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  • By David John: Walter
  • 21/09/2017
  • Contributed by: Richard ( 4 articles in 2017 )
To the People of the Commonwealth of Australia – I need your help and assistance on 28th August, 2017 at Magistrates Court Cairns Queensland.

I hold no signed “Commercial Contract” with any Member of a Registered Political Party to form Parliaments of Australia, holding the authority of a private person as the 24.5 Million People of the Commonwealth of Australia and the Queen, inside The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, as is the Queen and you and I.

To form Unicameral Parliaments of Australia - In other words private statutory corporations, consisting of Members of Registered Political Parties only, of the Political Parties for their Members of private Parliaments - Corporation both The Parliaments of MP’s and the Senate as one.

Commencing, 31st December 1973 - DID YOU VOTE TO ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN –

Reference - Statue Law Revision sealed to the Public Seal of the State copyrighted the State of Queensland - Queensland Government of Premier Peter Beattie MP -

Note:- All the acts as found in the front are created to Statutory Law of Parliament of Queensland which they have taken over: HOW?

Parliament of Queensland enacts – Private persons Politicians only as you well know:
go to page 7 Brisbane “Forest Park Act 1977” - Note the year 1977 – 40 years ago _ Page 8 Section 41 “the Crown” - omit, insert “the State” how can a mob of politicians omit the Crown from a Statutory Law – of no living people and insert the State – they take one piece of land for themselves and the rest fall into their hands.

This is part of the evidence will be presented on 28th August,2017 for Bankruptcy Act 1966, Note: Commonwealth Corporation Powers Act 2001 – The Parliaments of Queensland created to Statutory Laws passed the ASIC Act 2004 – Corporation 2001, in a signed Commercial Construct between the Hon. Peter Beattie and Hon. John Howard both private persons holding a single share in Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act – of We the people and the Queen, including Mr.Beattie and Mr.Howard and all their MOB,

I, will really require people and the press there and I do not know how to that I need help for every person, that is proud to be an Australian, a love this country and its values, ass a private persons , they have euchred, into a corner as a private person ass are well all, which people power this should come to an abrupt end.

I cannot do that by myself, and quite honestly I do not know how to do that, and I do not have connections in those areas.

I Need you as the poster said, and we all need each other to be as one under the flag.

I request that you forward this to all and sundry and place on any Social Media to which you have access

May the Good Lord Bless you all and most of all our Nation and our poor flogged Nation the Commonwealth of Australia, it is time to lighten the load – a few Politicians cannot challenge The Constitution of this Nation as they are inside it the same as you, I and the Queen.

David John
12th August,2017.

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