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Child Support — What does it all mean?
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Who wants to be dictated to by the State on how you support your children — what, how and when?

Whilst many views float around arguing for and against child support, most decent fathers and parents would argue the issue is not whether or not they wish to support their children, but rather the often unfair conditions imposed upon them.

Simply, it's an attack on the nature of a father's freedom and how he best wishes to raise and support his children in the many different ways a responsible father can, which are often more effective and benefical to a child than any 'slap-bang' instrument of government and statism can ever be.

For a father going through separation/divorce, experiencing the loss of family and children, horrendous false allegations, litigation, uncertainty of where your children are and how they are doing, often causes ill health, work and life instability in so many ways. Also, the effects from not having a fully functioning and emotionally present Dad in a child's life can be equally, if not more devestating as their development can be hindered considerably.

Then if that isn't bad enough, along comes an assessment from the Child Support Agency (CSA) for an outlandish sum of money based on your capacity to work at the highest rate when you were fit and able and on fire, which is possibly a stark contrast to where your financial position is today, or will be in the future if you are unable to recover from the upheaval of a traumatic separation that's often compared to a fate worse than death.

From 2006 CSA powers in Australia have increased to not only garnish your wages, but directly withdraw from bank accounts any amount they deem appropriate, siezing assets of any sort to pay the often highly questionable and unjust debts. As Fathers are assaulted with such draconian measures, one can only feel a sense of dictatorship giving rise to a totalitarian society — not a free Australia — causing fathers to unite and fight for their rights and freedom.

As there are many issues surrounding child support and the effects upon fathers, children and families,

Share your opinion and experiences about the pros and cons of child support,
lifting the veil on a most horrid part of family breakup!

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    By: Bryon from Qld, Australia on May 28, 2016 @ 7:12 pm
    Mate, your only option is to request that the amount of super payout be excluded from your csa assessment. Yoy can take this all the way to AAT but i dont think there has been any instance where AAT have overturned the decision.
    You need your ex partner to AGREE for the lump sum to be set aside for assessment purposes. I wish you all the best with that mate.
    1200. By: Subramaniam from NSW , Australia on May 27, 2016 @ 7:33 pm
    I am 58 years old and retired and as i did not have an income i had withdrawn my super income mainly to pay off part of my housing loan and live out of this. But the money that has come to me which is superannuation final benefits have been included as taxable income for income tax purposes and hence my assessment income for that year has gone 4 times my normal income. Now i have got a big bomb shell from CSA to say that since my taxable income is 4 times and hence i will be slugged with that income as my taxable income and hence i have a bill for 30K now to pay, which honestly i cannot afford to pay. I am less than 60 and hence a part of this has been taxed and hence my taxable income has gone up
    Can any one please explain if a final payout from a superannuation - a one time payment and not a monthly income - is CSA right in taking my superannuation benefits on my retirement to treat as a taxable income and asking me pay this 30K. Are they correct. Can anyone URGENTLY help me on this as i want to know the real status before i take the phone and talk to CSA. Your help be highly appreciated. Thanks
    By: robin from nsw, australia on May 27, 2016 @ 10:42 am
    Paul from Vic
    U can start court action on your own its all on the family court web site should cost about $1100 maybe less
    My partner was paying csa for 14yrs for a kid that wasnt his so he went to court and asked for DNA took 2 yrs to do it but the court ruled his way and classed the kid as not his cause the mother refused the test so no more CSA payments. As for CSA themselfs if u ring and tell them to hold of payments as you are in the middle of a court case they will hold of till the court case is over
    By: Paul webb from Victoria , Australia on May 26, 2016 @ 12:31 am
    My daughter is 8 years old. Her mother & I had a brief affair, within two weeks she got back with her Husband, she told me she was pregnant & the child was mine. I trusted this & when my child was born I was present along with her Husband. I cutthe cord when she entered this world & her life began. I then visited again three months later, at this time I had started a relationship with my now wife of six years. During the time I met my wife she decided to cut me out off my daughters life?? My wife emailed her in 2010 as we decided we needed confirmation by means of DNA as we were not certain if the child was mine or the Husbands as neither was she, however as my name was on the birth certificate i was now forced to pay child support. My wife indicated that if the child was mine I would want to spend time with my daughter. Her response was "he will have to go through the courts. I pay a considerable amount of child support & I care for my wifes children also, yes they have a father, but he is pretty much homeless & we receive no child support, they wont even take this into consideration?! I desperately want to have contact with my child but I only have a suburb & state & no actual address. My wife & i have sought legal help which will cost us $30,000, we cannot afford this. Recently an anonymous friend has attempted to go to my wifes previous employment & spoke to a colleague & advised we need to start legislation immediately before its too late, she has concerns for my daughters welfare & further advised my daughter has cerebal palsy & also indicated my childs family are going to run as they are aware we are trying to locate them. Unfortunately this lady was not given our details due to privacy. We are very distressed, this lady may have been able to give us an address. If I stop paying child support this will hurt them; as neither my daughters mother or stepfather generate income, they also have three children of their own so they would be living off centrelink payments. But if I dont pay child support wil prosecute me, why should I have to pay when I cant see my child & gave grave concerns I never will? Really would love some advice
    By: David Farmer from Hertfordshire, United Kingdom on May 26, 2016 @ 12:18 am
    Child Support Agency sues father who lavished cash on daughters
    The Child Support Agency launched a court case against a man who had just lavished more than $17,000 on his daughters because the money did not flow through the federal government agency.
    By: Bryon from Qld, Australia on May 23, 2016 @ 7:09 pm
    Nick, sorry mate, zero chance if any positive outcome for you there.

    Has she lodged tax returns? If yes then zero chance. If no then there is a slight chance but theres nothing you could do (or need to do) for a reassessment. It can only be acted upon once lodged.

    Sorry, /end!
    By: Nick from NSW, Australia on May 22, 2016 @ 2:48 pm
    Hey all. I'm in a similar situation to Suzy's where I had the kids for 10 years and received very little in payments over that time (none at all in the first 6 years). Like her I was decent and didn't pursue money through CSA. She told me she would pay me lump sums "when her business got successful", so we went with a private arrangement. Needless to say, the lump sums never eventuated (even though she now lives in Neutral Bay, drives a BMW and the kids go to Mosman High). Anyway, for the whole time they were with me and even now, she has declared $0 income. My assessments were therefore UNDER-calculated and what I have to pay her now that she has the kids is OVER-calculated. My question to anyone who might know is: is it worth trying to have her obviously false Tax declarations investigated in the hope of getting my very high payment amount reduced? Or is it a waste of time? Reading through all the horrible stories here at this forum doesn't give me much hope, but I'd like to know that it's an option I could pursue if needed. Thanks guys and chins up; I love the advice from those saying move on and live your life your own way!
    By: Tony L from NSW, Australia on May 21, 2016 @ 10:01 pm
    Andrew, Thank you for your wise and sound advice. The best way to wreck a system is to use it. I think we can all benefit from using your methods when dealing with the scourge of the CSA.
    By: Andrew from NSW, Australia on May 19, 2016 @ 7:46 pm
    After dealing with the CSA cretins for several years now. You need to hold them accountable.

    I've had them lie directly to me and call on mobile phones that cannot be monitored 'because it is easier' and increase assessments when I have told them that I was in between jobs which was proven true.

    I eventually received $0 payment assessment response for the same period 4 years later. Requested call records for the mobile calls have never eventuated. They have also incorrectly estimated my payments by $8000 and I was proven right later.

    I have a 200+ page record now made a few years ago where CSA complaints were finally printed out after a year of insistent case escalation.

    The only method I use now to hold the CSA account with their utter f^&kery is:

    1. Record all phone calls. Inform them upfront that you are recording their phone calls. CSA will complain or hang up on you. Call back, if they hang up again then call the CSA complaints line and repeat. Always get the sequence number at the end of the call and it is a breach if it is not provided.

    Check your state laws and ignore any claims by the CSA frontline droids that you need warrant. My bank needs no warrant to record my call for 'training' purposes as they inform me upfront too.

    Relevant Legislation - Section 7:

    CSA will never retrieve old calls even if the sequence number is provided to confirm past conversations. Keep your copy instead.

    2. Request that you are on the written correspondence list only. They don't like this but it is a requirement since not every CSA customer will have phone and you should be able to be treated equally. Do not answer any private number phones calls - ever.

    3. Screen capture any emails sent to the CSA with the submitted sequence number issues after the email is sent. They have 'never' responded to any of my sent emails.

    4. As I am a CSA 'customer' then I expect good service. Escalate any issues while recording up the chain of CSA command. Failing that go to the complaints line, failing that to your local member which is useful in a election period. This worked for me.

    5. Document all calls and correspondence in a diary.

    If I suspect any breach of legislation then I make it clear that I will take legal action and the CSA correspondence will be used as evidence in any court action.

    I have two children that have suffered parental alienation and they don't talk to me any more courtesy of lies against me. The ex- uses this as a tool to extract more time and hence CSA payments.

    The ex's payout bought her another home which is rented to her brother. Repeated requests to the CSA to investigate these under the table payments based on the market value of the property have not ever been actioned.

    My new assessment is $25k per year for one child under 18 years now.

    All of these things are just to keep them honest and its a headache but needs to be done. I've heard enough off-the-cuff CSA lies and comments. I get better results now.

    CSA aggression is no doubt in my mind the leading cause of male suicide for the 30-45 yr old age bracket.

    I wish you all well in your fights against the most corrupt and inept government organisation that is allowed to continue unchecked.

    Stay strong all. The scourge of CSA %^&*'s will leave you alone one day ...........

    Hold them accountable even if it means more work.
    By: James from SA, Australia on May 18, 2016 @ 10:41 pm
    ive been paying child support now for about 3 years. when I first started paying I was paying about $3500 year based on $50000 wage, about a year later my wage increased to $70000, my payments doubled, then my boy turned 13 and my payments almost tripled....I know pay almost $11000 year. How the hell is that fair, he doesn't cost anymore to look after now than he did 3 years ago. My ex was managing fine then. I was also giving extra at the start for sporting commitments. Once my payments doubled the extra money had to stop and I advised my ex to take the sports funds from the extra $3500 I was to start paying. That caused WW3. now i've been pushed out of being involved in his sport and the new boyfriend has moved in. I cant afford to [ay the amount I am paying. I am struggling to have a life. I have recently found a new partner. I'm really worried this is going to affect my relationship in-case we cant afford to do things together. I am head over heals in love with my partner and it would kill me to loose her and I don't want to be financially dependant on her. I have thought about just paying child support what I can afford or think is acceptable. I have no house or money for them to take off of me. so might be an option. I'm really lost for ideas guys, I've tried getting reassessments done based on percentage spent, her income etc, but to no avail....Suzy, I don't own my own business but do have an ABN number, can I still set up a trust fund??
    By: mark from nsw, australia on May 14, 2016 @ 11:23 am
    Criminal profile of a Child Support Agency worker.

    Someone who grew up with the only aspiration of obtaining a high school certificate, or as close to it as they could get.
    Someone who then seeks a sheltered paper pushing, fat assed job with the government.
    Someone that puts greater effort into getting out of work than doing the work properly.
    Someone who goes on strike to demand more pay for their lack of effort.

    In a nut shell. These are dumb assed morons that are lazy and have no ambition. When they see someone that has succeeded in life and has a salary conciderably greater than theirs their narrow little minds get jealous and they conspire to bring them down using laws concocted by other morons in government.
    The irony is that someone has put these dip shits in charge and has allowed them to destroy the lives of others(People who are motivated, have self pride and who are beneficial to society) unlike these rodents in the CSA.

    The AAT is probably funded by the government and if so is not going to bite the hand that feeds it and as such cannot be seen as independent.
    1190. By: Ian King from QLD, Australia on May 11, 2016 @ 5:37 pm
    Just got my AAT decision back as well. Also as expected it did not go in my favour.

    Ignoring for a minute the lies told by the other side, which were accepted as fact, and the ignoring of evidence presented by myself, which appear to be standard operating procedure, I am still amazed at the inaccuracies in the AAT decision. They get facts completely wrong, dates wrong, figures wrong. Child care percentages, which have appeared on CSA documentation for months, are incorrectly stated in the AAT decision.

    Unbelievable !
    By: Byron from Vic, Au on May 10, 2016 @ 7:09 pm
    I used to put money into my kids bank account every fortnight as a way to save up for their school excursions, I stopped when my ex started taking money from me through CSA as I could no longer afford it. There is about $1000 across the 3 accounts. She has now gotten hold of their bank books and is threatening to take me to court so she can get hold of the money and try to prove I have more money than I say I do. does she have any grounds for this?
    By: daniel from New South Wales, Australia on May 10, 2016 @ 6:34 pm
    hi suzy i already have a company of which i am a director and an existing family trust under my name only. So what you are saying is that if i set up my existing family trust and put my 2 boys in the trust aged 12 and 15 and show that the trust earns more than $800 per week ($400 per child), i can then advise child support of this and i would no longer need to pay child support to my ex for my 2 boys ???, and as long as the trust continues to show a weekly increase of $800 per week there is nothing my ex can do about it ??? and i have the option of how much i then decide to give them when they are 18 lets say ??? i have a daughter aged 9 so i would continue to pay child support to my ex just for her ??? am i reading what you said correctly ???
    By: Not Surprised from WA, Aus on May 7, 2016 @ 11:03 am
    Just received decision from AAT. As expected it did not go in my favour. Even whilst her lies and exaggerations were pointed out and proven,they were ignored, along with all my real evidence. I felt the whole procedure was put in place just to humour me, when they knew full well, the hard working father sitting in front of the panel,who has never missed a CS payment, ever had a chance.
    This extremely bias system has enabled another vindictive mother to carry on with what she does often and best.
    Time to get over it now, love my family and be glad that I am not her.
    If anyone is thinking of using the Chid support help agencies that canvass on these sites, be aware that the $1000 they charge will only get you a letter written. After that you are pretty much on your own, as calls will be ignored.
    Anyway, time to look after my self, pay my ridiculous amount of CS, and manage the best I can.
    Good luck to all out there.
    By: rich from western australia, Australia on May 6, 2016 @ 7:04 pm
    found this page which is interesting how vocal the canadians are getting about this
    By: Suzy from NSW, Australia on May 2, 2016 @ 4:21 pm
    To Explain... The trust account is in your name...whether you choose to give all or some of it to your child or not at 18 is up to you....and no I wouldn't be telling the child about it, it's just a way to start putting aside now for later if and when they deserve it. I'm not suggesting you bribe your children to see you...but I am suggesting you teach them responsibility by using things that they like which can also give you things to do with your children...IE A puppy requires walking/ feeding and cleaning up after as well as love...these are all things that should be done by your child with you present. Walking the dog for an hour with your child is good for both of you and so can be cleaning up after it and training it...much better than playing Xbox. The same is said for enrolling your children in sports...good for both of you...I make these suggestions for the fathers that are not getting a lot of time with their kids...sure thee things won't reduce your child support payments unless you have them overnight more...but they don't cost much and they will increase time with your children whilst teaching them valuable life lessons. Same goes for attending the school functions with them...they love it and unless you have some sort of criminal charges against you to do with your child you can not be stopped attending any of these things. As for enrolling your kids in maths and English tutors...this is NOT something they would appreciate from you right now...but it certainly will help them down the track and it shows that your childs best interests are with you (obviously if your child is a straight A student this isn't necessary) statisticly speaking alot of children with separated / waring parents have problems at school. As for CSA if you pay school / tutor fees...they only accept it after you've done it. In my view if a child is with you around 90% of the time they will cost you $300 a week (that's without sport fees/ tutors/ or day care if their little.) I've been on both sides of this...I'm now the paying parent...just in my first 3 weeks of that and I can honestly say...having my teenage son 4 nights a fortnight and paying child support is a lot cheaper and easier than when I had him 12 days a fortnight. My time with him now that I'm not the taxi, provider and disciplinarian and house maid is much more enjoyable. No washing, no dirty dishes, no friends sleepovers, no trashed bedroom and rest of the house, no more arguements,I certainly miss him and it's hard to get used to and I do sometimes begrudge paying my EX...but only because he didn't pay any money for several years OR see his son very often by his own Choice....Once you get over that though and you look at the big scheme of things is $5,000 or $10,000 a year really that much to pay towards your child? isn't it worth it? and if you do just pay it can't you attend all those school events and sporting games too? and if and when you do attend them don't you feel like you get something back when they score that goal or even when they stuff up and you get to console them. These are the things that tied in with Disneyland Mum or Dad give everybody what they just have to get past that paying that lazy useless bitch or bastard that money..learn to revel in it, thrive on it if they are as useless as my ex it wouldn't matter if you were giving them a grand a week they'll still have nothing 10 years from now.
    By: Kris from Nsw, Australia on April 30, 2016 @ 10:14 pm
    Hi, I offered my ex to pay for my sons school fees.
    This would mean that the sum of the school fees would come out of what I pay her.
    She rejected the offer and so did the csa. You gotta love choice:)
    Trevor, could not agree with you more.
    By: Trevor Watson from NSW, Australia on April 30, 2016 @ 9:27 am
    Nice suggestions Susie, keep in mind that guiding parents who have the best interests of their children in mind must demonstrate that deceit has no place in our world. Our children watch Governments and other primary adults manipulate and deceive one another with MONEY being the main motive. Disney parenting simply maintains and perpetuates this fake money driven illusion. Our children learn to value love in $$$ terms and further manipulation. Relationships should not be based on money or the manipulation of it. Children should not be motivated to spend with their parents by what their parents can give them. We simply feed the material monster within humanity. To teach our children great lessons may come at a great cost . A cost that does not involve $$$
    By: Paul from Qld, Australia on April 29, 2016 @ 7:38 pm
    Thanks all for your reply it just I started a company and mother on my first child she has now 7 kids to 7 different fathers and has never worked and she just wrecked all my hard work I spent my life saving for I fell behind on my payment of only 400 dollars and csa froze my bank and took every cent I and my company acc had all $2000 dollars I rang csa and my bank and they said we can't give your money back I said my bill was only 400 why take 2000 and csa said we took if for future payment not happy
    By: suzy from NSW, Australia on April 29, 2016 @ 3:19 pm
    This may help...Read between the lines...those who have a child of 11+ &have a company / business...
    Once a child earns $14,000 a year Centrelink payment to the custodial parent are stopped. This is also true for a said figure in a trust account for the child.
    Once a child earns $400 per week or more the child can be deemed self sufficient and the "paying parent' can just write to the CSA and the child support case is closed.
    If either parent (custodial or Non custodial) can show proof that they are paying for expenses for the child such as School expenses,Tutor fees,guitar lessons,football,soccer etc, these cost's can be taken from your child support payment.I find that both the receiving parent &the paying parent all say it's not about the money it's about the best interests of my child.Therefore, if it is put in writing for all to see amongst the parents that dad /whoever wants to set up a trust account to be paid into for"the Child" that is to go to him / her at 18or wants to send him/her to a tutor/ guitar lessons or whatever&pay for it &wants said amount to be taken off the child support. It can be approach your ex in writing with said order to achieve said plan your ex has to notify CSA that they are going into a private collection arrangement and no longer wish to have CSA collect on their this point CSA will close the case. CSA will not collect any unpaid child support that has not been paid when the case is not on the doesn't matter how much it is. Also centrelink is opposed to paying people for their children when they have other options. If your ex refuses there is written proof that you wanted to set your child up for their future and that you did show to your child &your ex that you did have the best interest of the child at heart.At the very least the one who really has the best interest of the child at heart is exposed as is the one that is only in it for the those of you that are pissed about giving the money to your ex because you don't think it's going to your longer have that dilemma because if you set up the trust account or tutor or whatever You are the trustee for Little Joanie or Jimmy & or are documented as paying towards the child
    if you do not have your own company that you can organise some casual employment for your child through...then they can not get paid work until they are 14/9 months but if you have a " Family Business" they can work in it from 11 years old. If you are the trustee of the childs bank is your account
    you pay tax on any interest it earns etc...BUT the custodial parent has to declare that this trust account exists and it reduces the amount of centrelink payments they can get or cuts them out altogether at a certain amount. Get creative people &put your kids best interests first...why not pay 1,000 a term for a Maths and English tutor that will get them along way& help them,then not have to pay that to your ex. Also get more involved at your kids school,with their teachers...go to book week...go to the classroom visits and attend all the parent teacher nights, the soccer and netball games..manage and coach the team etc..., this will make you number one in your kids eyes & those that have influence on them. For those who want to get the kids visiting more buy a puppy send the kids a pic, ask them when they are coming over to name it& play with it.
    You need to become "Disneyland Mum or Dad"
    1180. By: robin from nsw, australia on April 29, 2016 @ 10:11 am
    No if the company is not in your name BUT you own it than they cant get money from it CSA can only take money from your own bank accounts NOT a company bank account
    By: Paul from Qld , Australia on April 28, 2016 @ 9:47 pm
    Hi dose anyone know how child support works with a pty Ltd company and can they garnish money from that
    By: robin from nsw, australia on April 28, 2016 @ 8:29 am
    Csa states that until a child becomes self supporting eg has a job own income or starts to pay tax then the paying parent is no longer required to pay child support UNLESS that child is still in full time study Or the paying parent has a debt with CSA then he will still have to pay until debt is cleared with them
    By: Sharon Pearce from NSW, Australia on April 26, 2016 @ 2:20 pm
    How is it, my brother has to pay child support for his 16 yr old girl, who has had a baby?
    Surely she is NOW independent / emancipated
    He has never been allowed access to the kids , he has no money to go to court all the time, the end results speak for themselves, his little girl is pregnant. I think it's ridiculous to expect him to remain responsible for a child that has a child.
    He reckons child support has told him he has to pay until she is eighteen.. really ?? is that true?
    By: Mike from Vic, Aust on April 25, 2016 @ 7:15 pm
    Fred you are right,

    I cannot figure out why the family court of injustice continue to award mothers custody over the fathers, even when it is proven the father is a better parent and can supply the child with a better home environment.

    The only reasoning I come up with is that judges are still living in the past where dad went to work and supported the family financially and mum stayed at home and gave the emotional support.

    Guess what, times have changed, most couple have to work now to pay off a house, there are stay at home dads, fathers are now more invested in their children on all levels.

    And, most of all as I see it. Men give life to children, it is OUR sperm that starts the spark of life, otherwise every month that potential life is just flushed away, biological fact.

    I hear it all the time from women "my child" it's not your child b@&ch it's ours. Your were just the incubator and suffer from golden uterus syndrome.

    By: Flipper from Victoria, Australia on April 25, 2016 @ 4:37 pm
    Have to agree with most of the anti-CSA sentiment on this thread. Back in 2012 they set my payments against an old income, which subsequently racked up a huge debt. I went 10 years prior to that in a private arrangement without any major issues. I've fought the CSA for three years over the arrears, and they've finally reduced the debt by more than 90% - although the arrears for late payments is still bigger than the actual child support debt, and the rulings are inconsistent.
    I do find the system unfair, but you have to fight it. I;ve spent countless hours dealing with them on lunchbreaks when it's the only chance I can talk. I've had them knock back COA's a bunch of times, but I didn't give up. It was a lot of money, so it was worth fighting. There's very little to support men through the mental and financial hardship that comes with separation/divorce - not to mention the worry about kids growing up without their dads, and with the alienation that comes with it.
    Maybe it's time the corporate world started putting some money back into men's services; training and support programs; helping them understand the systems so they get some support.
    By: suzy from QLD, Australia on April 25, 2016 @ 1:26 pm
    Has anyone else dealt with these companies that "say" they can become your liason for CSA. In our experience all they do is take your money and then advise you to lie/rort the system. They sent us a completed form for our GP to sign saying that due to stress "name" is no longer able to work. Our GP was appalled anyone would try to do something so illegal. And when we mentioned this to them, they suggested DR shopping until we found one who would sign. We are not opposed to paying child support but at the correct amount. At the moment we are being assessed on our mortgage amount and when we petitioned for a change of assessment they denied our case. Stating the previous earning amount even though due to health my husband has cut back his earning and we now work through a business in my name with employees doing the majority of work. At the moment our monthly assessed amount is more than we pay for the child in our to care to attend private school for a term. How fair is this.
    By: Hado from Sydney NSW, Australia on April 24, 2016 @ 5:50 pm
    hahaha Rita Carter Thomas y0u are a fool haha the government takes us for fools why do you try?

    you made me laugh anyway. ask mr spellcast to rid Australia of a theif called CSA

    By: Trevor from NSW, Australia on April 22, 2016 @ 10:14 am
    This will only effect those who are working for a Company, organisation or department. Anyone earning cash or paying themselves will only be affected went declaring their own income. We must remain creative and think our way out of the spider's Web. Do not accept or succumb to this psyops government project. Creatively change your ways and free yourselves
    By: Rob from WA, Australia on April 22, 2016 @ 1:35 am
    Well its even worse a reaming for me now. I moved to the US for work, the money is less than i was getting in Australia when i was employed but as i was made redundant Feb last year i needed the job. Now the kicker.
    Not only did the CSA use my 2015 earnings plus the redunancy payout to base my payments on(which is like $1960 a month for one child!!!) my USA earnings also have everything added to it like the hire car they let me use, the rent they pay for the unit im in,Airfares etc everything they pay for me to stay and work goes on top of your earnings so my $100k job shows up like $200k earnings. the system sucks
    1170. By: Mike from Vic, Aust on April 21, 2016 @ 8:51 pm
    Yep, STP or single touch payroll.

    The tax office has received $189 mil to implement this program. Each and every time you get paid it is automatically reported to the ATO/CSA.

    Compulsory start for a company with over 20 employees on 1 July 2018.

    Please bend over a little more fellas, the reaming is about to get worse.

    By: Trevor from NSW, Australia on April 21, 2016 @ 8:09 pm
    Hear hear Kris. Couldn't agree more. There is much power in your stated wisdom here. Your words offer valuable guidance for the many reading this site in search of answers in aim of reducing pain and blockages. Nice work
    By: Byron from Vic, AU on April 21, 2016 @ 12:16 pm
    Anyone heard about the "One Touch Payroll" project the ATO are running? This will mean that every time an employer runs their payroll they have to digitally report it to the ATO. This will create digital visibility and linkage between CentreLink CSA, ATO and other Govt depts.

    So all those that are not declaring their income, or delay doing their tax returns, will be exposed. YAY to us fathers whose ex's are rauting the system and draining us. They won't be able to hide any more.
    By: Kris from Nsw, Australia on April 21, 2016 @ 9:59 am
    Hi to all paying parents, csa/family flaw multi billion dollar racket destroying families and creating the new "stolen generation" and "domestic violence".
    It will NEVER change in this country don't waste you energy fighting this contrived system. Instead focus on your own life and not waste your time on things that will drive you up the wall and you can't change. Why do you think so many guys take their own life? So many people a killed because of this injustice? So many children torn apart . Your kids will always be your kids no matter what and one day they will come to know the truth. It's painful not having them but your pain and anger can only be overcome by peace in your own heart and life , otherwise what else is left sorrow?drugs/alcohol all leading to misery. Beat the system and don't let it beat you, and stay alive...
    By: Trevor from NSW, Australia on April 21, 2016 @ 12:49 am
    Thanks Susie, Mike is on the mark here. You have paid your dues. If I were you I would secure my cash and assets by joint bank accounts and shared titles. This way the Gustarpo can't touch your resources. I would minimize my tax declarations and not pay one cent more to the Gustarpo. Ignore all communication with this soul crushing organization and go live your life the way you choose. Do not become entangled in this spider's Web. Be creative. Cut your losses and move on in joy and happiness. It is YOUR life, no one else's. Don't allow this crap to bring you down. It has been way to successful in bringing too many down. You are the controller of your life. The zombies on the CSA phone line have no place in your life. You didn't invite them into it did you?
    By: Mike from Vic, Aust on April 20, 2016 @ 10:41 pm
    Hi Suzy,

    Sorry but a custody agreement is worth nothing and so is a useless court order.
    All my ex had to do was convince/bribe the children.
    Eg. Two weeks of school holiday, my weekend the last weekend of said school holiday - not overnight by this stage. Phone call Friday night by my youngest son, "hi dad, not coming this weekend cos mum has organised a sleep over for me"

    Of course she did, can't even breach her for contravention cos they just say "it's what the child wanted"

    Yes Suzy, they ignore your tax return and hit you with "potential earnings".
    They then use this figure even if your not earning it and you pay support on the amount they deem you COULD earn.

    My ex put in a complaint on my reduced earnings, CSA agreed with her even though I had A mental health program and regular visits with my doctor, my mental health didn't matter to them, this then left me with a large CSA debt.

    Men, stop having children until Australia recognises us as equals in this arena
    By: Suzy from NSW, Australia on April 20, 2016 @ 1:36 pm
    Thanks Trevor, and so sorry to here how it's turned out for you, I can certainly relate, I also never instigated any legal proceedings to recover unpaid child support as I didn't want to mess up my sons life and also I relate to the "Gustapo" issue as even though their records show my ex has unpaid child support over $40,000,which I never tried to collect, they told me yesterday that If I didn't pay the arrears on mine of $235 that they would be taking it from my bank account and I haven't received Family tax benefit or any other centrelink payment since 2007 and had 93% to 100% care of my son for just over 16 years. It seems the women on here seem to have picked the deadbeat dads as partners and the men on here seemed to pick the lazy bitches that think having a child/ children is an excuse not to work again and that the taxpayer should pay for it. I'm interested in your 26,000/96,000 salary lodgement, So are you saying that when I lodge my tax return even if it shows that I have earned less than the previous year that they are currently assessing me on that they can refuse to accept the figure and still claim I have to pay based on the previous assessment? IE They have already told me that I have no recourse based on the unpaid 40,000 over the previous 10 years because I didn't object at the time, so do they have the power to reject my tax return as well? FAROUT!
    By: Trevor from NSW, Australia on April 19, 2016 @ 10:28 pm
    Yes Susie I did and my ex. chose not to adhere to our agreed terms for the care of our 3 children. She supported the children's resolve not to maintain contact with me their father simply because they said they didn't want to spent time with me. She had an affair with my best mate and now they all live happily in their new home together. I have initiated mediation to which I was told was not
    mediatible yet I would not be given the reasons why it is so due to confidentiality. I choose not to proceed to court and further disturb the wellbeing of my children who I love dearly and desire in my life. She has worked with the
    Gustarpo CSA to ensure I continue to play slave while she achieves maximum family support benefits and maximum contribution from fulltime working father. I have been assessed by the Gustarpo as earning $96000 per annum when I have declared $26000. I have lodged 2 requests for reassessment both of which failed as none of the points I made were acknowledged as the CSA simply act to reduce the burden on the government without regard for the complexities
    of individual family circumstances. I choose to painfully cut my losses and live life. I have taken financial steps to secure my resources and assets. I do not communicate to the Gustapo and I take advantage of the new life that has presented itself to me. In my dreams I hug and kiss my children and allow the potential future relationship to my children to unfold as it will. In the end this is my life and I will not allow others destroy it.
    By: Suzy from NSW, Australia on April 19, 2016 @ 1:57 pm
    Didn't any of you men outline the custody arrangement when you first split up / got divorced?
    When I separated from my ex, I had it on the separation agreement IE "The child primarily will reside with the mother with the father having minimum 2 nights overnight access every fortnight and additional nights/access as agreed as long as 24 hours advance notice/ request is given to the mother" I actually was the one who put it in there. Also, I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks the 'Cost of a Child" is per week?
    By: Suzy from NSW, Australia on April 19, 2016 @ 12:21 pm
    RE: your question when did I go back to work. I worked up until two weeks before my son was born and I went back to work when he was 6 weeks old.
    I never stopped working, I worked full time from 15years old. I met my sons father at 30.I owned a house in QLD a sports car. + had money in the bank. He had nothing. He had a daughter from a previous marriage. He never took his daughter overnight when I met him,...he blamed his ex for this, However, once I set up a bedroom and bed for his daughter in our home his ex gladly allowed us to have his daughter overnight 5 times a fortnight,(I wanted her for half the school holidays...her father didn't) I sold my house in QLD and my sports car to purchase another house and a four door car so we get his daughter, our baby son us the car, I then bought a Sydney house with the money from the sale of my QLD house and my bank accounts and borrowed $300,000 from the bank. We struggled to get the loans (3 applications with 3 different lender at $650 per application which I also paid) due to his poor credit rating, but was successful in the end due to my good one. He did not pay one rates bill, electricity or phone bill, or petrol bill, car service this time, he occasionally made a mortgage payment never half around a 3rd of it. Where did his money go? He was a pothead...he smoked nearly his entire salary...Hence the reason I broke up with him after 10 months of buying the house and 2 months after buying the car.
    I had now gone from no debt owning a house in QLD, having money in the bank and a sports having a $305,000 debt and a six month old baby on my hip. As only 10 months had transpired from owning the house it was not worth anymore than I paid for it. Still I gave 'Him" some money sent him on his way /took nothing from him. I can assure you, I used to have to beg him to come and see his son and he often would say he was coming to see him and wouldn't show up. Or when he did show up he was stoned off his head. Eventually (3 years later) he lost his bong and found a bible...He used to quote various psalms...even this didn't change things. Even when he did bother to come and pick up his son he would bring him back early...a few times when my son was 9 I came home to find my son on my front balconey by himself because his father had dropped him off early and not told me, when I rang him and asked how he could leave our son on the balconey by himself, he sited that it was to teach him a lesson for not having a house key and to make him remember it in the future...I reiterate my son was 9 at the time. On paper my ex owes me over $40,000 in child support...but I never tried to collect it as I never put the case through child support. 16 years and 3 months later, now that he is having our son 10 nights a fortnight (our son is now employed full time), so I requested he take him as it is easier for him to get to work from his fathers place. I find out why he agreed a few days after...He had now lodged a claim through child support for $228 per WEEK...which child support warrants as they do not lay claim to any child support that is unpaid that wasn't being collected by them in the first place....even though their records show that he owes me over $40,000. I did what I thought was right at the time and in the best interests of my son, but 16 years later it has come back and bit me.
    1160. By: fred from wa, aus on April 18, 2016 @ 9:27 pm

    DHS office in Perth has door that open themselves at the push of a button. Why is the DHS wasting tax payers money installing these doors. Cant you staff use door handles. Are they incompetent or are you just wasting money.

    I don't see other offices in Perth wasting money like this

    How much does it cost to maintain these doors.

    Why do you need so many offices Campbell

    Where are those copies of your face that I requested Cmpbell
    By: Mike from Vic, Aust on April 17, 2016 @ 9:16 am
    Drew, as far as your money goes make sure it is a joint account, that way the arsehole are unable to say who owns what portion therefore they can't steal any money.

    Make sure your tax returns only return small amounts so if they intercept your return, who cares. Long story but due to a biased ruling I had a CSA debt and they intercepted a nice tax refund I desperately needed

    Also, don't have anything in your name, then if they take out a warrant of seizure and sale the sheriff is unable to take anything

    Protect yourself against these bastards
    By: fred from wa, aus on April 16, 2016 @ 12:28 pm
    When allegations of a mother killing her baby child appear on TV. It is strange that one doesn't see the avalanche of family violence programs that appear on TV like the ones that appear if the father committed the same evil and horrific crime.

    When its a man family violence is splattered all over the TV with politicians getting involved.

    This is the way the media conditions the way society thinks.
    By: fred from wa, aus on April 15, 2016 @ 12:51 pm

    Get them to put it in writing. If they are hassling you at work lodge a complaint with worksafe. Bullying and Harassment is against the OH&S laws.

    Drew have you received a change of assessment and have you lodged a change of assessment form. its still a one sided process but at least you will have it in writing which may be useful later.

    Based on my experience this organisation appears to think they can operate above the law and don't have to provide reasons or to justify their actions. If they do provide a reason it is usually meaningless garbage which these arrogant civil servants expect you to accept and they wont elaborate when questioned. Bit like the KGB and Gestapo.

    I'm still waiting for many FOI requests and for them to justify there actions.

    By: fred from wa, aus on April 15, 2016 @ 12:20 pm
    Channel 9. Have your TV crew broken the law in Lebanon. It appears the law there takes a different view to the Family Court of Injustice here. Isn't that sad, now your TV crew is in jail.

    There is justice in the world...just not in Australia.
    By: fred from wa, aus on April 14, 2016 @ 11:52 am

    My Ex Partner also claimed that I didn't want to see my child. She also claimed that she did every thing to encourage the father to see his child. Even went so far as to swear this in an affidavit.

    The reality was the father was doing everything he could to see his child and the mother was preventing this to maximise the child support. There is proof of this unlike the BS that came out of this woman's mouth. What's said by many woman and what is reality are two different things

    My ex quite her job when it wasn't necessary to do so. When your child went to school did you get a proper job. When did you start working full time. What age was your child. Both parents have a responsibility to provide for the child financially not just the father.

    My mother raised three kids and she held a full time job. These are the woman of the past and these are the woman that deserve respect, not those woman of today who think they can sit at home and demand "entitlements" freebies and hand outs from the father and tax payers.

    You state
    "This system is not against men, it is against those that work hard"

    No it is against men. 92% of those receiving payments are woman.As mentioned the Family court of injustice sets the stage by allocating more time to mothers. Somehow they feel it is in the child's best interest to have more time with the mother. This is an archaic viewpoint which automatically places the mother in a more favourable position. Child support payments, FTB, pension cards etc. It encourages them to screw the system and many do.
    By: Drew from Victoria, Australia on April 13, 2016 @ 8:14 pm
    Hi, having real problems with Child Support today, taking money out of my account. Have been up to date for 4 years. They increased my money by 300% . The rules seem to have changed. I have been asking for a case officer for over a month to explain the increase and was told "that won't happen" been has hassled at work by 4 different people from DHS over last 2 days, can any one point me in the right direction?
    By: fred from wa, aus on April 13, 2016 @ 12:59 pm
    City of Perth Pier Street Parking is now introducing "Female Friendly" parking. Closer to exits etc......Is there no end to this preferential treatment and gender discrimination.

    If you agree lodge a complaint with the relevant government agency that deals with discrimination.
    By: kris from nsw, Australia on April 11, 2016 @ 3:14 pm
    Hi to all paying parents, csa/family flaw, multi billion dollar racket destroying families and creating the new "stolen generation" and creating "domestic violence". This is a contrived system, it will never change in this country. Don't waste your time trying to change it cause you'll go mad, and that's what they want. Stay spiritually strong and therefore mentally strong and stay alive! .The system wants to destroy the family. Just ask the 21 fathers that commit suicide each week and the women who are murdered each week and the kids that are torn appart year after year. And no one can see this??? And then they'll call you a deadbeat father on their maggot social engineering TV.
    MIKE you are spot on , I've been paying over 11 years to those extortion mob.
    Don't waste your time trying to win even if you are right cause they will drive you to insanity. Stay focused on your life don't play up or take drugs to get through. Remember it will Never change, it's aa contrived system.
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