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  • Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson Resigns
  • Courtside Newsletter
  • 07/10/2003 Make a Comment
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Be Grateful Today!
In announcing his resignation Chief Justice Nicholson said: "Nothing is more important in society than meeting the needs of families and particularly those most vulnerable of our citizens, children.

"It has been an extraordinary honour to head the Family Court which does its best to deal with situations where families can be fragmented and children are in danger.

"Most of society functions in a perfectly balanced way. Most of the people who apply for divorces are able to get on with their lives and achieve future happiness. The Family Court does much to help those people to move on in its day-to-day work.

"However, sometimes the Court's image is skewed because people tend to focus on the six per cent of our clients who go to litigation most of whom may not be perfectly happy but do achieve resolution.

"In reality our success rate in dealing with the other 94 per cent our clients is remarkable. Consequently, although the most difficult and troublesome cases comprise a relatively tiny proportion of our clients, they take up a disproportionate amount of our time, and will continue to do so. We have never shirked from the difficult decisions required in dealing with such cases and that is one of the Court's strengths.'

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Courtside Newsletter.

Who could disagree with Alastair's opening statement. However, that is about as far as CJ's credibiliity extends. Under the guise of this pretence of doing good for society lies a system that preys upon and rapes families emotionally, physically and financially. Make no mistake!

Just ask people who have been through the Family Court of Australia and stood up for both their rights and that of their children. Find out what their experiences were like. Don't believe "bum fodder" propaganda by CJ Nicholson who deliberately misleads the public with lies, time and time again.

Open your EYES and EARS before it's too late for your family!

What has your experience been :

1. As a Self Litigant? What support have you received from the Family Court? Have you received fair hearings and treatment free from bias and prejudice? Have you received costs orders against you when your case had merrit?

2. With the Appeal and Complaints process both internal to the Family Court and external? What results have you achieved?

3. With lawyers, psychologists, counsellors and members of the judiciary?

4. Working within the system and outside it?

5. Family support networks setup by the Family Court and governments to assist families?

6. With Legal Aid, Law Institute's Legal Assistance Schemes, Bar Council in obtaining legal advice and representation?

7. With State and Federal Police?

After 15 years in the top job Alastair Nicholson leaves behind a legacy of damaged children and families for generations to come. CJ is not the only one to blame however - it's society that must also take responsibility. After all, it is the masses who elect politicians who ultimately make the laws to protect people like Alastair. We all must WAKE UP, become AWARE and get INVOLVED.

The Future of the Family Court is to:

1) Embark on a major paradigm shift for the good of families; or
2) Find itself made redundant.

What will you do to help?

"Insanity is doing something you know will not get you what you want, and choosing not to TRY SOMETHING ELSE. If you are not looking for a solution, you may be half of the problem."

Contact us for support and to share your experiences. Don't go it alone!

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