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  • Movie: Spank the Banker - Coming Soon
  • By Samir Mehanovic
  • 02/03/2019 Make a Comment
  • Contributed by: Peter_B ( 4 articles in 2019 )

Noel Edmonds - Spank the Banker - Trailer [3:14]

Spank The Banker - Coming Soon
EXPOSED..!! Worldwide the banking cartel is making people homeless, unemployed and destitute. It's just business .... business as usual ...... it's just what they do. Well it's time to take a stand..!! It's boom time in Australia because we are not going to let them do to us what has happened in the UK and Ireland. Aussie bankers will be lucky to get away with a spanking. It's an offence to conceal a crime .... and they know it.

MOVIE LAUNCHING - Spank The Banker -

If you didn't believe banking was organised crime on a grand scale you will after you see what happened after the 2008 GFC. Lives and businesses destroyed.

Resistance is futile ..... unless you get off your knees and join in. Let's do it..!!

#HBOS #Lloyds #NoelEdmonds Lloyds Liars

Bank Reform Now
After you watch this short trailer - and calm back down - share this as far and wide as you can. There still might be one or two people that trust the banking system

Tony Rigg
All please listen to the video. What will happen in Australia when Sheriffs turn up on the door step to evict people into the street who bought homes at inflated prices and now the debt is more than the house worth. Bearing in mind (IN HANSARD) the state and federal police do the dirty work for banks.


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