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Child Support — What does it all mean?
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Who wants to be dictated to by the State on how you support your children — what, how and when?

Whilst many views float around arguing for and against child support, most decent fathers and parents would argue the issue is not whether or not they wish to support their children, but rather the often unfair conditions imposed upon them.

Simply, it's an attack on the nature of a father's freedom and how he best wishes to raise and support his children in the many different ways a responsible father can, which are often more effective and benefical to a child than any 'slap-bang' instrument of government and statism can ever be.

For a father going through separation/divorce, experiencing the loss of family and children, horrendous false allegations, litigation, uncertainty of where your children are and how they are doing, often causes ill health, work and life instability in so many ways. Also, the effects from not having a fully functioning and emotionally present Dad in a child's life can be equally, if not more devestating as their development can be hindered considerably.

Then if that isn't bad enough, along comes an assessment from the Child Support Agency (CSA) for an outlandish sum of money based on your capacity to work at the highest rate when you were fit and able and on fire, which is possibly a stark contrast to where your financial position is today, or will be in the future if you are unable to recover from the upheaval of a traumatic separation that's often compared to a fate worse than death.

From 2006 CSA powers in Australia have increased to not only garnish your wages, but directly withdraw from bank accounts any amount they deem appropriate, siezing assets of any sort to pay the often highly questionable and unjust debts. As Fathers are assaulted with such draconian measures, one can only feel a sense of dictatorship giving rise to a totalitarian society — not a free Australia — causing fathers to unite and fight for their rights and freedom.

As there are many issues surrounding child support and the effects upon fathers, children and families,

Share your opinion and experiences about the pros and cons of child support,
lifting the veil on a most horrid part of family breakup!

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    By: Been there from Qld, Australia on January 4, 2016 @ 9:34 am
    He deb, been there, done that.

    Upon release he will get all sorts of paperwork - you send this to csa and they credit the amount charged for the time of incarceration but ONLY if he hasnt paid ie, the amount is outstanding. Dont pay it for him. How long til his release? Im sure you can notify them earlier but they wont do anything til they get the paperwork.
    950. By: Deb Lewis from S A, Australia on January 4, 2016 @ 9:33 am
    Also they audit you,Why can't we ask for them to be audited?
    By: Deb Lewis from S A, Australia on January 4, 2016 @ 9:19 am
    Help can someone answer this.My Son is jail NOT EARING MONEY. but CSA are still making him pay,running up huge debt.
    Q.1 How can they do this?

    Q.2 Is they anything that can be done?
    By: Ky from Nsw, Australia on January 4, 2016 @ 7:06 am
    Hi, I pay my ex over $800 a fortnight for 2 kids he took and won't allow me to see. He claims a zero income despite working everyday and CSA just accept his claim without any evidence at all. The court don't help their of the opinion that at 13 and 15 the kids make their own choice. It doesn't seem to matter that the ex told the kids the most awful things about their mum to make them hate me and he basically told them they can make all their own decisions so in a nutshell they do whatever they please. No one cares, he still abuses me via SMS messages and pretends he is the best parent on this earth because his kids 'choose' him not their mum. Very sad and the root of all this just before he threw me out he had already found out how much 'free' cs money I'd be forced to pay to him, he destroyed my kids relationship with me all for collection of a free wages through CSA. He officially claimed 2 days after chucking me out. The system has destroyed my children not helped them. But hey this is CSA they are a law unto themselves. Usually it's the paying parent who gets discriminated against with this system. And quite frankly if I earn more why should he get it? I can barely feed myself most weeks whilst he lives rent and mortgage free, working and hiding his income, sucking off the income of his partner (he had an affair too), and living off a wage donated by me. He took everything we owned so I am starting again, renting paying the bills he ran up in my name, credit cards efc but CSA don't take any of this into account, the system needs to look into the whole situation what each person owns, has to pay to live etc, if he has no mortgage or rent, no bills and his household is also supported by income from his partner this should be considered in an equation about disparity not just a black and white numerical formula. Welcome to the biggest injustice system this country ever produced!
    By: Sairey Delmonte from Victoria, Australia on January 4, 2016 @ 5:50 am
    They Can't get a hold of him apparently is all im told and that his employer hasn't responded.
    I have had 7 different case managers and always get told the same crap over and over..
    I don't care about outstanding amounts i just want help when it comes to education fees etc.. i have friends(payee) who are being screwed over by CSA and i can't even get them to do a job properly. And wow over $400 a fortnight 😯 what the hell thats a obscene amount of money for anyone let alone for child support.
    Thats horrible hopefully u can get them to tell u where that sort of money is used.. thats ridiculous, that would pay for a child 100% of all needs 😕
    By: Kylie from NSW, Australia on January 4, 2016 @ 5:03 am
    This is what i dont understand.
    CSA has taken over half my pay before i get paid. So how can they not take wages from your ex.? They expect me to pay 480 a fortnight. Which i find way to much. But if i dont pay it they take it out of my wages.
    By: Sairey Delmonte from Victoria, Australia on January 4, 2016 @ 2:35 am
    To All paying parents.. what do u class as to much to pay for a child..
    My ex left and wants nothing to do with his child because he has a "new family" lady with 1 child, she and he both work fulltime, she only has every 2nd weekend with child.. her choice, i work part time and am not re partnered our daughter goes to kinder next year... i pay $230 a week just in rent no including bills etc.. he hasn't paid child support ever and i am getting screwed around by CSA in trying to collect... i dnt want the massive 4 year outstanding bill just want him to start paying especially now she has education cost coming up.. i know this probably isnt the right place to ask but it looks like most of u have been dealing with them for a while... he is only suppose to pay $245 a month which isnt very much really.. i spend that in 10 days on her food and basic needs.. can anyone help me
    By: Oscar from SA, Australia on January 3, 2016 @ 10:18 am
    Tired - i will give you a call and have a chat. what is your number
    By: Tired from WA, Aust on January 3, 2016 @ 8:59 am
    Hi Oscar
    I am about to hear from the AAT to set up a hearing. Did you go in person or do it over the phone. Any advice how to go about the process. I have just handed in Finance Expenture dec.
    By: lyndon from qld, aus on January 3, 2016 @ 8:52 am
    Bob you are not a deadbeat dad I agree its a term thrown around way to much . I was called a dead beat dad because my ex wanted a box of beer( which I didnt give her) for paying $120 of school fees . This was the only time in 9 years she paid them for the three children I have shared care of , which she also recieves CS for ? still trying to work that one out. Did I call her a dead beat mum for the $2800 for not paying the rest of school books , uniforms , laptops and the list goes on , which I payed for. Maybe Mate I should have
    By: all good from NT, ozz on January 2, 2016 @ 8:02 pm
    Hey Bob,,mate you are not a DB dad,,,that term is a government word distributed by the media. We all understand.bob do not leave work, your life is stressful so act accordingly. There are some good courses that you can do while on what you have to do ,but bob,,,do not call yourself or think you are a db dad.take care
    940. By: BOB from NSW, Australia on January 2, 2016 @ 5:35 pm
    Happy New Year - except im not so happy!

    My tax return was stolen by CSA and 33% my last pay of the year was garnished.

    I recieved a letter from CSA on 31-12-15 telling me what they demand in new year Happy New Year

    I struggled to pay rego, rent and food, in other words I am slowing going under water in a slow and painful way (going broke going to work).
    2-01-16 Woke up this morning and have decided to be a deadbeat dad. Going give up work and move north live a tent and hunt and fish for food and enjoy some freedom.

    Wish all of you people paying CSA the best of luck. Gone Fishing forever...

    By: Oscar from SA, Australia on December 31, 2015 @ 7:35 pm
    so i had my hearing with the AAT the other day. Found it quite a bizarre process, but we will see what the decision brings. I am a paying parent on a very good income. Ex is owner/director of a new (2 year old) real estate business who declared income at $29K - stating she took no commissions or bonuses.

    There were a lot of sales for the business which i tracked on the internet, so this made for interesting conversation to the Tribunal Member.

    She reduces her income stating that she reinvests any commissions that she would normally earn to grow the business and keep it operating. So i ran the argument, on an analogy, that if i voluntarily reduce my income (super sacrifice, novate lease, etc etc) the CSA writes those amounts back in because I am "causing detriment to the children" by not having available all those monies that should be available.

    it will be interesting to see if they apply the law in the same manner to a receiving parent who argued that she needed to invest in the business else it could not continue to operate.

    If there are any Real Estate business operators out there who would talk to me quite openly about how and where a real estate operator might hide money, I would be very interested to chat. I just need to know where and how to direct the AAT / Court (if i object further) to investigate funds. The funds she says she collects in her business just do not seem to add up with what the sales figures would indicate. Hiding money??

    Appreciate any help from any Real Estate operators / owners who are willing to chat openly (anonymously if you prefer away from this site).
    By: Tkjc2013 from Nsw, Australia on December 29, 2015 @ 4:44 pm
    Jess unless your husband partner is a director or secretary of the company CSA has no right to investigate your company affairs however I suspect they are assuming that it is his company and he is hiding in your name I would have your company solicitor inquire as to why they are accessing your company information and I can not enfasisize this enough do not talk to them on the phone only communicate with them in writing they are a bunch of story tellers and think they are above the law so make sure if they are going to lie to you it all in writing
    By: Becky from Nsw, Australia on December 29, 2015 @ 4:22 pm
    Hi kylie and jess,
    The system is unfair to the paying parent. It is nuce to know that there are other women out there going thru the same thing. I am living of less than $100 a week because of the amount i have to pay my ex. And that is when i have a child with me. The system needs to change. I am being punished for doing the right thing and declaring everything. Now i wont be able to progress in anything for up to 10 yrs.( youngest is 8) i have had to start again whikebhe has a house full of furniture. I dont even have internet at home. I dont have foxtel. I dont have a home phone. All my wage goes to rent and csa. With a little left for food and his credit card that we put in my name 2 months before he wanted to split. Where is the justice?
    By: Jess from QLD, Australia on December 29, 2015 @ 3:15 pm
    Quick question... can CSA look and keep copies of my personal tax return when I have nothing to do with my partners CSA situation. Also I own my business and yes my husband is one of many drivers and pay above "award wage" because my husband has a keycard of business account but only use if eg truck parts ect can CSA obtain my companies bank statements because his name is on a card not the account.
    By: Kylie from NSW, Australia on December 24, 2015 @ 9:24 pm
    Hi i pay $260.00 per fortnight. I made the fatal mistake of underestimating now got slogged with a $356 fine and $4600. Which i am expected to pay by 7/1/16. I have no assets and CSA merciless. They dont care. He won't agree to a private agreement. And now my son is 18 in feb, the ex can apply for an extra year because my son is still in by the time end of 2016 the bill will be $10,000.00...
    My ex bought a new car went o/s. But when my son came to me last year his shoes were thread bare.
    I wish that my ex had to prove that he needs an extra year of payments.
    For me my ex get all the rights and i have all the responsibility.
    By: Ky from Nsw, Australia on December 24, 2015 @ 12:39 pm
    Hi Neil,
    I'm a mum and my ex took my kids, allienated them from me and basically the court wasn't interested because they are 12yrs and older. The court did give 50/50 of my 8 yr old but we are still 12 months from a final order in relation to this. Clearly I'm a good stable working parent because my 8 yr old has flourished since being allowed to live with me again for reasonable times. But ... The ex just 6 weeks later rang CSA and told them he has no income. After 20 years in full time employment earning around $90000, the CSA simply just accepted his word and I now pay support for 2 kids I can never see, and for my 8 yr old even though my costs to support the youngest are assessed as higher than the ex, my payment is the equivalent to an average persons after tax wage, by the time I pay my rent (because my 8 yr old needs to have stood over his head too) I am left with almost nothing to pay my bills many of which were left from the ex as he took everything we had and ran up accounts in my name (CSA don't give a stuff that I'm having to begin from absolutely nothing again while he sits on easy street), anyway... He has formed a company, goes to work everyday, employes my son 1 day a week but claims zero income. I've put in an objection on the basis of his capacity to earn an income, from what I read though it seems the receiving parent gets the advantage regardless of the lies they tell. I intend to take this as far as I need to as well. Of all the warped things CSA are allowed to do, this is just wrong. If a person is the director of a company than the company should be classified as an asset that supports them financially. I know many parents are also in the other side of this type of situation too, being their ex companies up to avoid paying CS at all. If they can work and can earn then this should be considered thd same as a taxable income. The system isn't helping families it's making it worse for kids because the system itself is a platform used for bullying, abuse and destruction. Legislation needs to individualise CS case by case, it should be enforcing ongoing mediation sessions, complete disclosure of assets including companies, income and individual costs of living ( ie rural v city living and the ratio of income to living in different areas.) a one size fits all approach is the real problem with this system.
    By: me from NT, land of what on December 24, 2015 @ 9:44 am
    Neil...what can i say mate. The most powerful 'Thing 'on the planet is female...if they want to use the power that is in legislation. They say the money is for your child so the fact that she has broken laws is irrelevant as the money is for the 'CHildren's feel sick reading what you are having to put up with..MP are all fat cats they do not care...mate i don't no what can be done for you or others. They will neve change the laws too much money being made by your case ad my case..the young boys at schools need to what will have to 4 out of 5 if they get married and foolishly have children but the GOVERMENT will not do that because the 'GOV'need for population growth go to the media--see what the say
    By: Neil from NSW, Australia on December 24, 2015 @ 10:15 am
    My ex has taken our son overseas without my permission and is not intending to return. It's been a year now. There was a family court proceeding pending in few days when she fled the country. As the country is a not a Hague signatory, the authorities can't do anything to bring my son back. But because that country is a reciprocatory country, I'll have to keep paying her child support payment. She has also applied for spousal and child maintenance in the local court in that country. She is a registered nurse and was working as a permanent staff in a public hospital before fleeing. Now she's shown her taxable income as $0 for the current financial year and CSA had approved it as well. My CSA payment has increased exponentially because of that. I applied for the objection that had been rejected. I've recently appealed to the rejection. They pressurising me no to appeal, but I stood my ground. I told them, my next move would be to appeal to the tribunal and then I'll go to the court.
    I've also sent an e mail to my local MP explaining my situation and requested for an appointment. I am not going to sit and keep paying because of this ridiculous law.
    I am thankful to all of you who motivate people like me to keep trying. I promise I'll keep going until either I win or I die trying :-)
    By: Dab from SA, Australia on December 22, 2015 @ 11:06 am
    My question is this,They rape my wages tax return, that is the question Why can't they make it law if you pay CSA that you can have access to you child any time?and if the exs don't let you they get cut off just like (UNEMPLOYMENT benift does).and Why can't we as father's name and shame,
    930. By: Dab from S A, Australia on December 22, 2015 @ 10:28 am
    All father's unite stand up and be counted for your self worth not your $$$$$ value.
    By: Tkjc from Nsw, Australia on December 22, 2015 @ 8:49 am
    Hey all just a quick pop in and a suggestion. We all like to get online and vent and that's great but the reality is unless we band together things will never change. So here is what I suggest we do

    1: stop venting online and go and see your federal member and tell him or her about the injustices you face from CSA

    2: Don't talk to CSA on the phone get them to put there demands in writing and make sure to print all correspondence. This has a two pronged effect A they are less likely to lie and bully you in writing. B they are now going to be made to work for Their money . You see if everybody put them on write only contact then that puts the pressure back on them.

    3: This one is important challenge them on everything ask them the same question three times in different ways and when you get different answers ask them why.

    4: Don't just complain do something there was a parliamentary inquiry into CSA earlier this year the submissions have been recieved and are now closed however nothing has been disscused by parliament as yet we are all voters go and see your local member tell him how broken the system is. The CSA thrives on isolating us as dead beat dads let's show Australia that we are actually the victims show Australia that fathers and their children are the victims of a system that is run by undertrained and uninformed people that don't care about an individual's circumstances but misuse a poorly written and outdated Act to pigeon hole all fathers
    By: Deb from SA, Australia on December 22, 2015 @ 5:31 am
    Trevor,you are so right love conquers all but not when money,selfishness, greedy,or one minded people are involved.Those unknown people that we talk to have no real idea what it's like for us,we ate just small numbers they turn into bigger numbers$$$$$. So here is my insight.Go to the doctors and officially be put on stress leave send the certicate to the morons at CSA it's worth a try. Happy travels,keep safe.
    By: Trevor from NSW, Australia on December 22, 2015 @ 4:09 am
    Just like many of us I am now facing the wrath of the CSA. I have 3 amazing children, twin boys 11yrs and daughter 9yrs. My ex. wife of 18yrs had and affair with my best mate (no acknowledgement of such) and they all live together in a new happy home together. Now 4yrs on I do not have my children in my life and have continued to support them financially according to the capacity of my fulltime teaching job. My ex. has never honoured our legally signed off access arrangements and I text them twice weekly and may be lucky to get a response. This year I have chosen to take leave without pay,
    rent out my house and travel Australia. Subsequently, the CSA have begun challenging me on my capacity to earn. This all initiated by my ex. of course. My life without my children in it has become very different and I now desire to live it with less pain and more colour for a year. Though the one sided CSA will not listen to my reasons for making this life change, they simply want to assert that I am intentionally avoiding my financial obligations to my children. This is not the case. My ex. has benefitted from working 3 days per week for the past 10yrs. I too desire a little more space after 29yrs of fulltime work. Are we no longer free in our so called democratic country to make choices that may offer a more fulfilling experience. I will still be contributing financially to my children at the level already assessed. Though this contribution will be significantly less. It is a two way street and it really should not be all about money. It would be amazing if we could all authentically care and love each other without the superficial influence of money. I would appreciate any insight or wisdom offered here. As it feels like I take 300 steps forward then 295 back.
    By: kris from nsw, Australia on December 21, 2015 @ 6:54 pm
    Dear Robin, I hear your frustration. My story is similar. Most people who are honest and genuine get screwed by this system.
    I was a lot younger when I went through this. I always belived that courts area fair. I was manipulated by the lawyers, which left me no money ,csa knocking on the door, my ex left whilst I was at work, cleaned out our credit cards and savings. Her mother got her a unit in S.A. claiming emotional violence for her leave. The child was quickly placed in daycare. Cops in Sydney where aggressive to me when I reported her missing. I was a zombie wreck emotionally and financialy, and before I knew what was happening the court decided she could stay in s.a .
    If I knew what I know now then maybe I've could of stopped her leaving and providing I gad the money to fight it as well.
    As to the 21 father's committing suicide each week. Over 2500 people commit suicide each year in Australia, that around 50 each week and if you dig a little deeper you will see who each category is, people don't commit suicide cause they're happy,and what can cause more pain then having your kids removed from your care in a split second??? and your whole life turned upside down.
    Also judging by the comments guys post here who had or have suicidal tendencies does 21 really surprise? Everything is a business please don't think the courts are not. Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. And that's how you move on...

    By: Deb from South Australia, Australia on December 21, 2015 @ 2:13 pm
    Oh I remember years+ years ago my ex had a February he was doing slot for like car maintaince, buy computer paying phone bill for me,he was peeved,I rang them CSA told them all this and the debt was discharged as it was all for OUR son,it's crap guess they don't have this any more. Crying shame.
    By: Michelle from Qld, Australia on December 21, 2015 @ 1:18 pm
    Deb you put it perfect!! I feel the same way... My partner can't seem to ever get ahead...and it affects our lifestyle also... Really is so unjust!! I will say this though his Ex tried to tell them she didn't want the arrears he apperantly owed but got told the only way to get rid of arrears is by NO longer having CSA collect anymore!! And I don't need to tell you What happened next!! And yep we prob be having Ham rolls for Xmas dinner this year!
    By: Deb from South Australia, Australia on December 21, 2015 @ 1:34 pm
    He'll hath no fury like a women scorned.wish there where more like me maybe I should start a page of my own.
    By: me from NT, NT on December 21, 2015 @ 10:58 am
    good on ya deb..we thank you,,,women are the most powerful on the planet...they can kill a man ad his children life with a moderate number of govermnt forms/tool.
    By: Deb from South Australia, Australia on December 21, 2015 @ 12:47 pm
    Hi I am sick to death of watching my man strive to better himself in his job,two promotions in eight month's the whole time paying CSA keeping in contact with stupid people making sure he is paying the right amount,which he has.Doing a tax return or in most cases non return,then getting hit with TWO fines for give the wrong estimates according to them to add insult to injury they give him a bill for $7500,then just today that letter arrives saying his payments have gone to $251+ a week I will also add that one of his kids turned 18 was working part-time the mother never told child support but he still has to pay the arreas ,on to the youngest he never see his dad,the mother took off with him Leaving his dad with all bills eg car loans house loans ect he finally payed them back after a while,but CSA don't take that into account,the only time he hears from them is when they want something,like three years ago she want to take the boy to Ireland so he payed $2500 o her then this year he wants to go and see the snow she sends passport forms he doesn't sign bang not a word from him or her.As a women I am outraged beyond clean words that men the people which mostly fought for built this country,are treated with such disrecpt by not only the mother's of there children, but that the government which is run by little boys pretending to be men. I never treated my ex with such contemp we dealt with these things ourselves. To all you hard working men don't let them beat you. To the lazy,money grabbing women grow up get a job and learn to look after yourselves bet your having Turkey ect for Xmas. From a very peeved off Female. Chin up boys.
    920. By: fb from nsw, australia on December 20, 2015 @ 2:49 pm
    Hi, wondering if someone can please help or point me in there might direction... I currently pay my ex 100 pw (assessments says 64 minimum) as a private agreement, mainly the idea is that she can then afford to bring our child up in a slightly nicer house and area than she could otherwise. I have no problem with our agreement, but am currently concerned about redundancy. If I wind up unemployed it means she can't afford rent etc. I really don't want to let them down and don't want to ruin Xmas etc discussing this with her... my income protection insurance appears to be a rort, too. Does anyone have any advice?!
    By: robin from nsw, australia on December 18, 2015 @ 10:46 am
    sorry i wasnt bagging him i was just saying the courts would have stopped her
    i asked my x if i could move state with my kids and partner he was all for it the day I packed up i got servced to go to court he stopped me the courts aggreed with him and no I couldnt move it wouldnt be far on the kids. 2 weeks later my x ups and leaves the area 6 hours away so now only see the kids every 3-4 months for a max of 4 days Im stuck in nsw while he was aloud to move ( cost me my partner as well he had to move for work ) so how didnt the courts work in his favor. I asked the courts to make him move back into the area i lived their responce he can move we cant stop him
    By: words do hurt from SA, The World on December 17, 2015 @ 1:33 pm
    Robin all input to this site is good, however its not good form to bag a person who you/we no little about. Your view on courts is incorrect...i haven't seen my children for 3yrs and i am conversant with all the forms...the process is dated just consider for a moment the courts still use paper. I am sure your intention is form a good place, but your measure reads hurtful
    By: robin from nsw, australia on December 17, 2015 @ 3:55 pm
    Kris the system didnt let your x move state you did
    Its called court and as all courts are leaning to the fathers side now the family court would have stoped her from taking the kids and moving as the courts belive its for the best of the kids if they have a father in their lives. Everyone else who blame the greedy mothers ( whatever ) its the system and how its set up you can fight csa in court and let the judge put it in place on how much you have to pay and yes it does work and to say that 21 fathers kill them selfs each week ( no proof there ) its like telling the kids your mum made me do it crap
    By: Move on from of Mind, my place on December 17, 2015 @ 11:23 am
    Hi all can you see the trend all fathers come on to this page to vent. They come on here with the belief that this is not real that it cannot be allowed and you/we all believed that we have made a mistake and some one on this page will say how to fix it. And put you on the road for us all to see our kids--there is no answer-you -me -us cannot do a thing,,i am sorry to tell you all that it will not change...get off the wheel -my kids your kids are not ours they belong to Australia. I am moving on in the body mind and spirit the alterantive is you die a little each day. Take back your life-take back your life...
    By: Sm from Qld, Australia on December 17, 2015 @ 12:29 pm
    How the hell are my new family supposed to survive? My ex refuses me access to my children, yet I have to pay! She is 300k ahead in mortgage payments yet she is still hell bent on chasing me for money I don't have! Just over it, got so bad earlier this year I tried to take my life....and my second marriage crashed and do you think CSA care....... NO! I don't mind paying but why should I when I cannot even speak nor see my own children, this system is so unfair and biased towards the "mother" it is ridiculous! How many fathers have to take their life before someone really sees what is going on?
    By: Kris from nsw, Australia on December 16, 2015 @ 4:45 pm
    Hi to all paying parents. CSA / Family Law- multi billion dollar racket, destroying families and creating the new " stolen generation " and creating " domestic violence ". Private agreements are bullshiy and if csa don't agree with they will make you pay back pay in some years down the track. Don't ever have a verbal agreement with your ex, cause csa will make you pay later and if you don't have documentation that you paid then you will be surely screwed. And if you have any kids in the future they will worth less then you kid with your ex on the csa assessment. Dealing with those csa extortionist will cause you a lot of pain and could brake up your future relationships. Remember it will Never Change no matter what those fools say that it's "CHANGING". life will be hard for you and you will struggle to keep it together hence why 21 fathers commit suicide each week . I've been paying for a child for 12 years now who I hardly ever see cause the system let her move interstate. Many more stories to tell about csa but don't have the energy .just remember it will never change and they will always screw you. The No of wins vs losses is insignificant, judging even by the comments here. Advance Australia Fkn fair
    By: Open from nt, world on December 14, 2015 @ 9:47 am
    RC You are right, they bleed you till you are a shell, then they move on to take from tax payer and work cash jobs,Dont have kids at all...your people be aware the government wont tell you as new voters and tax payers need to be produced the government at school or by media or other means will not tell you what happens when a marriage AKA a business breaks down ad the government fire sale your assets and locks you into this'THE CSA' for life ....have children at your peril
    By: RC from NSW, Australia on December 14, 2015 @ 10:35 am
    I understand this is for fathers..... but I am the mother and am the payer to my ex. It is proven that women still earn less than males in the exact same role yet all calculation tables are on the average male wage.
    The whole system needs an overhaul.
    Hindsight though is dont have children with a lower socioeconomic status than yourself.
    By: Michelle rutter from Qld, Australia on December 10, 2015 @ 6:16 pm
    You can find all the legal stuff about CSA if you google Child support Social Policy....... It's all there
    910. By: Byron from Vic, Au on December 10, 2015 @ 12:14 pm
    Yes I also would love to know where to find the CSA processes.
    By: Tom from Qld, Australia on December 10, 2015 @ 8:22 am
    where can you find the guides?
    The ex and I had a private agreement while I was working for a local construction company. It was a once only chance to earn big money for a year and I took it. The private agreement was 750/week (3000/ month) for my son and daughter and this was recognised by CS. That opportunity has finished now and I am back in a much lower paying position. Now they tell me that I owe because I wasn't paying the full amount when I was in the higher paid job, even though there was a private agreement that they knew about and recognised. I have all of my documentation, but they say it doesn't matter, I have to backpay?
    By: Just-Me from South Australia, Australia on December 9, 2015 @ 7:41 pm
    Make sure you enter the welfare system immediately. Once your on the welfare system inform them. Do everything in writing. They are CU##s. I have tried numerous time to re-enter self employment. Every time I try they more than double what I actual earn. I have been trapped in this bullshit system with no way out until my kids turn 18. Become familiar with their system. I can provide you with copies of their guides they follow. The only way not to get screwed is to be familiar with the system. DO NOT IGNORE THEM. Just keep disputing the point. If you don't act it becomes your fault. If you consistently inform them in writing and keep copies, you will eventually beat them. If only I knew the things I know now back when I started.
    By: lyndon from qld, aus on December 9, 2015 @ 7:16 pm
    if they increase GST , does that mean the Goverment might increase our self support amount ? . I doudt it !!!
    By: Arther from Wa, Aus on December 8, 2015 @ 6:19 pm
    Maggie P
    I have the same situation but right here in Oz. She is married, has another child and gets supported both by her husband and family assistance from Centrelink and why should she work? Her income is zero. Here is what just happened to me:
    I was working in Sydney for a year. Work finished and I tried to apply for jobs in Perth because that's home and my partner is there as well as our life together pretty much. No job came through. I then rang CSA when I got to Perth to re assess my income because I was out of work and could not afford $500 a fortnight. I can't even see my child he is 10 now I last saw him 5 years ago anyway that's another story of its own.
    Anyway, the assessment was sent to her few weeks ago. She was advised that she had a right to dispute the new assessment. She exercised her rights and disputed it citing I am employed. I got call from CSA advising me of this last week. They said I also have the right to respond. I don't want to because there is nothing to respond to and if I do that's exactly what she wants, war. I asked CSA what was going to happen with the new assessment since she had disputed it. They said nothing. That's when I decided not to respond. I said to CSA my employer contacted you that I had seized employment with them therefore they will not be making any child support contributions out of my wages. I asked them why didn't you tell her she is wasting her time because you have the evidence? They said to me she has the right to dispute. I said to them why contacting me then instead of you stopping it there and tell her you will not be making any reassessments? The were not clear in their responses pretty much. It's very very sad.
    By: Meggie P from Western Australia, Australia on December 8, 2015 @ 2:39 pm
    My son pays child support to a baby that was taken to the UK and the Hague Convention was instrumented on her. Orders are in place and she got her permission from the WA Family Court to live in the UK with agreed orders to provide photos, medical reports, school reports to my son and to avail the child for father contact if she is in Australia. He pays a high sum of maintenance to a spiteful and nasty mother (a cougar) in the UK and never misses a beat. His child was 2yr when taken away from him and is now 7yrs old. To this day, my son does not know anything about his son or what he even looks like, because the mother repeatedly ignores all his requests for a photo or information on his son's growing life. Birthday and Christmas gifts are not responded to along with each request for even just a photo. This has gone on year after year but my son persists and keeps asking. She is in contempt of the terms of the Court Orders but to take out proceedings on her would be a waste of time as she is that cunning that a week before the Court date, she would send him photos and reports to nullify the contempt. She would then start up the ignoring again and so this little scenario would become ongoing. She has quite possibly visited family in Perth since with the child, we would never know. My son gets nothing in return for his diligent support payments to her and she is straight on the phone to CSA every tax time to check on his earnings for money. My son advised CSA the mother sold her home in Perth and would have funds higher than she is declaring on her forms. CSA did not know she had a house let alone she sold it and would have proceeds from sale in the bank, but they weren't interested in chasing it up saying the money would be in the bank in UK and they can't get details on that. I do not believe that, they can access any financial info they want but they can't be bothered - it would mean extra work and chasing. However, if my son got extra wages/overtime or whatever, by jove the CSA would be on to him in a minute!! but her, .... she could be married and supported, could have a job, won the Lotto or anything -if my son put in for a re-assessment of the mother's financial situation, the CSA just take whatever the mother puts down on the responding form and they check nothing. But as I said, they would be right on my son and his financials and writing and ringing him to check, want paperwork as proof - her, nothing.
    I believe the law needs amending regarding a lower scale of assessment payments when a child lives overseas, as the father is simply paying out money and getting nothing in return for his support for his child. I have enquired of Private Investigators in the UK to get details on her life, the quotes come in at $3,000 - $6,000!! Add legal proceedings to that for contempt and work the maths. What hope do you have when CSA won't do anything for him to enforce a current financial report from the mother and also then check her information out. If my son went to the UK to see him, the mother would take off "on a holiday" to Scotland or somewhere the day his plane landed. That is the spiteful strategist she is.YOU JUST GIVE UP and wait until your child is an adult and comes looking for his father.
    By: Becky from Nsw, Australia on December 8, 2015 @ 3:29 am
    I am new to all this. I am the paying parent having one child living with me and 2 children living with my ex. Everything was going fine when we had a private agreement. I paid for the mobile phones for everyone, health insurance and gave some cash. Then i think someone told the ex that he would get more money going through csa. I thought it would be fine ubtil he did not accept the bills and insurance as payments anymore. The amount of cash they want me to pay leaves me with less than $200 a week for food and bills for me and my daughter after we pay rent. I did the right thing and did my tax for last year but when i explained that up to 15% of my wage is subject to annual performance bonus and i dont get that in my monthly pay, they said too bad. The ex rang tonight and started abusing ne because i just don't have the money to pay what they want. Then he tells my daughter she cant go for christmas because i havent paid all that i owe and he cant afford the ticket. But i have paid all arrears. I am just not paying in advance like i used to. This is the first time i have dealt with csa. I have submitted a form for reassessment with all the details of my budget. Has anyone had any luck with reassessment?
    By: SS from Queensland, Australia on December 7, 2015 @ 11:19 am
    Another great example everyone.

    DPO- I was told by CSA i was getting my second DPO put on me. 2 months ago they gave me 2 days notice so I left the country. So now stuck abroad waiting on appeal process. As I don't want to be stuck in Australia with no way out.

    Today after copying in Senatro/omburdsman etc. CSA came back to me and said there is no second DPO. So they tell lies all the time.

    So if they have DPO you need it in writing or probably BS.
    By: ACTION from wa, ? on December 7, 2015 @ 9:14 am
    Bill...they can freeze your bank accounts remove money. Bill they are like war have to remove yourself from the grid in full
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