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Child Support — What does it all mean?
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Who wants to be dictated to by the State on how you support your children — what, how and when?

Whilst many views float around arguing for and against child support, most decent fathers and parents would argue the issue is not whether or not they wish to support their children, but rather the often unfair conditions imposed upon them.

Simply, it's an attack on the nature of a father's freedom and how he best wishes to raise and support his children in the many different ways a responsible father can, which are often more effective and benefical to a child than any 'slap-bang' instrument of government and statism can ever be.

For a father going through separation/divorce, experiencing the loss of family and children, horrendous false allegations, litigation, uncertainty of where your children are and how they are doing, often causes ill health, work and life instability in so many ways. Also, the effects from not having a fully functioning and emotionally present Dad in a child's life can be equally, if not more devestating as their development can be hindered considerably.

Then if that isn't bad enough, along comes an assessment from the Child Support Agency (CSA) for an outlandish sum of money based on your capacity to work at the highest rate when you were fit and able and on fire, which is possibly a stark contrast to where your financial position is today, or will be in the future if you are unable to recover from the upheaval of a traumatic separation that's often compared to a fate worse than death.

From 2006 CSA powers in Australia have increased to not only garnish your wages, but directly withdraw from bank accounts any amount they deem appropriate, siezing assets of any sort to pay the often highly questionable and unjust debts. As Fathers are assaulted with such draconian measures, one can only feel a sense of dictatorship giving rise to a totalitarian society — not a free Australia — causing fathers to unite and fight for their rights and freedom.

As there are many issues surrounding child support and the effects upon fathers, children and families,

Share your opinion and experiences about the pros and cons of child support,
lifting the veil on a most horrid part of family breakup!

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    By: Locky from Victoria, Australia on September 15, 2014 @ 10:07 am
    To all and sundry, some assistance if you have some advice to offer.
    Me? Divorced, was self-employed, now working full time. Two daughters, 9 & 11. I am assessed on my capacity to earn, which severely disadvantages me yet my ex works part time and believes she has a god-given right to be supported y me. Won't negotiate. Eg; CSA froze my personal bank account last Friday. Took $1,000 which was ear-marked to pay my mortgage and expenses. The ex took the money but then told me that if I wanted my youngest to attend camp in December, I had to pay $150 more! This is the type lunatic I am dealing with. The CSA will not lay a glove on her or hold her to account for not trying to get full time work - of any sort. Furious? Frustrated? Ready to explode? That's me. So, I was to pick up my kids in two hours without a cent to my name. Now that's stress!
    Why does the CSA refer to my capacity to earn and not hers? Just because I had a demonstrated capacity AFTER the CSA was engaged, and she had a demonstrated capacity BEFORE the CSA was engaged. That is not justifiable and is fundamentally unfair.Our law-makers are responsible for this legislative tripe! And these are supposed to be among the best minds in the country!
    I got more, but is there any way to get through to these pricks?
    By: Anthony from Vic, Aust on September 13, 2014 @ 4:58 pm
    Good question...

    How do I say... I will not be persuaded to participate or even react to another persons view.

    You remind me of myself prob about a year ago wif the indoctrination and doom and gloom talk.
    Yes, the simple truths that exist are rarly taught or even believed.
    Such as the evolution theory or the psychology of chemical reactions that dictate our very being...
    It's not the outside world that dictates who we are, but our own inner person.
    Btw...God does a book and in a brain. See just proved it.
    Take care.
    By: James R from Vic, Australia on September 13, 2014 @ 9:30 am
    Onya Anthony, sharing is caring. You have a way with paradox and emotional intelligence I can tell. Always a breath of fresh air my friend.

    As for the masses, the multi generational programming has indoctrinated and distracted people so deep, its no wonder so many remain asleep and dead or is it us, are we the belligerent and naive fools? The good cells in the world's immunity system that gets taken out as the cancer spreads.

    I think we have lost our way and forgotten how to love god and our neighbour, reaping only being conquered from the division we have sown.

    What are the answers my friends???
    Will many more dark days have to come before the crowd leaves the sports stadium, awaking from the entrenched denial they are in? Perhaps we're at the wrong game too Anthony, maybe we should be on an adventure free of responsibility and duty?

    How sayeth?
    By: Anthony from Vic, Aust on September 12, 2014 @ 7:36 am
    I'm sorry JAMES,

    It seems you are hijacking my ideology...

    Please stop confusing the masses with your use of the word PROVE and LAW.
    Unless you have some experience to share with us.
    Then to me you are a fool and only the foolish will believe you.
    Keeping them trapped in a loop of anger and denial.

    Over come ppls... Adversity is the best achievement anyone can claim in this life.

    Ps. Just checking I have dotted my i's and crossed my t's because I'm expecting a reaction to this post.

    Thank you😀
    By: James R from Vic, Australia on September 11, 2014 @ 6:52 am
    Ask, Ask and then Ask more questions, for are not questions the answer?

    First, are you the living or the dead?

    As a living, breathing, flesh and free flowing blood soul, is it not wise to get the CSA or any govt institution to prove in law everything they demand from you? Onus probandi.

    ie. Is the CSA lawful?

    Can they provide hard evidence of the law that gives them power and jurisdiction over you?

    Where does this head of power come from?

    Is this head of power greater than your power?

    Is God not the only power above you, as isn't God the only power that gives and taketh away your breath?

    Hence, isn't it correct that no man/woman stands in between you and God?

    Hence if yes, is it not true that no one has power over you unless you give your CONSENT?

    290. By: Anthony from Vic, Australia on September 10, 2014 @ 8:13 am
    Hi I been on this post for a while and it seems most people forget that there is usually an emotional factor CSA work off to justify their truths.
    It's very common practice that someone steps in for the weak and fights on their behalf.
    This then creates a weaker society one that can be controlled by government and their agencies.
    I believe and it's just my opinion that you should prove emotionally that you are weaker and so the have more sympathy for your case.
    One last point...we are led to believe that it's survival of the fitest and our instincts get in the way in terms of fight or flight.
    This may be true in the business world, however in the welfare world oppisite world theory applies...sorry it's my idea that you solve problems in an oppisite fashion because conventional methods keep you in the loop.

    A's not meant to make sense.
    With this in mind you will know the answer.
    It's all psychology and chemical reaction that occur in the body.

    Oh, what would I just a mathematician.
    And no I have a calculator you do my computer maths.
    Focus on logical problem solving and apply oppisite world theory.
    Hope that helps.

    Would be good to see some positive posts where this forum has helped people...
    Just saying
    By: Benny from SA, Australia on September 9, 2014 @ 2:13 pm
    Hey Cam, if no written agreement in/outa court re csa offset, presumption of no csa claim/private payments since separation on your behalf should work. Is ex saying to csa she received regular payments from you? If so how/when/what & wheredid she declare it? catch her out with logic & non truths. Obvious Iknow but expect nil compassion or common sense from csa/courts. Theyre alla fraud. As subcon in interim & as last resort minimise income or better still pay no tax(as unlawful) and don't contract with csa.
    By: Cam from NT, Darwin on September 9, 2014 @ 12:56 pm
    I fought to have my boys for 2 years at %50 finally I got this when my ex wife was no longer able to cope having them. We agreed that if she got extra money in the house sale of 40,000 that she would ask for no extra monies via CSA. I pay for everything %50 and I often don't ask her for any money in return I have always been fair I always put my sons best interest first and what will benefit them. A month ago she asked me to have the boys longer so she could visit her nan.. I agreed she then asked me to have them for another week as she couldn't take the time off. I can't take the time off I'm a sub contractor plus its her week her responsibility. She has a tantrum and after 3 years of divorce she goes to CSA and now they want me to pay her on top of everything else where is the justice in that. I live on my parents land and have another son and fiancé to provide for along with my own sons... they are not deprived. she just built a million dollar house cleverly in her new partners name they have granny flat which is extra income along with two new cars and the lifestyle to match how can CSA not justify that how is so blunt. can't they see that they are not benefiting the children but actually causing more harm.
    By: Bewitched from Vic, Australia on September 5, 2014 @ 7:44 pm
    It's a good reminder to all good men Robyn who don't see their kids, but are asked to pay child support, do a DNA test!! If one is refused, totally don't pay child support until one is done. It's better to push it hard at the beginning if there is suspicion, even through a court, than paying 12yrs of child support to a dishonest mole of a woman, as I'm sure you and your partner would both agree.

    As far as relief with the quantum of child support already paid, the below high court case may provide a remedy insofar as an Order. However, before going to the trouble of getting an Order, first make sure the mother has some assets to assist with the enforcement, else all maybe in vain.

    "In the High Court case of Magill v Magill [2006] HCA 51, a claim for damages brought by a man against the mother of a child on the basis that he had been misled about being the child’s biological father, the High Court held that false representations concerning an extra-marital sexual relationship or its consequences made by one spouse to another during the course of a marriage are not actionable in deceit. Nevertheless, the court found that a husband is entitled under the family law regime in Australia to seek an order for the repayment of any moneys wrongly paid for child support, or child maintenance, in reliance on such representations."
    By: Anthony from Vic, Aust on September 5, 2014 @ 6:30 pm
    What is your provocative???
    By: robyn from nsw, australia on September 5, 2014 @ 3:56 pm
    my partners x named him as father to csa but hes not on bc at all. They lived together for 2 weeks and she got preggies then when the bub was 3 months old she took of. Its been 12 yrs hes payed csa on time but never seen the kid and when he tracked them down to nsw he finds out the kid is not his ( the mother told him hes just a bank to her ) when he asked for a dna test and for csa to stop payments till he has it done he was to no
    any help on this
    By: Nathan from MN/FL, USA on September 1, 2014 @ 11:50 pm
    My thought are as so 50/50 legal and physical custody both parents have equal parenting time and both equal opportunity to work and make money to prosper and or pay there finacial share equal share if one prospers more don't take from them because the other spouse has less and for the one who may have less don't undermine their abilities to be a good parent!:)
    By: Anthony from Vic, Australia on September 2, 2014 @ 9:03 am
    One last thing...

    The ONLY way LAWS will be made FAIRER is to PROVE existing LAWS DON'T WORK!!!
    Leading to a CHANGE in the system...filtering to the CSA.
    I believe the CSA is just an enforcement agency of the COURTS.

    Stop going after the will grow a new one back.

    I am willing to HELP ALL FATHERS get their children BACKK.
    By: Anthony from Vic, Australia on September 2, 2014 @ 8:49 am
    From my experience...

    I believe ALL children should be with their Fathers.
    The court system knows this and is running a business, after all.
    Meaning NOT acknowledging the COURT ORDERS and doing what's in THE CHILDREN'S BEST INTEREST.
    I have FULL CARE OF MY 2 sons and did it like this.
    Every time I go to family court I end up WALKING OUT.
    Grow some BALLS MEN and fight the BATTLE HEAD ON.
    The children ARE the asset.
    By: pop from wa, australia on September 2, 2014 @ 12:03 am
    If the ex is swearing at you in front of the children it may be seen as child abuse because she is turning the child against the other parent/parents and breading hate into ex was doing this and was taking it a step further by bad mouthing me behind the scene. Sad sick woman has no idea or regard for what she is doing to our child. Had an injunction built into the court order to prevent this. Hopefully she is smarter than I give her credit for and she will abide by the order. It wont help with the money issues but it may help to keep her mouth in check. ex was very vocal and abusive, now childish and silent with a communication book as the only means to communicate.
    280. By: gman from victoria, australia on September 1, 2014 @ 4:33 pm
    thanks brad, oh ive let them have it, they threatened court action over my use of the english language, they are aware that they are acting unlawfully and they know i know this, im about to loose my job, next week actually, which will make things tough and this is due to my informing them they are acting on unendorsed unlawful garnishment orders, even though they are using another excuse i know this is the reason, friggen morons, obviously believe im a dead beat dad,

    if your self employed there exist a form with the ato where you can declare you will not lodge a return again for religious reasons or simply because you dont want to. these things have to exist as if they didnt it would be slavery there has to be a way out there also has to be a way to cease employers deducting,
    if they actually read the income tax act doesnt allow this what they are following is a guide which is not lawful and even the phrase in the act that corresponds they are misreading, when you delve into the act.
    i wont give up then i will free you all lol
    By: brad from wa, oz on September 1, 2014 @ 10:45 am
    Gman ... keep going ... You are correct. .. I am looking at never lodging a return again ... It is a self contact with the a to Corp. They are an illegal entity. As for csa ... I told them without a tax assessment they are only guessing and therefore illegal.
    By: Helen from Queensland, Australia on September 1, 2014 @ 9:19 am
    Firstly, I hope you are okay Dene? I am concerned about you. I have seen my partner go through hell and back (including a trip to the doctor who issued him with anti depressants that my partner won't take). I wrote a long post in May this year. Since then my partner changed jobs and his child support dropped (he's still paying $990 per month for 2 children), so his ex is now asking the CSA to consider my income (in addition to my partner's income) to support their children. This is the woman who swears about me and derides me (and my partner) front of the children. This is the woman who 'hates my f.....g guts' and calls me a 'f....g b....t' (again in front of the children) and says she doesn't want the children near me but is happy to take my money and also let the children be flown over by my partner (from NZ to Oz) and spend 2 weeks at a time with us when she wants a break from them to spend time with her boyfriend. Absolutely no circumstances are taken into account by the CSA such as her decision to split the family up (have an affair and another child from a 3rd father), her decision to remove the children (without my partner's permission) from Australia and out of our care 25% of the time and my partner's bankruptcy forced upon him by her unreasonable financial demands. She knows how to work the system (you get more benefits in New Zealand). She has more cash flow than my partner and yet the CSA just divvies out a calculation blindly based on his income (and now apparently my income is going to be factored in). I was a support person for my partner at a recent telephone hearing with the CSA. We picked up immediately how biased in attitude she (CSA rep) was towards the ex wife who has deflated and inflated her financial figures where it best suits her .... Now it's a waiting game. The ex wife s not doing this for the sake of the children. She can afford holidays when we can't. She is not happy (her relationship didn't work out and lat band surgery didn't bring her the happiness she hoped for) and can't bear to see my partner and I happy and wants to destroy what she can and she may well succeed at this rate. As for the extra money (she got around $22,000 from my partner for 2 children last year on top of accommodation supplements and other government handouts for single mothers) we reckon she will be treating herself to some cosmetic surgery - tummy tuck and boob lift that the children hinted at a while back ... We know that the extra money does not go towards the children and that it feeds her lifestyle. Can we not all get together and approach 60 minutes TV program or something like that?
    By: gman from victoria, australia on September 1, 2014 @ 12:51 am
    hi all, haven't read for some time but have been looking into some legislation.
    for awhile i was winning with the csa however they've begun ignoring all "law" not just with me but their entire structure, for instance the non custodial parent now requires ( i believe it is ) 65% care of the child before the equality of 50/50 expense is warranted this is clearly a retarded standing made only to discriminate against fathers, ( forgive me if legislation has changed in the last few weeks,
    however my reason for posting i believe is the answer, not so long ago i wrote to the csa asking for the definition of income along with some other relevant questions regarding their lawful standing, the response was along the lines of, you can expect transparent information though the letter ended with, we will not answer your questions??????????
    upon further reading into the income tax act and thoughts turned towards the csa and their strange response, i have found that "ïncome" has no specific definition however it is defined by proxy. income is a term related to business activity and the definition of business relates to profit, now if one is to follow the definition of business in the income tax act this states that it does not include an employee. it does include an individual which is synonymous with natural person thought it states does not include an employee. income is profit gained off an-others back. many may find this difficult to follow but to tax ones labor falls under the definition of slavery, it is unlawful and the government knows this, this is why we have a self assessment regarding income tax, we are infact filing stating that we made a profit. ok without going further into this, relate this to the csa, it makes sense, our social security system payed for by other taxes supports our children we then add to this as responsible parents, the child support act relates to adjusted taxable income, income/profit this makes sense, it is set up to tax parents whom actually have businesses and make profits, i do not, i exchange my energy. this is why the csa will not answer this question they know the are scamming us all along with the ato. i havent filed for three years because of this, i am working on filing without declaring profit i believe i know how, i just need some time to get on top of this. because of this the csa now have created an income for me despite any evidence of such and despite the legislation not allowing this. read the acts people.
    By: Erin from QLD, Australia on August 29, 2014 @ 8:44 pm
    I am a female but understand men's pain... As I am married to a man who has a child to another women.
    By: Anthony from Vic, Australia on August 21, 2014 @ 12:22 pm
    I'm no lawyer, but from what I understand you are saying that CSA goes against the CONSTITUTION.
    Might have to read into CONSTITUTIONAL LAW because you are saying that the very law they hide behind is illegal.
    How could this be???
    Maybe it's a case of the law makers know and won't challenge it because its part of the federal revenue, meaning their OWN back pocket.
    I think your onto something, but by the time WE do realise the LAW will be changed.
    From what I'm aware the current LAWS are being reviewed.
    Just like any NEW LAWS they will be written to STRENGTHEN current CSA POWERS.

    Anyone got a SPARE $4-5 million dollars???
    By: Dene from WA, Oz on August 20, 2014 @ 12:47 pm
    Part 4.
    The employees within the structure are human.. only they are paid to be not so, as they will tell you over the phone they cannot bend the "rules" (guidelines?) to take into account your particular circumstances, especially anything related to the stress and damage being done to your mental and physical health. As I am writing this I actually feel physically sick, and have done for some weeks trying to get a fair go from the CSA operatives, straight away that indicates something very wrong here.. if it happens to me then many more of my Aussie brothers and sisters are also experiencing the same things to a lesser or higher degree.
    lets get at them folks.
    By: Dene from WA, Oz on August 20, 2014 @ 12:46 pm
    Part 3. we need to be clear, concise, un emotional (that's hard) and above all factual, we need W I D E exposure.. lean on friends with access to the smaller media groups, especially the ones that love to air untruths and unjust goings on in this country!..printed media, electronic of every kind! come on!.. if we don't stop this now it will definitely get worse and run unchecked!. I also need to find out from relative, siblings etc just how many people have taken their lives over the added pressures applied by the CSA machine when they are already suffering from the breakup of the relationship and loss of the children from their everyday lives.

    I have thought about what this will bring about, and how it may affect my life, but, someone has to do this and be willing to be crushed by the powers that be for confronting and exposing this for what it is, a totally UNFAIR and UNJUST system that needs to be reined in, I will put my hand up to be that focal point.(watch what happens to me!) Let’s get onto this now!. You will need to be patient as I need to organise separate, secure, contact formats and details for you all to be able to contact me and to send the information to me to assess and document so we can fix this.

    One last thing.. anyone that will not contribute a fair amount to the upbringing of their children from the relationship, you need to have a damned good look at yourself, you brought them into this world and regardless of the relationship with the other parent YOUR children need you to contribute.
    By: Dene from WA, Oz on August 20, 2014 @ 10:17 am
    Part 2!.Let’s get this sorted.. by that I mean make public what is going on and the people DIRECTLY responsible for messing with our lives, as we all know, the machine behind the scenes is directly responsible for pushing many to suicide and now must be held accountable for this insidious attack on us, Australian citizens!. How many of you have to live, day to day with anxiety because of this evil organisation (the whole picture, not just the Government body fronting the illegal industry!)How many of have partners that carry this financial stress that should not have to?, does your partner think it' s ok?, mine is freaking out!. How many of us have lost great partners because of the stress associated with unfair assessments?. Can you all help here?, this is a calling to the Aussie spirit of doing the right thing here.. I need whistle blowers with the guts to come forward and assist with saving Aussie men and women being persecuted and literally having their lives destroyed!.. Once again, if you can help, or know someone in the CSA willing to assist with exposing this corrupt system and thereby literally saving even one life.. STEP UP!.. no more telling stories on here, let’s DO something about it!! we have social media to work for us here.. and we all have access to it (although I'm not that savvy with it I'm sure many of you are)don't bother with politicians as they neither have the guts to wade in to this debate (it might hurt their careers and their government pensions) I need legal knowledge!, anyone out there that has excellent knowledge of how the family court, actually all courts, work?, we will have to challenge what is happening in the high courts to get the result needed. WE have to show the rest of our Aussie mates what is going on!..
    By: Dene from WA, Oz on August 19, 2014 @ 10:08 pm
    Hi everyone!. I have to post this in at least 3 parts)
    Right, lets get this show on the road. I can no longer sit and seethe in my helplessness. Lets turn this around folks. I need information! I need the details on the CSA as follows, time for detective work people, all info MUST be verified and documented, we are about to do what Wikileaks does.
    I now believe the Aussie CSA is a front for something much bigger and sinister than we all currently know. The CSA IS a government body, all legal etc, but, they employ a COMPANY (consultancy?) to gather Child Support in other words, assess, gather enforce, bully, harass and destroy families and the individual, your “case officer” is not a judge or lawyer, they have no right to force this upon you, ask them next time you speak with them if they are a public servant or a contractor and see what the reaction is!. As you all know we are assessed on a formula, the formula ONLY looks at pre tax income (unjust, illogical and criminal in its stupidity) we are all allocated an allowance to live on within that formula, the figure is taken from the bureau of statistics that says it costs the AVERAGE Aussie this amount to live on for a year (Absolutely ridiculous and certainly doesn't apply to most of us!)so, we have two suppositions already with which are used to falsely assess our cases with that have no relevance to each and every single case currently being (mis)"managed" by the CSA.The power granted by legislation to the CSA is interpreted by the contractor to go for the maximum use of force to get the maximum "return" (which in turn gets them performance bonus’s) using a false and completely illegal methods against citizens of Australia, well, f@#k that for a joke!, no more!.. Let’s be reasonably smart about this.. I need facts about, the company, the account that the 4+ billion dollars currently held by the "organisation" whoever that is that gets invested in short term money markets and other high dividend, short term investments.. this is a HUGE money making scheme people and MUST be altered to be fair and just!. I need names, all the names in the CSA departments and the contractors that talk to you on the phone, everyone in any way linked to this evil little scheme.
    270. By: Anthony from Vic, Australia on August 19, 2014 @ 9:22 am
    Testing 123
    By: joe from Victoria, Australia on March 18, 2014 @ 10:09 pm
    Anyone familiar with special circumstances when it comes to trying to reduce child support payments. I have to do a reassessment on things but why the he'll does casa want to know everything I have or own and why does the other party get to look at what have and then on top of that the other party gets to decide if payments will be reduced and not casa themselves. That's ridiculous!!!!!
    By: Jess Young from sa, Australia on August 13, 2014 @ 12:32 pm
    I am so Disgusted in the CSA. The more money you earn, the more you pay. My husband has a high paying job and is required to pay an obscene amount of child support. My daughter ( from previous relationship) is supported financially by my husband as her father is brain damaged however because she gets $15 per fortnight CSA will not recognize her as my husbands dependent, yet his son get $1100 per month. How is this fair, his ex is laughing all the way to the bank. Payments for child support need to be capped no matter how much money a person is earning. A 12 year old child does not need $1100 per month, it is absolutely criminal.
    We would love to have my husbands son live with us but his mother is so manipulative because she does not want to loose the money she is getting, how is this benefiting the children. CSA is so mixed up
    By: Glen Thomas from NSW, Australia on August 8, 2014 @ 7:50 pm
    Paciocco v ANZ
    ( re late payment fees may also be of benefit. Remember they are mostly defunct lawyers who work at CSA so they should know what you're on about. Plus for some commentary see
    By: Glen Thomas from NSW, Australia on August 8, 2014 @ 7:38 pm
    Read Andrews v ANZ High court judgment ( and tell CSA to stick their late payment penalties up their arse and go shovel their shit in their own back yards! Just make sure your bank accounts are empty so the filth can't slime their way in and get their grubby hands on your loot..
    By: AJ from NSW, Australia on August 7, 2014 @ 7:35 pm
    Great advice by Terry for you Dene.
    For everyone....
    There is currently a Parliamnetary Inquiry into the Child Support Program, info available here

    Have your say via the Online Questionnaire and hopefully you can provide some solutions they will listen to. Good they realise how crap the system is.
    By: Terry Perth from WA, Australia on August 7, 2014 @ 5:06 pm
    I had this last week, and I let fly and gave them a mouthful they wanted close to 3k a month, I'm now coughing up 34c in the dollar. As such they have me slated at just over 100k owing, of which mostly is penalties for late payments. I told them I'm fine paying child support but they can shove the late payments up their arses, and if they keep hounding me, I'll save 6mths cash somewhere, punch my boss and go on the dole. Before the bad parent brigade starts bleating, I gave my ex wife my home for the kids which she immediately sold for profit, and you wonder why people are bitter? Dene ring them back and start hounding them, do not stop until some kind of balance is made, they will only raid the bank if they have no way of obtaining cash, which happened to me when I was redundant, they froze my account and took ALL of my money, that I had to survive on. If you must take a second mortgage and pay them something to compromise, and as your wife is an accountant she should be able to come up with idea's to help preserve your net worth/assets. I was in the same boat as you, feeling like crap, bullied, harassed, pressured and demoralised. I simply chose to attack them back whilst at the same time thinking of ways to alleviate the financial horse-shit shower they are providing..and they did feed me the line of "do you know how much it costs to raise a child?" etc. So ring them back, and attack, keep ringing until the low level monkeys have no scripts they can read to you and pass you up their food chain to someone who knows what they are talking about, and can actually make decisions, good luck.
    By: Dene from wa, AUS on August 6, 2014 @ 8:49 pm
    I forgot to say they have slapped a departure prohibition order on me to further pressure me to find the $$$$ Jesus, when does it stop?.
    By: Dene from WA, AUS on August 6, 2014 @ 7:41 pm
    I just found this site. I am feeling pretty crap right now. The battles with CSA leave me feeling crapped on every time. I have paid for my son and daughter for 16 years and recently have been assessed at such a high rate that it is unbelievable!. As the "formula" uses a fixed amount component to "allow" the paying parent to live ($22,400 approx), meaning pay "normal" living costs etc it doesn't work for many, me included. My income when i am working is high. Last financial year I had no work for 5 months, however, now that I am working I have been assessed at 22c in the dollar, I am taxed at 49c, I have a huge mortgage and have not been able to sell my home which costs me over $800($40K a year) a week!, because the formula only allows me $22K a year to survive on as part of the assessment I have been told they want $704 a week for my son, as my daughter has now turned 18 and is working etc, my son turns 18 in April next year.Anyway, I am away from home working and have to go home tomorrow night and tell my wife we have to live on $58 a week from now on plus any money we have in any account will be siphoned off to pay for the ( I believe falsely calculated) arrears!.. some bloody $40,000. I am not feeling physically very well the last few days thinking about it. The assessment has gone and amortised my income for the year based on the weekly earnings and presented me with a huge bill because i wasn't paying all year because I was unemployed. I am at a loss as to how I can survive this time. There is a part of me that just doesn't want to play anymore.. but, i have a wonderful wife and an amazing 8 yo son that keeps me focussed at the moment.. this is a horrible feeling to be bullied, harrassed, pressured, demoralised and generally made to feel utterly powerless to get on with my life and have much in the way of joy that we all deserve. My wife is a worrier at the best of time (an accountant by trade) and I feel terrible that she has to share this at our age. i'm 55.
    By: Greg from VIC, Australia on August 6, 2014 @ 6:25 pm
    Hello Jason
    Your issue is that the alleged $1000 owing is because your redundancy payment was reasonable and made your year total the ssame or more that what you would have got had you not be put off.

    You need to contact CSA to say e.g. $20k of my salary last year was redundancy and should not be counted as "normal income". Your year end total will reduce and the debt will be ZERO as in fact you have paind too much due to the fact you continued to pay when you didn't have to. Clearly your ex partner is evil pursuing this.
    This exact situation happened with me and I won the protest. You just have to find someone at CSA who cares. Most likely a male. I kid you not..... find the right person and the debt will disappear. Greg
    260. By: Jason from Victoria, Australia on August 6, 2014 @ 6:06 pm
    In August 2013, I finished my employment, was made redundant, and at this time was paying child support for my then 12 y.o daughter, which I was paying into my ex-wife’s bank account. I rang Child Support (CSA), and told them that I will be no longer working, and they said that because of this I didn’t have to pay child support while I wasn’t working and therefore had no income. I was not happy doing this, I thought I’d do the right thing so I estimated my income to them for the remainder of the financial year 2013/14, as I figured I would get a job soon enough.
    I did not gain employment until 17 Feb this year, so in that time from early September until the time I started working I was paying $304 per fortnight. In early July this year my present wife and I had a baby, and registered with myGov, and so I linked my child support account with this. At this time I learnt that I had all these emails which I had not been keeping up to date with. In Dec 2013 my daughter turned 13, so I was expected to pay extra from that point on. That information was included in one of the emails that I did not look at. In May 2014 the CSA sent me an email saying that unless I re-estimated my income before 30 June 2014, my assessment would be calculated on my previous tax assessment. That email was also unread by myself. I started work in Feb this year. Even when I started work I didn’t phone child support to tell them of my new estimation, I figured it would change when I did my tax return, so I kept on paying same amount per fortnight.
    I rang CSA in July, a fortnight after my son was born, and I told them of my new estimation for this financial year. Recently, I received a phone call from CSA saying that my ex-wife has asked CSA to now take up collection and that I’m nearly $1000 in arrears. Can anything be done to take into account the money I paid while I was unemployed, or is it simply a case of me being ignorant and just copping it on the chin?
    By: gman from victoria, australia on August 3, 2014 @ 9:26 pm
    Hi looking for the lawful rules to determine if a garnishment order is lawful. So far they hold no signsture or name it.just says director, no two are the same either, ive already caught employer stealing under the guise of an order. On top of this i owe nothing due to care and situstion plus i should be thousands in credit but they refuse to credit despite agreeing ive paid. List goes on but i refuse to believe an unendosed order is legitamate. Help
    By: dingo from nsw, australia on July 27, 2014 @ 10:32 pm
    csa were mongrels 10 yrs ago & they're still mongrels today! no matter which side of the fence one sits on. winners(csa) & losers(families) is their mantra!!!! how many pple can relate to that??
    By: steven from Victoria, Australia on July 27, 2014 @ 3:54 pm
    Is it just me or when you ring the CSA you just get this feeling as the payee you are a criminal if you even question the amount of child support you have to pay.
    I don't know how many have experienced the circle of working overtime because you may need extra money to get your car fixed or a new hot water service ..or worse you need your car fixed a new hot water service and a microwave all in one hit.
    It so happens my company thought i was averaging 6-10% of my pay in O/T each year so they gave me a pay rise which fixed my salary. Wonderful but it amounted to less than 1 hr pay per week. When my tax was done and the amount of child support was calculated it dumped my child support up by nearly $120 a month extra because of the OT. I rang CSA to say i can forward proof that my salary was less and I worked the O/T to buy new microwave as it is my only form of cooking, hot water service and have some serious work done on my car to get to work. They then said as all my OT wasn't greater than 10% of my salary they won't take it into account and will have to make do until the next financial year. Talk about taking a belting...
    For a single guy paying for a 13 year old that he can't ever see its sole destroying at best. But I'm sure I'm over ally sensitive when I call the CSA in some glimmer of hope they may take a little sympathy from your side. But I'm afraid even the last time I called the response was...You have to understand the cost of raising the child...Hello I said my 13 yr old son is getting 29% of my take home. I'm sure I must be totally selfish in my lack of understanding in this matter.
    By: edwina from nsw, austrlia on July 23, 2014 @ 3:21 pm
    gotta call from csa other day saying ex owes $75 and did I have another contact point for him or did we have a both have a private arrangement. my youngest turned 18 a month ago. told them its not worth the hassle having only ever being paid $110 in two and half years and him being under assessed working for himself. what a joke csa!
    By: Steven from Vic, Australia on June 30, 2014 @ 7:47 pm
    CSA comments
    By: Anthony from Vic, Aust on June 18, 2014 @ 3:54 pm

    I luv it when it always the partner of an ex gets involved only to find that the person they knew hasn't REALLY shown you their TRUE COULORS.
    What I mean by this is time and time again I see that once you are in the SAME situation as the, have 2 kids ect, THEN AND ONLY THEN will you understand.
    So until then...BELIEVE what you want.
    GOOD LUCK!!!
    By: Partnersupport from QLD, Australia on June 17, 2014 @ 7:00 pm
    Thank you. We have plans to have children next year. He is a beautiful partner and very considerate of me in all of this. He doesn't like me worrying about it but knows it's because I care. He has sent her 3 messages now asking more details on the situation - why the daughter is so upset, why she was going to councillor to begin and is ignored. That is a game to me and I feel like a father is entitled to know this stuff. Different if he was a bad father but he is the most incredible father I have ever met. Thank you for you kind comments.
    By: Pina from Victoria, Australia on June 17, 2014 @ 6:34 pm
    You sound like a loving and caring partner doing everything right for everybody. After reading it all my main concern was for you and whether your desires are being met. ie. do you want kids one day and if so, with who?

    Sometimes step partners give endlessly and put up with alot, all to find that one day they're on the outer wondering where there life has gone. Other than that, follow your heart and intuition..
    By: Partnersupport from QLD, Australia on June 17, 2014 @ 12:31 pm
    Hi Everyone,

    Would absolutely love your advice, support, feedback... whatever it is you might have.

    So - I am the partner of the most devoted, loving, present and active father. He is currently going through the mediation process to have shared parenting of his daughters (5 & 11). His boys were never encouraged to come and see him after separation - needless to say his relationship with them has suffered and he only see's them when he drives to their house to collect them for school each morning. In April this year, my partner decided it was time for him to fight for what he felt was right for him and his children - a 50/50 split. His daughters absolutely adore him. He collects them for school each morning, takes them to their sporting activities and even coaches both of their teams. When their mother was contacted in regards to his decision in April, she took it upon herself to tell the 11yr old (who is highly sensitive at the best of times) that her father had gone to see someone to see them more. This resulted in her having a meltdown and not wanting to stay at her dads that week - which was allowed. They recently had their mediation appointment and the mother messaged him the day prior to inform him that the 11yr old had been going to counselling since February (2 months prior to finding out). He had no idea and still has no idea what she originally went for. The mother is now using this to the best of her ability to make the father feel bad for wanting shared parenting. Just last week she sat in a mediation room and told the mediator that she was all for 50/50 split but 3 days later she has sent him messages telling him that he is selfish for doing this, she has sobbed and sobbed and he is breaking her heart and spirit and that she will protect her until the day she dies. YET - when she is with her father she is happy, loving and actually cannot get enough of her father. She asks him to take her to extra sports training etc. The mother has told the father not to talk to the daughter about it that they will discuss it at counselling.

    I am so confused and hurting for him. People say don't get involved but it's really hard not to. Sometimes I feel like maybe I am the problem. I show them love, do nice things with them, attend all their events and they on most occasions show me a great amount of love back. The 11yr old on the weekend was really REALLY rude to me and I felt like I couldn't say anything because I don't want to upset anyone at this point with all that's going on. The 11yr old is known for of acting things and being a little over dramatic - actually - very over dramatic at times. I feel like my partner is being manipulated by the mother and quite possibly played by the daughter too - not taking away from the fact that I know it would be terribly hard. Her life is not being effected in any other way - she is still participating at school, sport, friends and she is still happy at our place and has made no mention of it.

    Sorry it's a bit all over the shop! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I truly feel so lost amongst all of this. I have no idea what advice to give my partner or how to deal with it myself.
    250. By: AJ from NSW, Australia on June 13, 2014 @ 9:57 pm
    Everyone knows the system is failing all the good parents out there....why not make CSA responsible for both child support and custody/contact? Then a parent withholding contact with children can be penalised via child support
    Under the current system, one parent can easily make a claim to CSA for more money but the parent doing the right thing can spend thousands in court just to see their own child. And the parents who choses not to work should have a minimum wage assessment placed on them, similar to the US (hey they do a lot of stupid things in the States but at least their system is starting to recognise that BOTH parents should work to support their children).
    Once the kids are in school there is no excuse for parents not working, our welfare system makes it too easy.
    By: dishcloth from wa, aus on June 9, 2014 @ 11:01 pm
    By: John from NT, Australia on May 22, 2014 @ 11:15 am
    Please be reminded that the online survey is a great way to provide your opinion of the CSA and how it treats us.
    I found the survey provided enough blank screens for comments where I could further expand. For example, there was a Q on how I thought the kids were coping e.g. depression, anxiety etc etc. To which I responded a few Q later "I don't know the state of my kids because I am lucky if I c them 1 hr per week.

    I was also able to mention Parental Alientation Syndrome (PAS). Which is an issue in my case.

    So this is a great opportunity to tell the truth!

    Whether it makes any difference well that's another question.

    Good luck
    By: Randall from W.A, Aus on May 19, 2014 @ 3:44 pm
    Hi All, Child Support
    Please have your say. go to the link below and get your voice out there.
    On 27 March 2014, the Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, asked the Committee to inquire into and report on the Child Support Program.
    The Committee will be holding hearings in many Australian cities, which will be open to the public.
    I have sent letters to the minister for Human Services and have had a response that some action is being made to improve. while chances of changing the system are unlikely at least you will be one of the many to have a say. tell anyone you know who deals with this terrible system to get on and have a crack. takes 20min to complete, and as you all know something needs to happen. I emplore you to help me and the many like me and to more of an extent,, Yourself. good luck
    By: Wilma from Queensland, Australia on May 14, 2014 @ 4:32 am
    Hi Helen
    I just wanted to say how heartfelt sorry I am for you and your partner. The whole system of child support is nothing short of a disgrace. The worse thing for me is that I do not understand how the Government stands back and lets it happen with the full knowledge that payers are suffering in every way. They know the hardships the payers are feeling and the depression it is causing. It doesn't just stop at the payer, it is his/her's whole family that feels the stress on a constant basis. It's got me stumped as to where the human care is amongst the Governments of today. Women are having babies and making a career out of it. The payers are left with virtually nothing in their take home pay for basically one third of their working life at the most the CSA can extract from them, sometimes based on unbelievable decisions. 23% before tax works out to be roughly 29% of their take home wages for a 13 year old and upwards. Don't get me wrong, I think the fathers need to pay towards the upkeep of the child, but not when the payer has nothing left to live on. There is something very wrong with the whole system. I wish the Government would realise this and act on it. It isn't that they don't know what is happening, but it is all just brushed under the carpet and the truth hidden from the public eye.
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