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    410. Family court - By:brent from Auckland, New Zealand on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    Listen you fuckers I spent 13 years in the NZ Family Court and spent every year fighting them for my SONS rights not mine. If you want to vent then great, but don't just do nothing about it. My son is 15 and lives with me FULL time, and I beat the system. If you have had enough of being treated like a criminal and working like a slave and getting fucked over, then be extraordinary and go buy a gun. Either take it to them or if you have no self believe then on you, end of story.
    The CSA (Criminal Services Association) - By:Andrew from nsw, Aust on February 3, 2020 @ 9:25 am
    Child Support....I fought until I was penny less to get access to my 4 kids from 2000 until it broke me in 2006. My youngest Son Tim is 24 years old and I have not seen him since he was 4yo. My youngest Daughter Elizabeth,whom I had not seen between 2000 and 2012, rebelled against the authority (guess who)and came to see me at my Grandmothers Funeral.We now have a good relationship and she is a Mum of two little ones herself now. I also have two other children, Ben, who is 34 and Samantha who is 32. Both these kids lived with me after bailing out from the Regime as High School Teens. Unbelievably, the other half agreed to pay no Child Support and Receive no Child Support and So did I. BUT the F&#(&%G CSA would not approve our agreement and I now sit with a Interest Compounded Debt of about 25K.
    I refused to pay Child support and did not lodge a tax refund for 15 years...... Well, after I walked out of the Court House with 14,000.00 worth of Fines up my Clakker, Thanks to the ATO, I now have a combined total of say 40k.... You may say, How is it working for you Tom....???? When the Justice System finally catches up with a Royal Commission into the CSA, finds its Underhanded methods a miss carriage (more like a Back Yard Abortion) of Justice, Im going to Use all the resources at my disposal to sue the ass off the Commonwealth.... And you may join me when that time comes, because the two parties involved in an agreement were debunked by the F...B.... CSA.
    I feel much better now thats off my chest..
    P.S... Please R.I.P all the poor bastards who just couldn't take it anymore.
    Ill drink to them when the day comes...Cheers, Tom.
    Loosing my kids to lies, games, and titl - By:Leanna courtney from Sc, Us on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am

    Hi, my names is Leanna Courtney.
    We where walked out on by my husband in dec of 2017.
    6-10 before Christmas. And the system has failed to protect my kids from all this pain and instead have made it worst . My ex is a officer of Houston county GA, I have reached out to his captain, and major with little feedback or even acknowledging that one of their own officers of the law can’t even honor the family court orders they have put in place. Our children are 5,3,1 . I have three kids, Jonathon Courtney ( my ex) use to have three kids too until he left us and told my oldest ( from a previous relationship but was raised knowing only Jonathan from 2mon-5) he would no longer be her dad and will not be getting her anymore . He took the youngest two from me in June. I have been fighting and fighting to bring my kids home. I feel ignored, nobody is listening . I’ve reached out to Greenville county, Pickens county, Houston county, Clark county, as soon as they here he’s a cop it doesn’t matter the facts or my children’s feelings! My kids have grown up together and all because this man wants to walk out to get his life together with a not so nice past record of treatment to our family. Nobody will listen. I didn’t have the money for a lawyer in the beginning, he hired attorney Brian Johnson who is the most corrupt, evil man. The true definition of corruption in our system we hear about . My family is a case number to the system, they have been dragging out this nightmare for way to long. My husband is a white police officer who is hiding behind is badge to keep our kids from eachother and myself . I am biracial, our kids are mixed.... I can’t help but wonder what roll that has to play when looking at him and I for parenting . How can a system come in and only know one side and take the kids away from the only parent who HAS NEVER WALKED OUT THAT DOOR!!!

    Reply to Suicide and CSA - By:Katrina from New South Wales, Australia on February 3, 2020 @ 9:26 am
    As I agree with the previous post about "population control" unfortunately, I've noticed and been a victim of men doing the exact same thing more frequently!

    At the end of the Day, parent AND the court system are forgetting about the children and the parent to whom is incapable of holding a diplomatic view and being reasonable for what would be beneficial to the child, they are too focused on the whole "eye for an eye" and trash talking which again I agree, Parent alienation is a form of child abuse! I only hope the parent to whom is abusing the court system isnt doing so they are able to abuse the child without being found out!
    Suicide and CSA - By:Very sneaky from SA, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    Could this be a population control measure??
    Suicide is rapidly increasing over the years, the perfect way for population control blaming the citizens themselves...
    The family courts reward up to 65-80% of assets to women during separation,
    DVO’s are carelessly rubber stamped by Magistrates without any sort of evidence now for financial and custodial leverage in the family courts. These Magistrates are supporting parental alienation which is a form of child abuse.
    Fathers are stripped of their children; typically the Parental alienation child abuse is used.
    The Child Support Agency nurtures the child abuse by rewarding mothers 100% money for 100% custody…
    This drives Fathers into great debt , stripped of their children then hounded by CSA for more money.
    It is a really sad system that’s pushing Fathers into a corner, I can easily see why people want out…
    CSA Understanding - By:Johnny from nsw, australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    Watch this and other CSA videos by Amen Osiris
    CS threshold - By:Lee from Victoria, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    I am a mother of 3 children, 2 who my ex husband claims child support from me. He is starting to lower his work hours to be able to claim more child support, lousy but obviously he has found a loop hole that benefits him as the payee. I understand I have no rights other than to lower my income by decreasing my work hours which I really do not want to do. I have the kids 50% of the time and feel I am being financially assaulted. What is the CSA payment threshold surely they can’t just keep taking more and more of my income?
    I beat csa.. I think?? - By:Nathan from Vic, Oz on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    This is kind of a success story for the fathers being totally screwed around. I moved away before csa could start collecting from me, like as soon as they contacted me (out of the blue like my ex never even mentioned money to me) I started planning to move interstate if not overseas (that's my next goal) and all my social media is private so my ex can't stalk me online and dob me into csa (while simultaneously fighting to cut my visit time). My ex interfered with my time spent with our child anyway so there was nothing left for me here. I didn't want to sign an invisible contract. Told my ex to ask for anything she needed but she never did. Still confused but..
    Now I'm in another state and it seems she doesn't even give a shit that she's never heard from me again anyway. I heard she's moved on with a new man and hopes I die so they can play family. So much for all the "what's best for our child" crap she gave me. So many lies she told about me to court.
    After I moved and changed jobs CSA never got in touch again. I wanna get enough experience in my job here now so I can get a job overseas then I never have to worry about her or getting a random call from CSA again.
    I think I've won against csa tho
    Penalised by other parent earning more - By:John from WA, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    Hi Rick,
    The answer should be in your updated payment notice. If you are receiving $12,800 return on investment then at 8% you would have approximately $160,000 invested. I assume this is why you receive no benefits. Because your income is less than the Parenting Payment Single (PPS) amount of $19,568 and you are not on benefits then CSA assume you have other income that they do not know about. They may also know of your investment and expect you to adjust your finances so that you can access this money. In this situation they have apply the Fixed Annual Rate of Income to your assessment which is $1,416 annually ($118 monthly). This has nothing to do with how much your Ex is making. If you want to go back to the minimum rate of $35 a month (now $35.58) then increase your income to just above the PPS amount.
    The answers are on the CSA Guides web site : http://guides.dss.gov.au/child-support-guide/2/4/2. If you are not working then you have plenty of time to study this information and apply it to your situation. If you do not then CSA is quite happy to send you broke.
    Abuse of family court against fathers - By:brent from Auckland, New Zealand on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    400. Penalised by other parent earning more - By:Rick from SA, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    I have just received an updated payment notice, the other parent who has all the care and earns $80,000 up from $55,000 last year....gets more from me as i am unemployable due to shoulder operastion and last year Knee replacement, cant get any benefits at all, have money invested earning $12,800 a year and this is what i survive on ,. I was still obligated to pay $35 per month based on her earning $55,000 and me $12,800 now this year she earns $80,000 and i still only earn $12,800 but because our combined income is now $55,000 ($80,000-24,000 self support), instead of paying $35 per month i have to pay $117 per month ....How does this work,,,, as my earnings have not changed ?????
    CSA robbers - By:Marcus B from sa, Oz on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    ROBBED by robbers Rob.... No such thing as doing the right thing when state/fed agencies are involved. They will rob you blind every time. Make sure you have nil $ in any accounts in your name. Not sure how much you earn but presumably they want your tax done so they can take first grab at your assessment.
    Id be requesting proof and challenging everything. Only ever ask questions and make them perform the acts that bind them. Even then that's not enough unless they're in court and on the record. Otherwise they lie outa their arse! Don't tell them anything or ever talk to them on the phone unless you know how to handle yourself. In writing is best. All these agencies see us as enemies so treat them the same. This is war, never forget it.
    Child support, when does it stop - By:Rob from NSW, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    Have always done the right thing as far as paying child support for nearly 30years to two ex's. Older child is in his 30's and girls in mid to late 20's,none at home or at school for a long time. Have currently got a child support bill for $160 000 paying nearly $1000 a week. Tried to get information of when they reckon I owe this money from and can't get an answer from them except for "Do your tax". Gave up but that didn't work either. Any ideas, please.
    Brandon - By:Rudolph from Queensland, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    I had a selfish narcissistic ex like that once. She caused me and our 2 kids a load of trouble.
    It was all about her. Mine was off with another woman. Go figure
    Brandon - By:Bill from SA, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    Tis a hard juggling act dealing with a partner who puts their own needs first. Many variables come into play and not enough info for specifics. However, focus on your kids overall welfare first whatever sacrifices are required. Stay true to the bond you have with them. This love will carry you through short and long term. They will pick who they need. Follow your instincts.
    Worried and Apprehensive - By:Brandon Douglas from Victoria, Australia on February 3, 2020 @ 10:02 am
    Hi everyone,
    My ex and I separated a year ago. She stayed in the same house for another 2 months before moving out. In that time she contributed nothing in the way of food, comforting our kids during the situation etc. As well as abandoned our 3 kids (all under 14) with me while she rarely got home before midnight, sometimes not coming back at all. When she did leave she could have seen our kids every fortnight on the weekends but didn't want to see them for nearly another 2 months even then it was only for a day hear or there. She saw them on Boxing Day then not a word for nearly a month. Then she wanted to see them every fortnight on the weekend. Now she is adamant that she wants 50/50 shared custody. I have the kids in a great routine and are finally happy again (have been for 8 months). Our kids wouldn't mind spending overnight at her house, but don't want to live with her. I'm very worried that if she does get what she wants that our kids will be put through hell again, just to satisfy her 'wants'. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Abuse of family court against fathers - By:brent matches from auckland , New zealand on February 3, 2020 @ 10:02 am
    Hi there guys across the ditch, we experiencing the same thing and thought this would be a good video to show the brothers, never give up.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2KNKteVPls&feature=youtu.be thanks and share.
    Canadian 'Justice'. - By:Edward from B.C., Canada on December 26, 2019 @ 6:10 am
    I am not sure if this is allowed, but the following link will show just what the true meaning of the term 'Canadian Justice' really is.

    The item is quite lengthy but everything is true, and, I should add, this case has been brought to the attention of both the Canadian Prime Minister and the Canadian Minister of Justice, both of whom have ignored it, hoping, I would assume, that they would prefer that it 'just go away'.

    Lawyers. - By:Brian from British Columbia, Canada on December 26, 2019 @ 6:11 am
    You're trapped in a room with a tiger, a rattlesnake and a lawyer.

    You have a gun with only two bullets. What should you do?

    Shoot the lawyer ..... twice.
    How much history do we need? - By:Helen D from WA, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:11 am
    Why is indisputable, consistent,proven evidence of violence and neglect,@ their mothers, still not enough to speed up such a painful and biased process?
    390. Hey :Katrina Gloster - By:SG 66 from Western Australia, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:11 am
    You are one of the few..
    This bias system of lawyers and supervision services is a cash cow for the blood suckers that live on everyone's dis pare,.
    What a f'n joke the whole thing.

    How many of us have had the most despicable things said about us and everyone believed it??

    No wonder 7 men a day were popping themselves off in 2015 HEY??
    The road toll is??

    we dont matter, just rememberthat.

    Be strong and don't do anything f'n stupid that your kids will be fuck up for ever with.

    Remember they still love you without any conditions.

    Be strong and FUCK them! The one's that want to hurt you.

    I'm here 0419926521
    Discrimination - By:Katrina Gloster from ACT, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:11 am
    The views on this website is amazing what really breaks my heart is that everyone here are committing the same mistake by alienating mums! The basic principles should alply, children need both mum and dad!!!!! Especially if they are safe and able.
    Not only am I suffering from alienation from my daughters father but he has such massive support that im suffering from bullying based on lies! I did almost commit suicide twice, my daughter is not only sad it breaks me but he cant see or feel how broken she is.
    Ii came from a broken home, I hated every minute that I had to hear or pick one side, and the one thing I didn't want my daughter to suffer from, she now is!
    My best friend, he suffered from this, inface so many men have I want to help stop the hurt, not only from the parent who is being excluded but more importantly the CHILD/CHILDREN
    THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO SKIN A CAT - By:Give me a call from NSW , AUSTRALIA on February 5, 2018 @ 1:16 am
    Give me a call. I will run you through an approach that will improve things for you. I have learnt much and found the gaps that exist. 0401665736. The cost of a phobe call simple.
    I have crunched the numbers.. - By:jono from NSW, aust on March 4, 2020 @ 2:57 am
    well...thanks for the replies guys...just so you know, ive been doing the child support thing now ten years..if you refuse to pay..they garnish your wages..if you don't do a return..they ESTIMATE a EXTRA TEN PERCENT increase in your wages..so over ten years..you DOUBLE your wage..ya right..my relationship (new one) of 6 yrs..finished after I explained, couldn't protect my self...I saw MGTOW n you tube (SHE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU..by Turd Flinging Monkey...its was spot on.)and swallowed the red pill..so now im alone on my farm..work is hard to find..and I might have to get rid of my dogs...and rent a room..do some job..and might have $50 after I pay the bills...dam...how the hell do I start again?..got another 8 yrs of this..i don't think rally in a city is going to help us..but I have been giving thought to opening my farm as a refuge for other men in bad way...free camping..free fires..about all I can do..
    GIVE ME A CALL JOHNO - By:FOR REAL from NSW, AUSTRALIA on February 5, 2018 @ 1:16 am
    I have been ripped into by the same system that is ripping into you Johno for the past 2 yrs. I have fought back and have made huge progress. Give me a call and i will guide you through. It isn't that difficult. I will clue you up brother. We can all do it. Ph:0401665736. Hang in there man.
    csa hope - By:Rick from sa, aust on June 7, 2018 @ 12:38 pm
    to jono and all those who reluctantly pay CSA, not because you don't want to but because you don't have the funds and resources, first of all hang in there and don't give up hope. Certainly don't kill yourself. Just increase your knowledge and strength will come.

    Secondly, why pay for kids that don't legally belong to you? Kids are property in the legal world, and property that you and I don't own? If your don't own the property, you're not liable for it. The state or crown, whatever you prefer, own your kids LEGALLY.

    Ask yourself, if DHS or whatever the child services are called in your state wants to take your kids away from the custody of a parent, they can and do so legally..yeah. How come? Simply, kids are state property.

    So don't volunteer payments unless you want to and certainly only if you can afford to. Out of necessity and survival you must feed yourself first.

    Hopefully this will get people thinking. Remember, those that own your kids [being property] own everything in the PUBLIC Trusts and Domain, including anything to do with your name, ie. bank accounts, your employer's company, those plastic notes we call money and so on. In fact our owners own everything and mislead us into thinking we do. If that doesn't piss people off I don't know what will !!!

    If anyone thinks differently, please share your views.
    Im over this... - By:jono from NSW, aust on March 10, 2020 @ 9:03 am
    ....how do I go on? by the time I pay child support..and rent..and car expenses...there nothing left for food...how do I eat? where do I live?..on so over this..Im close to checking out of my meat suit...so sick of trying and getting nowhere..got 8 more years to go..then im 50..whos gunna employ me? how the hell do I live?
    By:Kris from nsw, ZOG on February 4, 2018 @ 1:38 am
    Hi to all paying parents, csa/ family flaw multi billion dollar racket destroying families and creating the new stolen generation and domestic violence.
    Tom, this method has worked to some degree. Few year ago you could still talk to those maggots face to face at centerlink .
    But because of all the abuse they copped they went underground, hiding behind their phones and pre scripted answers, learnt at team meetings and training sessions. So you might as well not call those drones.
    Most of the time they dont know what they're doing cause they don't know the legislation, which is not their requirement anyway. By design all they can do is feed(steer) you to the solicitors to keep the machine (family flaw) oiled and your pockets empty.
    Revolution dreaming...
    CSA - By:Tom from NSW, Australia on February 4, 2018 @ 1:38 am
    The ONLY way to deal with CSA is to ring and abuse the officers who work there. Offensive, disgusting, insulting, personal abuse. If we all did it something would happen. Don't bother signing petitions or going to politicians or trying to work out what rights(?) you may have. Say things like "how many men have you killed today?", "how's the blood money?", "why don't you keep records of men who die because of you?", "that blood on your hands will never come out!", "you're worse than the guards at Auschwitz!" etc etc and then just give it to them until they hang up. I try to do it at least once a day. It's all we can do to effect a change. Spread the word. Effect change from the bottom!
    my experience - By:ITSJIM from vic, Australia on March 4, 2020 @ 3:05 am
    recently gone through the whole circus act. My situation = Vindictive stay at home mum -vs- dad on a decent wage, the perfect storm to be screwed over. If this situation is you (or soon to be you), here is my advice from my painful exercise.

    - 80/20 inc super is the starting point, get used to it. you will lose most of what you have ever worked for and pay child support.
    - if mediation has failed, and she has lawyered up. its too late. Lose any thought of people being amicable and fair. Its now a streetfight. Her lawyer will want to settle out of court, getting the best initial settlement, binding agreements and majority Custody, its the standard playbook. Intervention orders are standard. you wont see your kids for 4 months, and pay thousands for psychologist reports to squash the lies that have been made against you. its the “gamesmanship of divorce”.
    - Dont trust lawyers, they are NOT your friend or care about your situation. Think of them as hired guns with a law degree who work on commission. Your ex’s lawyer = get as much as they can from you. Your lawyer = limit the damage. Its not in their best financial interest to settle fast. The more messy, the more $$$. give your lawyers clear instructions - they work for you. if they dont listen, or you feel are not sympathetic or aligned to your cause, find a new one.
    - SETTLE QUICK. Dont let it drag on into an expensive war. it will affect your mental health and the chance for you to rebuild. Demand a court date be booked ASAP by your lawyer. You can always settle in the meantime or at the initial hearing, but what this does is give a fixed point in time where closure commences. BIG psychological bonus.
    - Dont discuss your divorce or situation with anyone at work. with all the crap you will be going through, there will be a drop in your performance and mental state. Dont draw attention to it. Its easy to blame the guy going through a divorce.
    - If you are going to settle out of court - Dont accept any binding agreements (eg paying private school fees, additional monthly lump sums $$$ or costs to be excluded from child support. You need to be able financially rebuild and have a life. If you lose your job, you will still be expected to cover costs of what you agreed to in a binding agreement until a change to consent orders is approved. Remember you are going to be paying $$$ in child support taking into account both your income, and your ex's lack of income. This is money to go to your children - not the holiday/hair/nail fund.
    - Be nice to CSA. its hard i know. they receive tonnes of abuse. If your nice they will give you hints and advice. They know the system is broken.

    Finally, Stay mentally strong, this process breaks the best of us. Nearly broke me. the number of nights i spent crying due to been kept from my kids due to “the standard” intervention order. But it does get better. Which brings me to my final point.

    Get on with your life, do all those things that you were prevented from. Join a sport club, get a hobby, meet new people. Dont lock yourself up and get depressed. Dont try and cling on to what you had. Move on and enjoy life with your children (if you get access), make the best of a bad situation. It will take you on average 3 years to rebuild. i am 1.5YR in, just starting to see to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is your chance to be free and the world is a wonderful place. Dont be glass half empty. Hang in there!
    380. Ending the Pathology of "Parental Aliena - By:David Farmer from Herts, United Kingdom on February 1, 2019 @ 3:24 pm
    Please sign petition
    Freedom - By:Pikey200 from Victoria, Australia on January 1, 2019 @ 8:17 am
    The only thing that's just -- is to be free. Freedom from the shackles of dealings with any public agency or corporate body whose aim is to rob you, by speaking a different language other than the truth, ie void of common english and full disclosure. Common sense dictates never to enter into agreements with such entities as there is little remedy to overcome any imbalance in power and unjust contracts. If you are in any such unworkable commercial agreements now, seek to terminate if you can. There is very little help in the way of any proper legal help and the ombudsman are illusory in this respect, setup to aid the big power brokers and not the little people, so beware, before you waste your time, effort and money. The only real power people have with these corporate conglomerates is to withhold any financial obligation you may have until they perform specifically to what was bargained for. But the real way to win is not to play with them at all, and for us the people, to work together and create organisations that meet our demands, and are run by real people answerable to real people. Whilst the consciousness of the world is no doubt rising, am I dreaming and alone to think this way?
    Discarded Lives Feature Documentary - By:David Farmer from Herts, United Kingdom on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    Have your say and contribute to Discarded Lives Feature Documentary https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/discardedlivesmovie/discarded-lives-feature-documentary We explore how much of the male suicide rate is driven social factors around separation, divorce and alienation from one's children.
    right on mr J - By:Mick from Vic, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:11 am
    understanding who you are, your rights, agreements and contracts, common law and who they are helps
    Is there Hope - By:James from NSW, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    Kicking and screaming just doesn't work and as much as we would like to think that it will the only way to change the system is to unite as a community. Remember for every payer of CS wanting reforms there is a recipient of CS who doesn't.
    Be informed here is the parliamentary inquiry and the response.

    Find and Sign as many petitions as you can. You will be amazed that we are not alone and that many payers of CS have the same exact concerns. Start here.


    I have had my long days and sleepless nights worrying about child support usually after my ex contacts CSA and changes the situation to get more money.

    One of the most active online communities relating to positive reforms of the Child Support Regime is the Facebook group – Child Support Australia – Time for Reform and Fairness

    Good luck to us all
    Hit where it hurts - By:David Kallenbach from Queensland, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    As Gandhi warned the British, "if we all disobey your law, you'll have to find enough jails to put 350,000,000 into or simply walk away from here.

    Civil disobedience hijacked by the feminist lobby is praised by the courts and parliament. When men try it it is termed obstructing justice.

    Lobby your parliamentarians and your unions. Begin with the builders labourers and the unions at the ports.
    Need for unity and reform - By:David Kallenbach from Queensland, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    Whilst many of the real life cases of a denial of justice and poor legislation manifested especially against children and men in the family courts are based on fact, (a legacy of Gough Whitlam's Family Laws and the Family Court), there remains after all these years a lack of organizational capacity, unity or strategic approach to this problem of violence against men (by government, women and the law).

    The current Family Law and the courts it has spawned is a system that finds legitimacy in the same morality, and logic that allowed Apartheid and Sharia to exist with impunity for all these years. It is legal. It is backed by legislation.

    There are several men's groups advocating for the same causes as Father's 4 Justice but all of who appear divided and unable to articulate their positions in a cogent and effective way.

    I am not writing with a view to condemning or unfairly criticising anyone or any group in this field but to point out what is instead missing in what is potentially a very powerful lobby out there.

    Whats worthy of criticism though is the absence of practitioners amongst practicing male legal practitioners, unlike their female counterparts (some of it explainable through the heavily discriminatory practices of Legal Aid and other government agencies) and a political lobby to take this cause to our lawmakers in parliament.

    If mens groups agree to meet and to speak with one voice, both sides of the great divide in government will and must listen or be held captive to the powerful women's lobby which in fact is funded by government.

    The women's lobbies receive several millions of dollars each year in unioon and government funding and grants to fund academics (mainly women) to write scurrilous thesis supporting the hatred of men and the stereotyping of men which family court judges then make references to as erudite pieces of scholarship to support their distorted judgments against men and children.

    The Liberals / Nationals and the Labour movement cannot in fact exist without men. The Labour party created the Family courts yet many men in "their wisdom" mainly disenfranchised fathers continue to support the Labour party through their unions (the lifeblood of the Labour party) in the most idiotic form of self destruction.

    The economy continues to suffer from the results of the unequal distribution of the family nest egg and the burden of responsibility for the welfare of children in support of feminist theories supported by an Apartheid type of legislation and the general idiocy of men.

    If you are serious as men and aas responsible fathers, then let your mates know about this and use this forum to generate ideas.

    What is needed is for all mens groups to merge and put the union movement and government and the opposition on notice that men are on the march.

    The purpose of stuffing more and more incompetent women into the largest employer in the country and elsewhere with 'affirmative action' policies (the public service) is to stack the union movement and to render men and their power there impotent and ineffective.

    There are male lawyers willing to assist but yo need to be organized.
    Child Support - By:Jason TeWhaiti from WA, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    I look at my situation like a company going bankrupt, like most company's going under you know well in advance what's going to happen, so get rid of your assets, hide your money , don't pay the bills and just wait till your bankrupt, you can be broke and happy or broke and stressed, now find ways to earn money tax free, as for the kids I did offer to have them, I'm not dealing with child support, the system they have in place is confusing?
    Family Law Reform ~ 2018 - By:David Farmer from Herts, United Kingdom on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    After some 14 years campaigning against the unjust Family Court systems WORLDWIDE I feel all there is left to do is for us all who have experienced this corrupt industry is lobby our Deparetment's for Justice Leaders and the Media! {I have posted all my resourses on the forums within this website}
    Over payments of child support - By:Alan Jamieson from Qld, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    Can you help me. I've been having to pay child support for two years. Even though I've had the children 50/50. I knew she was lying about her earnings as she's self employed but struggled to prove it. Now it's been proven by Child Support themselves that she was earning at least 5X times more than she declared can I recoup the money ? And how do I go about it.
    370. Child Support War - By:Thomas Read from New South Wales, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    The CSA are waging a war against our community. It can't be reformed. The most satisfactory way to deal with these thieving cunts is to ring and abuse their officers as much as possible to make it so painful for anyone to work there. Mention self-harm and they call the police and the ambulance service. Keep abusing them personally until their system is clogged up and breaks down. No reform, no tinkering, it just needs to be stopped!
    Fraud of an Ex - By:James from NSW, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    Been reading many of the posts, gotta say feel the system is failing the kids and decent fathers. Im happy to pay my share for my kids, but I also I feel I cant move forward. I was left with all the debts 6 years ago, then handed over 75% of the assets of which was fine, I just wanted out. Considering shes used the lot and declared bankruptcy in 6 years tells you how she is with money, so for another five years I will have to pay CS, but lets be honest she will continue to spend it on herself and tell the kids she had bills to pay. I am also one of those blokes that refused to pay extra for kids bills, Over $7K a year for my kids and then support them when there with me, and she had the guts to try get me to pay extra for the kids. When I asked her what she does with the money I got the classic reply "non of my business". So like most of you fathers when the money stopped so did my visitation with kids. Parental alienation doesn't begin to explain the campaign she had against me, now shes left the state taken kids out of school with 6 weeks till the end of year, no plans to enroll them in a new school and kids think there on a big adventure. Told CS and DOCS about my concerns about the kids education and got the classic brush off. The CSA is not exactly set up to do much more than collect money. My ex claims family tax,a full disability pension, Child Support and runs a business from home ( at least $800-$1000) a week based on previous years when I did the books. Tally = $580+$800+$350+$800 = $2580/fortnight. $ $65780 a year why would she need to be honest when it pays so well to be a fraud. Did Centrelink care? Did CSA care? answer NO.
    So How do I keep going each day even though I feel like I get knocked to the ground each week?
    The way I see it my ex will eventually will get caught out and have to pay the GOVT back or do jail time, the kids will grow up and realize their mother did everything to keep them from their father and dragged them from place to place with no stable family setting and that she robbed them of that. When their 18 she will stop getting family tax and CS and have to get a real job, she'll be 45 no real prospect so Id say she will spend the rest of her life working some dead end job waiting for the end. And we'll I truly believe I will have my kids back when they turn 18 and their mother no longer getting money for them. As adults,I will have a stable home for them to come back to, I will survive the next 5 years and be able to enjoy much awaited reunion, I will be able to guide them as adults and show the right from wrong.
    So I have a lot to look forward to in the future as for now, I will keep going on because I know that one day I will have my kids back, for now I will speak with then as often as I can, try get to see them a couple of times a year and always let the know that their father is here for them.
    Evidence in front of judge - By:Michael Buis from SA, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    WHY won't my lawyer put a video of my kids saying what mother is doing to them in front of judge ? But ex partner can accusations of me hurting kids when it is her how can independent lawyers get involved with out judge order it judge won't do it cause of cost which I think is rubbish
    Child support - By:Xxxxxx1 from Prefer not to say , Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    We just found out my partners ex has been made redundant.
    So far she has already managed to go on one holiday and has booked another. Her redundancy won't be enough to piss it away like that without us ending up picking up the tab.
    Does anyone have any good tips to prevent being screwed in this situation? I took a screenshot of first holiday trip reference in case we need to defend a COA early next year. I plan to do the same with holiday 2 references. I don't work full-time so that I can pick up the tab for her BS. I have my own 2 kids to pay for. Just feels like when you live in a household with two CSA assessments running you are fckd. At least you are if you are 1)honest and 2) want to get ahead. The ex has done a COA in the past so we are dealing with one of those entitled types unfortunately.
    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
    REPEL GAY AGENDA IN EVERY WAY - By:JWS from W.A, AUSTRALIA on December 26, 2019 @ 6:12 am
    I believe there can only be one true motive behind the GAY marriage & education agenda of our kids and that is the social engineering to simply breed out real hetrosexual, strong & spirited alpha men & beautiful loving feminine women from the word go through tampering with our young kids.

    Many may think this is paranoia but this is the final step to total corruption of our values and end of our society and family norms as we have come to know them.

    Chaos & confusion will reign as identity is thrown to the wind. Distraction, debasement of humanity, depletion of wealth & loss of freedom & self determination will cease to flourish. Everything as we know it will be turned on its head. Our family heritage & genealogy will shrivel & become extinct in two to three generations.

    Who is behind this sinister plot you wonder?

    Whilst many feminists, man and traditional family hating trolls have infiltrated areas of government & key academic & other sectors of influence, the places to look for the real culprits of this latest engineering push would be those who would gain the most by the destruction of the normal man, woman & family unit.

    The family unit, being the last bastion of hope, strength & salvation of our spirit, which has been under attack for decades, may eventually fall. The trinity -- Dad, Mum & child all gone. Hmmm...what's really at play here?
    The system - By:Grant Neale from South Australia, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:13 am
    Hey Guys

    Im in the same boat as most of you dealing with CSA and the courts, im a fairly level headed bloke when it comes to this crap we deal with, if you are thinking on how to change things then you need to get behind your computers and start typing, i mean emails to politicians, emails to the DSS (Department of social services) they are the governing body on the legislation which creates this system. If all of us type our realistic problems without abuse :) then things will change. Dont be afraid to write to Pollies, i wrote an email to a conservative pollie and had a reply email in less than an hour with another reply to come and speak with him 3 days later. Just keep cool headed and think straight and keep it to realistic problems and it will work.
    Im no expert im just a normal tradie!
    Ex hitting me up for school excursions - By:Barry from NSW, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:13 am
    Hi guys,
    I'm a newbie here but looking for an answer please.
    My ex who I pay child support to, is hitting me up for extra stuff like school excursion fees. I thought child support was supposed to cover this and my ex duly budget properly for same. Am I being a bit mean spirited or reasonable in my concerns? Is there a legal opinion or formal answer on this? Obviously I will not let my young bloke miss out, but I don't want my ex thinking she can just hit me up for her poor financial skills (and she chooses not to work of course)! Many thanks.
    Optus restricting services breaches - By:Johnsie from Vic, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:13 am
    Breach of agreement by Optus for unlawful restriction, disconnection and cancellation of NBN landline, internet & mobile phone services, not once or even twice, but some 15 times. Further, half of these restrictions were intentionally caused by Optus management for raising complaint with TIO as one can only perceive as a form of punishment. However, the cruel thing is TIO says Optus' offer of $1,000 credit (non-refundable) is fair & reasonable, although a claim of some $6,000 has been submitted for some 12 months of damage, although some have said the compensation figure being sought is way too low. One guy said he received $3,500 compensation for some 3 days of no internet. What does everyone think??
    problems with family court - By:f4joz_mobile from wa, australia on October 16, 2017 @ 12:28 am
    problems with australian family court that i've experianced 1st hand:
    1: even if a judge tells a mother "you have 21 days to provide the father with your concerns" she can "Legally" ignore that and wait till the 2nd court hearing to give her concerns.
    2: even without any evidence against the father, the court cannot force the mother to do anything they can only encourage her to offer some care.
    3: if a mother makes a false allegation against a father the court tells the father he can't sue her as he can only continue going to court.
    4: legal aid only has enough money for lawyers to help his client for so long eg i am only getting 3 days in court with my lawyer but he told me you will need to be in court atleast 5 times b4 getting full weekend care plus school holidays! Thats not even 50/50 care lol
    All 4 things were told to me in w.a. family court no bull shit!
    If i had the money i could actually take this to the high court and organise a royal commision inquest with u.n. advice....these problems are actually against the rights agreed on at the u.n.
    Banks class action group reqd - By:Mick from Vic, Australia on December 26, 2019 @ 6:13 am
    Banks are getting away with murder. If a Claims and Class action group against banks is not already setup can people look into organising one as i doubt any royal commission will ever get off the ground.
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