians often get bought, so down in flames goes male empowerment through a minister for men. I do however concede, it wouldn't hurt though to have one if women do, keeping things balanced and equal.
    why? - By:adam from Western Australia, Australia on April 29, 2017 @ 8:41 am
    why is that we dont have someone supporting us men? why hasnt the government taken into account the bullshit system that is child maintenance instead they only care to feed their own fat asses? something has to be done about this. a letter, a threat, a march...something, i dont care what it takes, i will gladly go to prison to make my point heard.
    Men need help - By:Julie from WA, Australia on December 25, 2019 @ 11:32 pm
    Men need all the help they can get!!
    thumbs up - By:Mark Thompson from South Aust, Aust on November 12, 2013 @ 2:07 am
    if u get a good poli great. trouble is getting one...
    Numbers - By:Rambo from NSW, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 12:41 am
    What Australia needs is a NEW VISION and to feel the presence of fatherhood and the strength of it's backbone!

    What we need are NUMBERS; people to march anywhere and anytime for the good of humanity as a whole. Not just to serve a few but the whole fairly and squarely. This is not about what's in it for you or me, it's what's right for all of us.

    If Corporations, Canberra, politicians and bureaucracies want to put us in a hole, we must all down tools, unite, march and RISE UP!

    Feeling the power and forces of men will be the beginning of something better for men in this country, which will translate into better families and communities. More fun, laughter, happiness, peace and abundance for all.

    Just as the Berlin Wall, Iron Curtain and tyranny all around the world fell, so will ALL destructive mechanisms in Australia! A new era is being born...

    *** Agenda 2014 ***
    As a start we must:

    ** Unite in many small groups all around the country coming together in big numbers when required.

    ** March locally, state and nationally in big numbers showing the fathers movement.

    ** We will instruct that a Minister for Men be appointed throughout State and Federal Parliaments.

    ** We will instruct that an Annual Men's Day be implemented where we will all unite and march against any wrongdoing against our freedoms, liberties, rights, privileges and families.

    ** We will conduct an investigation and overhaul of the whole monetary and tax system which is keeping most people as slaves and not being allowed to reach their full potential.

    ** Disband/transform all dysfunctional agencies and institutions that are not pro family and humanitarian such as the Child Support Agency, Family Court of Australia, the Australian Taxation Office and Education systems. Whilst perhaps originating with good intentions, somehow these systems have become antiquated, twisted and backward in their methodology, if fairness, justice and good common sense for advancement for all was the goal. Simply, there time has come and gone. Far better alternatives are envisioned, will be created and will be done!

    ** And much, much more...

    Unless we start to unite together as men, things will only get worse until one day you will wake up and it will be too late for you, your kids and families. So be proud of who you are, as a Father and as a Man — God has given you a great gift, and as a man he wants you to use this talent to make this country and the planet a better place to live!

    Register today at the protests section so you are included. Small groups will build energy, belief and unity, and lead to bigger groups and greater power, control and effectiveness for all.

    Remember: You can keep living in denial, repression and depression saying to yourself that this doesn't concern me as a man but it does, and deep in your being, you not only know this to be true, but you want to stand up, break the fear and stand as one!

    So it's time to STOP expecting others and a small few to carry the load for this hasn't worked throughout history and never will.

    Everyone needs us as FATHERS and MEN to stand tall - IT'S TIME - JOIN US!
    Brilliant - By:Shafted from WA, Australia on December 25, 2019 @ 11:25 pm
    Nothing's ok, CSA treat's people like cash cows. No different to the livestock sent overseas and slaughtered in the street, as long as they get their money, they don't care, how many take their own lives, and commit crime borne out of desperation.
    Let's Begin! - By:admin from Vic, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 5:29 am
    Thanks for your patience, the team at F4J is glad to say this area is now up... Enjoy!
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