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Child Support — What does it all mean?
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Who wants to be dictated to by the State on how you support your children — what, how and when?

Whilst many views float around arguing for and against child support, most decent fathers and parents would argue the issue is not whether or not they wish to support their children, but rather the often unfair conditions imposed upon them.

Simply, it's an attack on the nature of a father's freedom and how he best wishes to raise and support his children in the many different ways a responsible father can, which are often more effective and benefical to a child than any 'slap-bang' instrument of government and statism can ever be.

For a father going through separation/divorce, experiencing the loss of family and children, horrendous false allegations, litigation, uncertainty of where your children are and how they are doing, often causes ill health, work and life instability in so many ways. Also, the effects from not having a fully functioning and emotionally present Dad in a child's life can be equally, if not more devestating as their development can be hindered considerably.

Then if that isn't bad enough, along comes an assessment from the Child Support Agency (CSA) for an outlandish sum of money based on your capacity to work at the highest rate when you were fit and able and on fire, which is possibly a stark contrast to where your financial position is today, or will be in the future if you are unable to recover from the upheaval of a traumatic separation that's often compared to a fate worse than death.

From 2006 CSA powers in Australia have increased to not only garnish your wages, but directly withdraw from bank accounts any amount they deem appropriate, siezing assets of any sort to pay the often highly questionable and unjust debts. As Fathers are assaulted with such draconian measures, one can only feel a sense of dictatorship giving rise to a totalitarian society — not a free Australia — causing fathers to unite and fight for their rights and freedom.

As there are many issues surrounding child support and the effects upon fathers, children and families,

Share your opinion and experiences about the pros and cons of child support,
lifting the veil on a most horrid part of family breakup!

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    By: Mike from WA, Aust on September 8, 2015 @ 8:10 am
    Thanks Gents, I have had a win on an appeal years ago. I will appeal this reason 8, I just needed some feedback because Its a tiring process which distracts me from my work and family.I have been doing this sporadically for 11 years now. When things are going well you cop this rubbish that puts a spanner in the works. Bit over my family copping the consequences of her poor decisions. I will word my appeal carefully and factually as usual. Ill let you all know how I go in 4 months when they finally get back to me.
    700. By: Real CS info from qld, Australia on September 8, 2015 @ 7:57 am
    Rob & Paul,

    Paul is correct and SSAT and AAT will use same rules to come to decision but it may be better or worse (depending on your role) than what CSA did.

    CoA should not be based on accusations but foundation. Rob if your ex-partner has a business there are ways to better write t he application and please note if CSA refused it you xan object and then gonto external appeal.

    All any external person can do is support you to put your best argument forward but at each point the decision is the delegates.

    By: Rob from QLD, Australia on September 8, 2015 @ 5:11 am
    Been reading through a few of these sites. Has anyone ever been successful in getting a reason 8 through CSA? My Ex runs her own business and doesn't even earn minimum wage! It is like she does it to avoid working full-time which I think is ridiculous. CSA in their wisdom refuse the reason 8 application and told me I was wasting their time as they can't force her to work. I just want my Ex to pull her weight financially and talking to the decision makers at CSA is like smacking your head into a brick wall, over and over. Anyone who has had success please let me know, Im seeing a lawyer in a couple of weeks to see if they can explain how to get around these moronic decision makers.
    By: paul from qld, australia on September 7, 2015 @ 7:41 pm
    Mike, I'm in the process of a mediation with the AAT at the moment. I've had the directions hearing which is basically a chance for you to state your case. By and large the process to date appears to be in line with what I would expect of CSA except that CSA have their own set of rules (apparently).
    The key difference to date is that the AAT asked for a financial statement from me up-front. CSA never requested this of me, preferring to believe the garbage fed to her by the MOTHER.
    I would encourage you to push the CSA to the limit. They will at some point have to refuse your application at which point you are entitled to go to the tribunal. Remember, if you've hidden anything the tribunal may actually INCREASE the support that you pay.
    You need to understand that the CSA are a law unto themselves because of the very poor wording of the Act. Basically, the Registrar is allowed discretion in making an income variation decision and delegates that authority to a handful of peanuts within the department. My experience to date is that no knowledgable persons actually assist with this determination (and I'm talking about qualified accountants).
    Delegates are making decisions on anything from profit/loss statements to balance sheet analysis and even anticipated dividends, whether your ex gets them or not. I've done a particularly good job (or so it appears) of pissing off every person in the department so I've made a rod for my back. If there is any way that you can work with them you have a fighting chance. Of course it would help if you sacrificed a testicle to the cause...maybe that's where I went wrong?
    My suggestion is don't give up, that's what they rely on because they are swamped with complaints and appeals, this is of their own doing of course.
    My position as it stands is that they claim that I owe circa 30k, I now pay nothing and they've tried a garnesheer, placed a Departure Prohibition Order on me and they continue to increase my liability through their 'automated' reviews. This truly is a mindless process, the government should be ashamed and the 'public' needs to know the real deadbeat dad story, as opposed to the bullshit that we've grown to accept.
    By: Oscar from SA, Australia on September 7, 2015 @ 2:59 pm
    Mike - object to the decision (you have 28 days). if that time is past, lodge again, then object.

    you can also object to the decision of the person who reviews the initial decision - this goes to the AAT / SSAT.

    I am currently going through this process and am at the AAT phase. I got some wins through the objection process, but think there are other things that need to be considered.
    By: Mike from WA, Australia15 on September 7, 2015 @ 2:13 pm
    Hi all. My ex has left her employment earning 70k plus car to start her own business. My payments effectively doubled as her fledgling business in 6 months only showed 46k in
    come minus 34k in expenses.
    I put in a COA reason 8 as I assumed she has shown a capacity to earn 70k. She wasnt fired or made redundant, just left.As anticipated, CSA rejected this and declined my COA. Even though she has had 9 jobs in 10 years (proven through her Linkedin profile). Never fired or let go, just walked. When she does this, my payments yo yo, without warning. I have a new family and try to budget responsibly and plan for events such as a newborn, mortgage, holidays with children etc.She has a history of this and has had to back pay me once before, but not after I had to fight through the process Have I got a case to appeal? Her response was tit for tat bitterness and full of non facts without any evidence. But CSA case officer agreed. My kids actually miss out on things now when with me because my disposable income is now minimal.
    Any suggestions?
    By: john from NT, Australia on September 7, 2015 @ 3:02 am
    Hey Clint nice one mate.

    Yep you will do what you have to in order to survive - well done and good luck. No good waiting for the 'system' to adjust to suit us payers.

    I am leaving the cuntry soon to get my life back in order. Leaving my three twisted (parental alienation syndrome) kids here.

    On a broader note this is an interesting article that would be of interest to us 'payers/losers" in regards to so called 'proceeds of crime' Law. Turns out a QC has stood up to the AFP and handed the crims a free-kick.

    Can you imagine if we payers' had the same legal rights under the Family Law ACT ha - never happen! but the article shows you that crims are better protected than us. Too mind this makes me imagine that the 'wigs' are looking after their 'well healed' friends on the other side. Choose your friends wisely !

    Good luck all.
    By: Oscar from SA, Austraia on September 6, 2015 @ 6:29 pm
    Hi Clint

    i am interested in your DVO hearing. am flying to Qld in the next couple of weeks to attend one myself. like to know about the procedure etc.

    have you got an email or phone i can contact you on ??

    By: Clint Barna from QLD, Australia on September 6, 2015 @ 1:02 pm

    I had been in contact with CSA regularly about my case, or should I say, the case my bitter ex had slapped me with. I had for some time after she prohibited me from seeing my son maintained my payments. Then one day I thought - f**k this! This is ridiculous. Constantly on and on about money but can NEVER not ever assist with visitation. "We just take your money. Justified or not". Get f**ked. I want to see my child and be an active part of his life and you're telling me that this, this is more important?? Are you actually deranged? Yes. You are. And you are causing far more deaths by suicide than the already alarming rate of domestic violence issues which end in female deaths. You absolutely should be a-f**king-shamed of yourselves. Now, understand that I have always either over-paid or paid the correct amount for ten years. My son is 10. And I have on numerous occasions stated to the CSA "I just want to see him, then I'll continue paying" - simple right?

    Just this morning, in the wake of a recent court mention whereby I was defending to the best of my abilities a fancifully fabricated DVO - also preventing me to be near my son or his school - I get this.

    Passport cancelled and $2000 withdrawn from my account. And not one linked to a card - oh no. This was deducted from a separate sub-account.

    But, do I get to see my son now?? Ha! I imagine she'll have a nice new spray tan, new shoes, lots of happy smiles on fb and probably a well earned holiday. That's how the CSA look after kids. I'll be withdrawing the last of my savings today and after speaking with my current employer (who's equally livid about this ridiculous situation) have arranged other less electronic means of distributing wages.

    So again, to the CSA as a whole - a big fat middle finger to you. And I hope you all have an absolutely horrendous cunt of a day. Eat a dick!
    By: Dene from WA, Australia on September 4, 2015 @ 11:09 am
    Hi all, paul casley, the CSA have an investement strategy whereby they use a percentage of the billion + in their account to multiply those 'funds', it's called Binary Trading. You know how the banks lie to you and cheat you with "your" money when transferring it etc?, their statement that it takes X or Y or Z time to transfer blah blah, know what they are doing with it in that time??.. Binary Trading. the returns are huge!.
    By: Paul from Qld, Australia on September 4, 2015 @ 1:10 pm
    I share your frustration John. Politicians only react to community sentiment, it's a simple matter of retaining votes. The media are concerned will selling advertising, the sensationalism of mundane stories tells us so.
    Currently, Domestic Violence is a hot topic, as is the pursuit of all of those 'deadbeat dads' out there. Notice they rarely refer to the deadbeat mums?
    I would suggest that the only way to tackle this issue, be it the suicide rate linked to CSA procedures or the inappropriate use of the DV legislation, is to generate enough public awareness of the facts (not just our somewhat biased opinion) and subsequently raise awareness to the end that we have a 'Rosie Batty' of our own. Her story is a brilliant example of media goodwill, we would do well to learn the methods which she employed to raise her profile. Perhaps Ms batty herself would be interested in understanding an alternate view to DV. I've been questioned in the past as to the relevance of this conversation (DV and suicide) when discussing the CSA, generally by people who have not had the experience of dealing with the department and the emotional extremes that invariably accompany those dealings.
    690. By: John from NT, Australia on September 4, 2015 @ 11:44 am
    RE: Slapping down the silence of suicide - Brisbane times 3/9/15.

    It's good to know the mainstream press is up to its usual amoral standards of journalism. My post yesterday bagging the CSA as a direct cause of suicides did not get published in the Comments in reply.

    Kind of predictable and contradictory (typical) to the title of the article "Slapping down the silences of suicide".

    Clearly the comments section, for this article is only for 'acceptable' responses and this to me indicates how far Australian Society hasn't moved since these pariahs (FLC) and vultures (CSA) have evolved.

    To my mind this whole system is a Neo-Conservative 'experiment' and makes me feel even more mindful of my exit strategy - leaving the country on grounds of mental health issues.

    Australia the mentally unhealthy country - sad but true.

    Outa here soon.

    Oh here is the link to the comments page for the article:
    By: John from NT, Australia on September 3, 2015 @ 11:25 am
    Hi All

    Was just looking at a National Papers coverage of suicide and how silent society is on this subject.

    Could not resist tipping in my comments as regards the CSA and included this site's URL in case any people looking at the comments section felt the need to see the 'underbelly' of Australian Society.

    The article can be found at:

    Please take a look and see if "Chokko" response has been recorded - scathing of the CSA.

    Good luck people

    By: real cs Info from QLD, Australia on September 2, 2015 @ 8:28 pm
    Paul & Bruce

    First Paul, Bruce is having a different income issue to you which from his comments is around lodgement.

    Bruce a child support period will last up to 15mths and yes if it goes beyond this there are rules to change that income. Update your income as soon as possible and you can advice it over the phone prior to lodgement.

    Paul you are experiencing a reason 8 under CoA issue - which is designed very much for someone who is involved in their own business - (I am not saying you get the income they have assessed).

    Your legitimite taxable is determined by the tax assessment plus other assessable pensions and benefits. However under reason which is applied for generally by your ex (it can be under this reason and this one only started by CSA) they your abilility to earn or ability to access income.

    Their decision is not that you have earned it may be that your trust which you may have discretion over could pay you an amount higher than the $356,000.

    AAT for your appeal is the step prior to court but for most CSA appeals after objections it ends at SSAT - yes they can overrule CSA decision and they also increase these decisions not just decrease or leave the same - I am confident some posters here have found that.

    Your over 18 daughter is a Minister issue and not CSA - They cannot legally include her- this is not at their discretion- they are as bound as you by that. The only provision for a child who is 18 is when they are still in secondary study.

    You mentioned a lot of other stuff that may or may not be considered around care and things you spend- there are ways to show CSA the facts if the other parent is mis leading them.

    The guide they refer is a plain english (well the best they can do) interpretation from legal professionals and policy makers.

    I encourage anyone who is geuine about child support reform studying the parkinson review as many issues you have mentioned were raised there and a huge spend was injected to change laws but overall the impact was not significant.

    Many of the posts lack the detail to give personalised guidance.

    All calls are recorded and you can get a copy of these but there is a cost.

    I do not want to spam this site however you can ask the administrator if anyone wishes to contact me I have launched this week my abn and facebook page and will be holding some online general information sessions for payers and payees on how it works- and for complex cases one one one guidance.

    I am however not helping with avoiding but do help people make sure rules are applied correctly and for CoA and objections you consider the best points to give your best chance of being heard.

    Good luck.
    By: Paul Casley from QLD, Australia on September 2, 2015 @ 4:18 pm
    Bruce, you've probably already worked this out but under absolutely no circumstances should you 'talk' to representatives of the CSA. Everything should have a document trail. If you wind up in the AAT you will be far better served.
    When you have a phone conversation they can change the intent of your discussion and make recommendations to the delegate of the registrar to vary your assessment at their whim.
    By: Bruce from Qld, Australia on September 2, 2015 @ 3:57 pm
    Paul, nailed it mate, awesome.

    Just today i received an inbox from CSA saying my "assessment has changed" to treble the amount. I can find absolutely no reason for this as i havent made any contact with them or lodged a tax return etc. do they just have some automated system that spits out new assessments whenever it feel like it?

    I will be lodging ny tax tomorrow and changing it BACK to my original assessment of 3 months ago!
    By: Paul Casley from QLD, Australia on September 2, 2015 @ 3:51 pm
    I recommend that any persons, male or female that feel aggrieved or unjustly treated by the CSA write to the Minister Ms Marise Payne Something must be done. This is the medssage that I have sent today:

    Senator Marise Payne,

    I would like to bring to your attention the gross inadequacy of the Child Support System and highlight to you that the system as it is administered at present is dysfunctional and actually returns far less than it costs to maintain (figures quoted in a recently tabled report show that it costs $2.48 to collect every $1 of child support). The misguided belief that the system somehow encourages parents to contribute is far from the truth and in fact all that the CSA personnel do is build animosity to both the collecting parent and the CSA alike.
    My case in particular has been so poorly managed that now I pay nothing at all. This is simply because the assessment is so ridiculously out of touch with reality. CSA personnel are of the impression that they are untouchable in their decision making and in fact quote their guide as though it were law. When questioned on aspects of law they simply respond that their interpretation is the correct one and the view of any other person is without relevance.
    My legitimate taxable income last year was less than $70,000 yet these communists have determined that I somehow collected $270,000 in income. To exascerbate the problem, they have then gone on to increase that to $369,000 for the financial year 2015.
    The reality is that when pushed to unreasonable limits, paying parents will take some or all of the following courses of action:
    1. Reduce incomes
    2. Move regularly to avoid contact
    3. Change jobs regularly to avoid garnishees
    4. Leave the country
    5. Self Employ
    6. Suicide
    It is a common perception amongst the victims of the CSA that the coalition government is reluctant to address the inadequacies of the system for fear of losing the ‘female’ vote. I can assure you that I will not vote for any politician that fails to address this gross injustice.
    As the Minister responsible for this department I believe that it is incumbent on you to launch an enquiry into the extraordinarily biased behaviour of the Child Support Agency and perhaps more broadly the administration of Human Services in general.
    It has been put to government in numerous reports that the suicide rate for men that have been unfairly treated in this system is currently at 18 per week. What number must that grow to before the apparent apathy of the coalition government wanes and the Minister responsible is held accountable? Will it be your agenda Ms Payne?
    I await your timely response.
    Paul Casley
    By: Paul from QLD, Australia on September 1, 2015 @ 10:41 pm
    The system is definately flawed. I am self employed and a family trust owns shares ub the company that I work for. This seems to create a frenzy of activity within the CSA, an opportunity to put it to a deadbeat dad. Some facts:
    I support 'our' daughter whilst she attends a college/course that isn't funded by HECS. CSA don't recognise that contribution because she is 18, should I withdraw support for my daughter?
    I pay school fees for my three sons, the mother dipsutes this and CSA believes everything that she says without a burden of proof, should I stop paying school fees?
    One of my sons lives with me full time, his mother disputes this, should I kick him out of my home?
    I make regular contributions to all of my sons upbringing in all facets of there lives and in fact I have 50% custody of my boys. CSA have somehow determined that I earn $369,000 this year and therefore owe their mother some $2500 per month. I only bring in about $6600 per month and pay rent and all of the above out-goings out of that. For my apparent lack of attention to this debt they slapped a DPO on me.
    I'm fighting the battle and I've had some wins. I'm happy to share some 'tactics' with other sufferers of the injustice of this system. Don't roll over, self harm or become violent. Only a united approach can work and it's important that we gather facts and evidence and present them in an orderly manner to the 'decision makers'.
    By: Sal from NT, Australia on August 28, 2015 @ 12:21 pm
    Get this man into fight and more will follow I'm sure

    I know what party to vote for, how soon can we get the Equal Parenting Party in to fight with us all behind them?
    I know I've joined in the battle late and have only been made aware of these problems and shrugged them off with tears and words and thoughts that nothing can be done. But as mentioned below, the law needs to change for CSA to stop breaking people. This man sounds like he has been on a mission that will have the means and know how! If anyone has the time means and know how to join the party and help solve this problem go to his website and or facebook page to see what can be done. Seats/offices/petitions/rally's can be held nation wide for people that are clueless to stop and think and have their eyes opened! Let's do it, we all know we need this party to pull through at the next election as the one after is so far away! How many have you have given up on voting because there is simply no one worth voting for and dammed if we do and dammed if we don't?! Let's vote, and let's vote and fight for the Equal Parenting Party.

    Sounds good to me anyhoo!!
    By: Sal from NT, australia on August 28, 2015 @ 12:14 pm
    This person has the right idea. There has been no movement on this site as of December 22nd 2014 but I'm sure the more friends
    /limes/shares on this page would be appreciated to try and make a change in the law. I am not on FB and my better half is friends with his son on his page but considering joining to help the movement. The urge is on to contact your parliamentary members/senators for something to be done. Some are trying and being shot down but if we don't try who will fight the fight for us?!
    By: Real CS info from qld, Australia on August 27, 2015 @ 2:56 pm
    Jill...the extension of child support beyond a childs 18th birthday is not continuous. It can be extended for a year of school ending within 365 days of the childs 18tg Birthday. So in your case just one year.

    Superdad. Yes once you access super the mum can ask it be considered and at may also appear in your tax return.

    680. By: screwed from NSW, Australia on August 27, 2015 @ 2:47 pm
    Jill - "does anybody know what rights you have....."

    Answer = YES, Absolutely none. prepare for a continual period of being royally screwed.
    By: Jill from NSW, Australia on August 27, 2015 @ 1:58 pm
    my partner was paying child support for his last child, who left school and went to work full time last November, (turning 17 in Dec 2014) CSA was not informed by the mother that the child was now working full time and not residing with her. After countless phone calls from my partner, CSA finally advised that the child was no longer living with the mother and was working full time as at FEB 2015, which we know is incorrect, however as the legal paying parent with aboslutely no rights whatsoever to schools, reports, education, life, medical history we are not able to PROVE this to child support, because the mother denies it and her word is gospel and states it isn't so. CSA backdated the child support payment to stop as at Feb and hence the mother has a debt that she owes to my partner of approx $260, we have received several phone calls asking us do we want the money collected from the mother, two of the phone calls even suggested that if we were to waiver the fee the mother would not re-commence the child support. it is now august and my partner still has not received the money, however he has received notification that his child support is about to re-commence. The child in question will be 18 on the 21 Dec and he has been advised that he has to pay well after that date if he is enrolled in secondary education. We paid child support for the first son up until he was 19 yrs of age because his mother made him repeat a school year. When I rang child support to enquire about us once again having to pay child support well and truly beyond the age of 18 CSA advised that this was not so and we only had to pay until the child turned 18 seeing as the school year had ended, however today my partner rang CSA and he was advised that the information we were given by child support was in fact incorrect and that he will have to pay until the secondary education ceases which is looking like he may be 20 or more as you cannot commence school in August. My partner has always paid his child support on time and always done the right thing, there are court order at home to advise that the children will see him every month and travel to do this will be done turnabout THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED and the children have not spoken to their father for over 9yrs. Does anybody know what rights the fathers have apart from being a never ending money tree. at the end of the day when the child turns 18 and my partner continues to have to pay CSA for the so called secondary education the only word CSA will have to confirm this is one of a liar, who would have continued to get paid child support all this time, if my partner had not have accidentally found out.
    I am absolutely fed up with how he is being treated and have had years of him being let down constantly and gets so worked up about it he doesn't talk or eat for days! Just wondered too, why children under CSA are more special than those that live with both, those that live with both parents would have a boot in their rear end telling them that they were now adults (at 18) and the 'free ride' was over!
    By: Bruce from Qld, Australia on August 26, 2015 @ 4:51 pm
    Super dad. Do NOT but an investment property in your own name as you will lose out big time with add backs.

    In any case you should be buying an investment in a unit trust to keep csa out of it and to secure your ownership with the friend.

    Depends on how old the kids are. Can you afford to hold off investing? Prob not
    By: Super Dad from Queensland, Australia on August 26, 2015 @ 4:10 pm
    Currently I am unemployed with a considerable mortgage with children in child support. In the past my ex has constantly harassed my through Change of Assessment in the CSA but as I am currently unemployed child support is at the minimum.
    A friend of mine is encouraging me to withdraw my superannuation (which I am able to do now) to pay a deposit and go shares with him on an investment property which will be negatively geared due to borrowings.
    My concern is that if I withdraw my super then this will immediately cause my ex to apply for a change of assessment under Reason 8 - The child support assessment is unfair because of the income, earning capacity, property or financial resources of one or both parents. Of course this is my super which I eventually want to use to pay of my home mortgage while my ex owns her substantial home outright.
    If the CSA did make me pay extra I would be stuffed as I am only surviving with the help of family and friends now in my current circumstances without access to my super and the property will be negatively geared. Does REAL CS Info or anyone else have any experience with this situation? Am i better of to leave my super where it is until child support is no longer an issue? Thanks in advance.
    By: john from south australia, australia on August 25, 2015 @ 12:49 pm
    Hi all,

    i'm having to pay for my son which my ex partner does not allow me to see at all i have not seen him since he was 2 years old and now he is 6 years old. i have tried in many ways to see him before and in the end she has the upper hand as she is the one that looks after him so once again i miss out. i know he still lives in SA i know where and what school he goes to but the problem is i'm a shift worker and it makes it hard to work around it was my work is a 7 hour drive away as well. i was playing $415 a week for about 6 months of the year then about 2 months ago it dropped down to $237 a week. so as the financial year came to an end i did my tax and today i got a letter saying what i was going to get back from my tax $4430 has gone to her as i was in debt but how can i be when i was paying her $415 then $237 a week the system is F**ked i say. i'm over it and thinking of stopping the payments altogether so i don't have to pay because in my eyes I've paid way to much in the past year it's almost $10.000 i've paid in the last year and i see that there is other people out there that don't even pay that much or hardly any at all.
    By: Andrew Periam from Nsw, Australia on August 24, 2015 @ 7:11 pm
    Ron. Not sure if you message was for my post. But I called CSA and they said I could only send them receits and they would have to reassess the whole case as we are deemed as equal shared care. I don't understand the system and have no idea what I should be doing.
    By: Ron Ferguson from NSW, AUSTRALIA on August 24, 2015 @ 6:52 pm
    Once you have paid your maintenance that's it, you're not expected to pay for excursions, medicals etc. Let's face it you're already broke.
    By: DaveF from Vic, Au on August 24, 2015 @ 4:09 pm
    Can anyone please clarify or provide their advice/personal expoerience on this situation?
    Paying Child Support. Not in arrears, paying on time as assessed. Recently made redundant. Change of Assessment decision finalised by CS based on my redundancy payout results in increased CS payments. I am concerned that I will not regain employement before I exhaust savings/money.
    Potential Senario:
    Disposal of asset i.e motor vehicle. A vehicle registered in my name (that I own) is transfered to my new partner or sold to a third party below its potential market value?
    Could CSA attribute any 'income' value to the potential transfer? If yes, how is this worked out?
    If at a later date I suffer financial hardship and went into CS arrears/debt, could CSA make consideration of the vehicle transfer/sale and claim that I could have sold the vehicle for money to pay CS debt, and by transfering it with no/reduced $ value I am avoiding paying CS?

    If any further clarification is required, please ask. Thank you
    By: Andrew Periam from NSW, Australia on August 24, 2015 @ 3:21 pm
    I have care of my two children for 6 nights a fortnight. I pay a good chunk of CSA payments to my ex but she keeps asking for me to pay for other stuff.

    Kids now need braces and I am paying half but not sure if I am supposed to.

    Also ex is a bit slack at declaring her income or doing her tax return. Feel like I am being taken for a ride.

    Any suggestions ???
    By: David Farmer aka Daveyone from Hertfordshire, England on August 23, 2015 @ 8:42 pm
    Bring Down Child Support Services ~ AUG 28th 2015! ((WORLDWIDE))
    670. By: robin from nsw, australia on August 21, 2015 @ 1:51 pm
    Been there done that
    My x asked for rec every time he payed csa only to cut it of as he felt " that 2 pairs of school shoes should not cost $90 " and took the price of the shoes of his csa payment and yep csa let him do it all the time told them both to go f*** of in the end. i used the csa payments to send the kids to school now I pay for everything my kids need out of my own pocket dont ask him or csa for a thing
    By: Andy from Victoria, Australia on August 21, 2015 @ 8:54 am
    How many can relate to this story?
    She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)
    By: Simon from Vic, Australia on August 20, 2015 @ 10:42 pm
    Simply put, the system is open to manipulation.

    I believe that in order for child support to be claimed by the majority care parent, a minimum of 3 months of receipts should be provided by the majority care parent. Very similar to the log book method for tax (car deductions) this will then show both parties actual expenses of the child / children. Irrespective of Their taxable incomes it should be purely worked out on their share of expense. This irradiates any discrepancies or I'll reporting on taxable incomes by either parent as they actually pay what they are required to ... Food for thought.
    By: Wilma from Qld, Australia on August 20, 2015 @ 4:01 pm
    Hi everyone

    Since the powers that be appear to condone all things weird and wonderful in regard to the child support paid by our male species, may I suggest that the mothers of the payers try to become MPs and/or speak forth about the harassment, inhumane treatment of our sons. It is despicable and needs to be addressed.

    The United Nations - Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:
    Article 1 - All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

    Article 3 - Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

    Article 4 - No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

    Article 5 - No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
    By: john from NT, Australia on August 20, 2015 @ 9:29 am

    The petition is there a URL or site to register for this petition. Thanks

    By: Tony from Wa, Australia on August 19, 2015 @ 4:49 pm
    Do you think there are any plans in the future to make Csa system fairer?
    By: Bettina from NSW, Australia on August 19, 2015 @ 6:27 pm
    Darren from WA

    I have actually posted on here earlier about changing the law, I had a petition started to take to the Senate, perhaps you might like to help?
    By: John from NT, Australia on August 19, 2015 @ 11:39 am
    Darren from WA.

    Mate you are bang on the money there my sentiments exactly.

    For me though the solution is to leave the country and seek a new life overseas.

    I have no wish to put myself through the CSA intimidation for what amounts to Laws that are:
    1) Punitive (have been fined twice)
    2) Pernicious
    3) Made through the Judiciary and rubber stamped by the Pollies.

    Yes the good ol Westminster system has coughed up these Laws.

    It can go to Hell! Its not good for my mental health; every time I HAVE TO CALL CSA MY BLOOD PRESSURE RISES massively.

    My two bob's worth.
    By: darren from WA, Australia on August 19, 2015 @ 8:39 am
    Real CSA is right.

    just because you might not like what he says, or what the CSA does, does not make what they are doing wrong. What the CSA is doing, in all our cases, is applying the law and rules they are given.

    NOW - don't confuse "doing nothing wrong" with "fair". I also do not think that things the CSA does is "FAIR", but to be realistic, there is no provision for "fairness" and very very little for discretion .. CSA must apply the law and the formulas they are given.

    if we have issues as to whether we think the LAW (not the CSA) is fair, or equal then we have to change the law. We will never change the CSA because they just apply the law. Change the law, and you will change the CSA.

    I like reading different scenarios on here, because it makes me realise I am not alone in what I am going through ..BUT what I do not read on here is any realistic ideas for solutions or change.

    If we want the law changed faster, we cant just whinge that it's "unfair" - it would help if we showed WHY it is unfair, and HOW it could be made fairer - remembering that law has to be about the "everyone" not the individual.

    The more this site gets used for whinging and bitching, and not for trying to collectively attempt a "change", then the more bitter and discontent we will all become ... because we start to find comfort in others' discomfort. It's unhealthy and will not get the changes we need.

    Why not attempt to get a political party - BUT, again, the agenda cant be "poor me". The agenda would have to be "this is fairer and better for the children"

    I am not saying not to vent on here - sometimes it helps. But try, at the end of the rant putting a proposal as to how it could be changed. Hopefully, when enough good ideas are put together, it will provide someone enough of a script to take to a Senator or MP. I am sure there are politicians out there who are also paying parents in CSA cases, and may also like some change.

    Just my two cents - take it or leave it !!
    By: Real CS info from qld, Australia on August 19, 2015 @ 8:22 am
    Hi Ron,

    Giving someone factual advice is not ridiculous and in fact you confused the issue perhaps as you are not clearly listening.

    The information I noted was not about the posters debt anount existing or not but was about the law. Under the registration and collection act you can apply to stop employer withholding. This is fact.

    Based on your comments perhaps your not listening to CSA about your income. Please note there is a lack of details here but you may be experiencing 1 of 2 things. The Dredded COA reason 8 where they deemed you income ability higher by 17k..which means unless you object or go to SSAT the debt collector has to make you pay or 2

    You lodged your income late and the provisional being used was 17k higher and again the law means csa must make you pay on that amount.

    They probably are listening and trying to tell you something but your only point is you did not earb it so are not listening to them. They cannot go outside the rules.

    Please note if you do not lodge they use different means of provisional income.

    I am not saying it is right or fair you get charged like that but that is how the rules they are given are built.

    660. By: Ron Ferguson from NSW, AUSTRALIA on August 19, 2015 @ 7:34 am
    You have to be kidding! Just call CSA and get a rational person. They can't figure out that if you don't earn what they demand you can't pay it. Put everything in writing. I am still fighting a fantasy debt based on CSA claiming l earned 17 000 more than l actually did. Not only do they create this debt they charge interest on it. So Real CS you're ridiculous when you think CSA listen.
    By: Real CS info from qld, Australia on August 18, 2015 @ 6:24 pm

    CSA can choose the method of payment. Your ex cannot request this. If it is up to date you have the right to apply for a stop of employer withholding.

    You can do that over the phone and they will consider your payment history.

    Sounds like there may be a debt or the amount your paying is incorrect just call them and discuss
    By: Ky from Nsw, Australia on August 18, 2015 @ 6:14 pm
    I have recieved a letter from cas informing me that they have instructed my employer to deduct Cs payments directly from my wage. As of last Friday I am 100% up to date with my payments and I pay via post every two weeks like clockwork. They also said the payments will be $185 per pay more. why I don't know, there has been no reassessment and I've submitted my tax like I always do.
    How can they do this without discussing it with me? It's absurd.
    My understanding is that I get to choose the means by which I make my payments not them. I really think it's another bully tatic by my ex to control what I do, can csa force me to pay this way even though my Cs is paid like clockwork and is up to date? What are my rights?
    By: robin from nsw, australia on August 18, 2015 @ 2:00 pm
    You can take it into the court and have a court order to make her do the DNA test.You just need the proof and the court will look at it from your view ( courts are coming arount to the fathers side now )and know where she lives. If shes hiding from you than what does that say ?
    This is where csa state that you need to be living together 44 weeks before a child is conceived and 44 weeks after that. This is where the law should be changed so no one male gets court like that all kids should be DNA tested after their birth they do this in WA before a csa case is even lodged
    By: John from NT, Australia on August 18, 2015 @ 11:47 am

    I know a few couples who have separated over the past decade or so who have decided to behave as 'grown ups'.

    These x couples have steered away from FLC and CSA for a reason - because they thought they could work out a better solution. All of them that chose this option have been far and away more successful (so have the resulting children).

    When either of the 'grown ups' decides for whatever reason to involve the STATE APPARATUS their is trouble without fail.

    I feel most remorse for those grown ups (like myself) who foolishly indeed niavly went down the wrong path. I could never have imagined the system could be this bad.

    The system then goes on to 'support' the other parent showering them with MONEY, AUTHORITY and SYMPATHY in return you get alienated and have to pay for this setup.

    The system will not change.
    "The Law is like a spiders web; it catches flies but wasps
    fly straight through"

    I only have two options:
    1) suicide or
    2) get the hell out of here with half a shirt on my back.

    Fortunately (for my kids sake as well) I choose option 2.

    You cannot expect the Judiciary or Legislature to reform this system when is reduces the welfare bill annually by Billions.

    It's unethical, unfair and injects a fair amount of venom into an already dysfunctional system.

    The task for you is to find a path that is satisfactory - TO YOU.

    Good luck everyone - the gender issue is irrelevant to me. Way past that by now.


    By: Sal from Nt, Australia on August 18, 2015 @ 10:22 am
    Hi Nikki and Robin.

    It sucks, the whole system sucks as a whole. The thing is that parents that have the custody of the children and are unfortunately not receiving payments from the X is and has been well and truly highlight through media, now, and for a very long time. It's often highlighted that the "deadbeat dad isn't making payments". Only last week they were talking about tax payers payers possibly covering the payments?!

    The fact is that all the x's that don't have the fortune of the priceless opportunity of raising their children (and in some cases supposed children), and have no say in how or where that child may be raised.

    I am not attacking you guys and nor should you take this as such but you have come onto a page for fathers and families of fathers or mothers on the other end of the stick come to vent their issues. No one mentions anything about the s**t end of the stick that they have in the media. Of any means, at any time.

    We do realise that there are a small minority that don't hold up there end and don't want for some reason what ever it be anything to do with payments or the child/children. This is extremely unfortunate, but everyone's story and circumstances vary to extreme.

    It has been stated that how ever many billion dollars are outstanding in child support but no one has mentioned how many billion have been handed over in comparison!

    I am sorry and feel sorry for everyone that is having a rough time and struggling, I can completely understand the need to vent. My other half doesn't want to talk about it anymore as there is nothing much more we can do and gets so frustrated with the fact. So I come here. No one might read it or hundreds or thousands might. I don't care for that fact, I just need to get it out. I also have partly given up. But it's a place for us to vent!

    Everyone having a rough time on this end are generally more than happy to support their child/children. We want what is best for THEM. We just want a system that really works for everyone. Please understand that the situations for everyone vary and we are sick and tired of hearing the word "deadbeat" associated to people that are the complete opposite.

    Be thankful at the current time that you have your child, with any luck you can tuck tem in tonight and cuddle them tonight because majority of the people venting here don't have that opportunity.

    Ii understand also it is hard to scrape by on nothing but we are in the same situation, and we are doing the right thing.

    So my pint is this and only this. We come to vent about problems with CSA, and the situation we're in generally. This sight is called fathers 4 justice, I'm also confused as to what reply/remark/comment was going to be made. I am sorry for what ever your situation but please respect that story of everyone else's.
    By: robin from nsw, australia on August 18, 2015 @ 10:55 am
    CSA Sucks from QLD
    This is not about putting people down as you did to Nikki from QLD. She asked a question and Im asking the same thing my x ownes 2 bussiness but cant afford to support his kids as " its unfair to him to support them ". I work full time to put a roof over their heads but csa wont go and get the money from him it seams its just to hard to get blood out of a stone their words. Every wants to have the law changed to help the paying parent but wnat about the parent who is ment to be getting the money no help there
    By: Ashley mason from Wa, Australia on August 17, 2015 @ 9:13 pm
    To break it down. CSA treated me as lowlife scum. By the time they took child support I couldn't meet unavoidable bills. Food rent, fuel, insurance. They refused to adjust my payments forcing me out of work. Along the way I hd a breakdown hearing voices telling me CSA had a cup in my head. In 20009. Forced to sells a unit I wanted for retirement and later to leave my kids they garnished $15,000. They then sent letters saying I wasn't going to be paying child support as my ex asked them to stop. By this time I was on DSP so the most they could take as $6 per week. They told me disputed arrears were cleared. Its now six years later and out of the blue they sent a new arrears clim seeking $15,000. I'm now hearing voices again and fighting suicide thoughts. If I end my life it will be in Canberra outside Parliament with letters and emails sent to media telling the full story. MPs don't care about how CSA laws ruin non custodials life. I urge all screwed by the system to never vote again until a party has policy to fix CSA . As it stands we are a caste group stripped of legal rights
    By: Mark from Queensland, Australia on August 17, 2015 @ 9:15 pm thanks
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