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Child Support — What does it all mean?
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Who wants to be dictated to by the State on how you support your children — what, how and when?

Whilst many views float around arguing for and against child support, most decent fathers and parents would argue the issue is not whether or not they wish to support their children, but rather the often unfair conditions imposed upon them.

Simply, it's an attack on the nature of a father's freedom and how he best wishes to raise and support his children in the many different ways a responsible father can, which are often more effective and benefical to a child than any 'slap-bang' instrument of government and statism can ever be.

For a father going through separation/divorce, experiencing the loss of family and children, horrendous false allegations, litigation, uncertainty of where your children are and how they are doing, often causes ill health, work and life instability in so many ways. Also, the effects from not having a fully functioning and emotionally present Dad in a child's life can be equally, if not more devestating as their development can be hindered considerably.

Then if that isn't bad enough, along comes an assessment from the Child Support Agency (CSA) for an outlandish sum of money based on your capacity to work at the highest rate when you were fit and able and on fire, which is possibly a stark contrast to where your financial position is today, or will be in the future if you are unable to recover from the upheaval of a traumatic separation that's often compared to a fate worse than death.

From 2006 CSA powers in Australia have increased to not only garnish your wages, but directly withdraw from bank accounts any amount they deem appropriate, siezing assets of any sort to pay the often highly questionable and unjust debts. As Fathers are assaulted with such draconian measures, one can only feel a sense of dictatorship giving rise to a totalitarian society — not a free Australia — causing fathers to unite and fight for their rights and freedom.

As there are many issues surrounding child support and the effects upon fathers, children and families,

Share your opinion and experiences about the pros and cons of child support,
lifting the veil on a most horrid part of family breakup!

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    By: Reza from Qld, Australia on February 8, 2019 @ 3:27 pm
    Im self employed, last year child support added $25k for 2 years to my income as a personal benefit from business, I tried to fight it but didn’t get anywhere, this year I had to close down the business as it wasn’t going good so contacted Child support, informed them of my situation and asked for reassessment, it was refused again due to lack of evidence !!! Bank statements clearly show how much money comes in and goes out,
    I then searched for agencies that help in this matter, I came across Child Support Help Australia, Talked to Laurie Fittock, he assured me that I have a case, that they have plenty of experience and knowledge in these matters, I was receiving a call almost every second day until I paid them half of the money, Everything stopped as soon as I paid, every time I called he simply bagged CSA and said how bad and unfair they are, asked for more documents and did nothing,
    I finally found out by CSA that the act prevents parties to have a representative on reassessments, so the money was gone, Laurie from CSHA didn’t help and refused to refund.
    They just take your money and run,
    They have a facebook page that is run by a marketing company, they charge Laurie a fee for every lead they get, Laurie Fittock from Child Support Help Australia on the other hand gets paid and does nothing, Beware and don’t waste your money. I paid them $1,000 and after a month got a very poor draft that was copied from my objections.
    Is there anyone with personal business benefit experience that can help.
    By: Sami from Nsw, Australai on January 14, 2019 @ 8:04 am
    Hi all
    Family court judges / CSA- are natze and dictators
    No one can change the system
    I pay CS+spousal maintenance because my x studying so she can maintain her
    Life style $3055 a month
    So I’m working 7 days just so she can have good life style LOL
    nothing make since
    So I do t bileve in free Australia we will have hitler
    In every aspect of our life

    God help up
    By: Greg from Qld, Australia on January 12, 2019 @ 7:51 pm
    Hey. CSA r a debt collection agency governed by legislation, it's pointless complaining about them. They are black and white, welfare of kids is supposed to be Family Courts. If the ex starts with domestic abuse lies, you r destined to loose. U r guilty unless u can prove u never hurt your kids or ex..
    I think the only way fwd is for the ex to only ever receive 50/50 care payments unless Ex can prove the other partner will not take care of the kids. Too many ex's keep the kids out of spite and financial gain.
    The system is broken. Government love it, no cost to them, fk the kids and dad.
    By: Johnsie from vic, australia on January 12, 2019 @ 12:09 pm
    Not that I know of Anthony but anything is possible with state based agencies that usurp our power on a daily basis with rubbish legislation. There would have to be some agreement or statutory authority I would think to give CSA any legal or lawful power to do that which I don't believe they currently have. If your ex has a claim on the house, say before any property settlement is done, any csa debt may be rolled into the property settlement, but that should be about as far as it goes.
    By: Anthony from Qld, Australia on January 12, 2019 @ 6:37 am
    Has anyone had there house sold up by CSA ?
    By: Kris from nsw, ZOG on December 30, 2018 @ 11:22 am
    Hi to all paying parents , csa/family flaw multi billion dollar racket destroying families and creating the New Stolen generation and creating domestic violence. A new income assessment will only give you more grief . you will be asked to provide evidance by csa maggots of how much you earn ,even dough they already have your tax return info, they want to know about all your financial info such as investment properties income from wills etc,your spending, assets etc, this will make go crazy with rage when they send you all the b.s paperwork. so you can apply all you want but its all just smoke n mirrors to make the system look just when in reality its designed (agenda)to detroy families and hetro relationships, and keep the fuding and hatred alive therby keeping the csa/family flaw machine well oiled. just remember 28 men commit suicide each week and 2 women are murdered because of unjust csa/family flaw outcomes which pits men vs women against eachother. when it all can easily be resolved by talking like mature adults looking at realistic/ fair senarios because that would be in the best interests of the children,not what you can get for yourself or hurt the other person. stay alive and fight the system not eachother. Revolution dreaming...
    By: Harry from NSW, Australia on December 21, 2018 @ 6:14 pm
    Hi Dave, what's your phone number?
    By: Dave from WA, Australia on December 21, 2018 @ 12:25 pm
    Hello, I'm after some advise please as I keep getting different answers fro CSA.

    My EX is now working full time and has been for 6 months, but I'm paying full CS for her previous income which was nil. My question is can I initiate a new income assessment on my EX so i can get some financial relief and actually support my daughter.

    Many thanks, I look forward to your responses and to hear from anyone who is in the same boat.
    1820. By: Harry from NSW, Australia on December 15, 2018 @ 7:54 pm
    Hey Robbo, nice outline of the CSA antics. Just to add to your great work. It is well worth considering applying creative strategies to facilitate a divorce between the CSA and the higher care time parent. If you have dirt on the CSA instigator/higher care time parent then use it. if you can offer an amount as an incentive for actions that benefit your circumstances then use it. The objective is to enter a private arrangement thus rejecting the state from your family's business and getting them out of your life.
    By: Robbo from nsw, oz on December 15, 2018 @ 10:00 am
    CSA explained simply for the uninitiated:

    1) You've separated/divorced. Primary carer wants/needs financial support (cash) from you as other parent.

    2) If primary carer does not get this through a property settlement or child support agreement between parents (both ways recommended), they often make application to CSA. If they seek a Welfare/Centrelink benefit they have no choice but to first show evidence of a CS agreement or application to CSA.

    3) Non primary parent then receives CSA notice of say mother's claim and request for father's particulars of income, % child care details etc. At this point, if you are not the father you must rebut the presumption that you are. The mother will have to provide irrefutable evidence that you are (ie. DNA). Whatever you do, don't deal with CSA.

    4) If you have fathered the child/ren for many years, suspect they're not yours and want to possibly end the r'ship with your kid/s over a few dollars, then this is the time to seek proof of paternity. Otherwise if they are yours, you have fathered them and want to continue and don't object, the presumption stands.

    5) If you are caught by the CSA machine and work for someone as an employee, you are pretty much fucked. They know what you earn, can garnish your wages and seize any crazy amount the CSA say is owed from any tax return or bank accounts (which don't belong to you anyway).

    6) If you can afford whatever the CSA demands and takes from you great. Usually they start low, get you on the agreement hook, and then they can jack up the charges. If this is not for you, you have to create a company/trust entity being different from the entity you know as your name and then pay yourself a modest sum. Yes, this will mean leaving a job as you know it and making changes. Perhaps you can contract with your previous employer.

    7) Alternatively, go on welfare/Centrelink benefits and be protected by the ceiling of say $30/fn and maybe setup a new entity/income on the side.

    So that's it. For those unsure about when the agreement was first formed, it was when the man and woman consented to that act of lust and pleasure and did the deed. Agreements get stronger with time making them harder to terminate. So too does refuting any presumption of fatherhood.

    The most important part about all of this is to be responsible for your kids in whatever way you can, but if the ex-partner is being unfair and unreasonable, don't contemplate taking your life as this doesn't serve any good, least of all for you, your children, family, friends and the positive difference you can make in the world. Never forget this! Just use a remedy that allows you to live fairly too.

    And yes keep away from dealing with the CSA at all costs. Don't respond, write or call them. Don't contract with them. Make them insignificant because their terms are unfair and one-sided with their antics worse than Nightmare on Elm St.

    The only way to abolish the CSA racket is by not using and empowering it, otherwise your participation will only serve to dis-empower yourself; sending you crazy and broke in the process as it sucks your energy dry.

    Remember: Fairness and CSA are not synonymous so give it a wide berth !!!

    Good luck!
    By: Sam from NSW, Australia on December 14, 2018 @ 1:28 pm
    Hey Dawn, I have just read your comment and I have a couple of ideas/suggestions that may well assist your circumstances. I do not wish to post these suggestions publicly. Give me a call on 0401665736 and identify yourself as Dawn please. I am merely offering to help and share my knowledge developed over the past 5 yrs of dealing with CSA. I dont want any $$$ for this information. I simply wish to help others with my knowledge to improve their circumstances. Totally free!!
    By: Dawn from Wa, Australia on December 13, 2018 @ 12:11 am
    Hi everyone
    I’m the partner of a payer of child support.
    He divorced her ex 13 years ago and still she goes out of her way to have my partner reassessed by child support.
    Recently, he received a change of assessment using reason 3 + 8.
    Long story short. Her application was full of fraudulent statements and only partially filled in.
    Even after responding CSA didn’t take anything he said into consideration.
    Why partner objected and provided evidence and documents supporting his reasons. CSA didn’t even address them in the objection decision letter.
    The stage we are at now is AAT.
    It’s been so stressful for both my partner and myself, with the new inflated payment we have to find we are sure to lose our house.
    Obviously as I feel an injustice has been done I started researching and have read both the acts this department follows trying to find a way to help my partner. I also google his ex’s name.
    OMG what I found was shocking.
    She has 8 registered businesses which she omitted on her CoA application, she is also in a family trust, again this wasn’t on the form. She claims Centrelink payments as well. I then found her business page and even watched videos of her. (She apparently is a personal trainer)
    With this ammunition I reported her to CSA and Centrelink for fraud. Will anything happen? Probably not but it made me feel better.
    Anyway, my partner still has to go to AAT but now we have even more evidence to support his case. I’m still not convinced that anything will change after the tribunal as from what I’ve read not many people have a good result.
    By: Grumpy from NSW, AUSTRALIA on December 1, 2018 @ 7:13 pm
    Lived with being bent over by my ex by her manipulating CSA, ATO and Centrelink. Enrolled my daughter in schools with only her surname not her 'real' name by birth certificate.
    The system needs huge overhaul, inc sack all the brainwashed people who work there. Fathers are not 'wrong' because we are gathers. Assess total family income for both families. Both parents pay into bank account for child based on submitted budgets.....the list is long my friends
    By: Adam from wa, australia on November 30, 2018 @ 8:44 pm
    Ann, are there court orders for the holidays? If so, the kids are with Dad. What happens between the kids and Dad is between them. Dependent on their age, what kids wouldn't want to spend time on a farm. If a Dad is oblivious to the needs and desires of his kids, and I'm not suggesting for one moment this Dad is, he would only be weakening the r'ship bonds between them now and in the future. A bad move.

    If there are no orders, let the kids speak their concerns to dad direct. Do they not want to be with him for the holidays or just not to the farm. If the kids don't directly want to be with dad, and its their uninfluenced desire, then so be it, they stay home with mum, but mum has no basis to issue any claim for any amount as how is it dads fault?

    Depending on the current r'ship and time between kids and dad, sometimes kids find it hard to leave the primary carer, especially if say mum is not promoting a r'ship and good time with dad. It's a thing called exit and entry in r'ships. Sometimes it's that initial awkwardness for kids and the contact parent which first has to be understood and then overcome gradually. However, get passed this both kids and adults can have a ball.
    By: ann from nsw, australia on November 30, 2018 @ 7:45 pm
    my husband has his kids for 3 weeks in the january school holidays and he was going to our farm and taking the kids with him,but his ex has told him the kids do not want to go and if he still goes she will find other care but he has to pay for a cost of 1200 dollars.
    peoples thoughts please.!!cheers
    By: Nathaniel Lowe from NSW, Australia on November 14, 2018 @ 2:57 pm
    I have just spent this last fortnight living off $0 dollars (yes, you read that correctly) due to C$A's decision to not only take my entire Tax Return, but 25% of my wages also. On top of this, after I called to try and find out why they took the entire amount from my Tax Return (after stating they would leave $160 to pay the Tax Agent), because I suggested 'I can understand why people do the wrong thing or top themselves' I got bounced to a social worker and my enquiry has gone ignored.

    This system is broken beyond repair. I can't afford to even feed my two younger children and am unable to even have the child I am paying the support for visit as I can't provide anything for him.

    How is this 'thinking of the child'? It's past a joke. I really need help in circumventing this wrong system - NOT avoid supporting my children - but making sure ALL of them are looked after and not just the mother of ONE child! ANY help would be very appreciated. Legal, illegal - I don't care anymore - I have been doing the right thing since this all began - and I can't survive anymore, so why should I? The system doesn't account for those doing the right thing!
    By: Nathan east from NSW, Australia on November 12, 2018 @ 6:57 pm
    I am wondering, how if I and my ex wife are 50/50 in everything, do I still have to pay child support?
    & how can she arrange this without my consent, & they take it without even informing me they are going to??
    By: Robert Lucas from Qld, Australia on November 9, 2018 @ 12:35 am
    I think the CSA are pathetic no ones willing to listen to you and they judge it suxs. I’ve had a DFO I think that’s what it’s called saying I can’t leave the country. I’m a kiwi re located to Australia with my wife and children. My ex has sucked me dry for years. 15 to be exact. I have always tried to contribute my share as well as provide for my wife and four children here in Australia. They have cost me more than 1 job taking money directly from my bank acct. I’ve been injured from a mining accident for last 3 years. Chronic pain , diabetic type 2 , my hips are gone needing replacement. But they still expect there pound of salt. They won’t allow me to leave the country even though I’ve had family members pass away. I’ve got a bill that’s now 100 k that I can’t pay even if I wanted to. I need help cause I feel like a prisoner My 3 children in NZ are now having children of there own my grand children whom I’ve yet to meet cause I’m not allowed out of Australia yet my child support is in NZ.
    Enuff said it sux shit 🖕🏼
    1810. By: Sandra from Victoria, Australia on November 5, 2018 @ 10:28 pm
    My husband was kicked out of his home by his ex. She got half his super, house and he was bearly left with anything due to his capacity to earn. Then throw in child support and paying half of kids expenses. Yep he hit struggle street.while his ex was able to provide lavish holidays and lifestyle for the kids. Guess where the kids preferred to live, you guessed it with the mother. So he gets his kids now every second weekend and pays more child support. CSA say you need a court order to have your kids 50/50. Great so more expense to fight it and get equal opportunity.
    Then came me and our daughter a couple of years later but I know he didn’t have much so I was left to provide for our family
    Next the mother takes him to court as he could afford the kids braces (cosmetic) and lavish school camps and activities. He has been paying all essential items for them. Plus all there non essential medical eg massages. What does the judge say “it’s in the best interest of the kids” cough up another $11,000, oh but you can pay it off in 24 months. Also that’s the mother’s good luck that she gets government benefits, school camp, excursions funded. No wonder my poor husband is broken, his lost his everything and now we have to find an additional $11,000 on top of everything else. Where is the justice and fairness. I have to work to make ends meet and we are just above the threshold to receive any benefits. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point of working!!
    By: Johnny from nsw, Australia on November 5, 2018 @ 8:48 am
    Watch this and other CSA videos by Amen Osiris
    By: Johnsie from vic, australia on December 29, 2017 @ 3:07 pm
    CSA tricks
    First, how do you get a dog to perform tricks??? Simple, offer it a reward or food. ie. something the dog sees as a benefit.

    How does the govt/csa get usually a mum to perform tricks for them, ie. get jurisdiction to extract money from the payer?? Simple, offer the payee (usually mum) a Centrelink benefit, or in actual fact withhold any benefit from the payee until application for child support is first made against the payer.

    In other words unemployed mums are generally induced into making a CSA application to get Centrelink payments, in order to survive and out of ignorance. Sometimes it's spite,, granted. As for all the good and fair mums, it is often not their fault or deliberate intention to purposefully screw any good Dad. It's a devilish system and definitely in need of an overhaul and trip to the tip!
    By: Wilder from Vic, Australia on December 27, 2017 @ 8:40 am
    Before entering into any new agreement with any agency, such as CSA, ensure you first request a copy of any contract binding you to any purported obligation. Now that’s where the real fun begins so be on your game.
    By: Berto Ortiz from Qld, Australia on December 20, 2017 @ 6:06 pm
    Like many of you, I have a career welfare hag as a former partner. 20 years in the system because she thinks she's entitled to be a stay at home mother regardless of who pays.
    Until recently I was paying $15600 a year for my son Cody. Due to her greed, she asked DHS for an addition 4k which was approved and there's sweet FA I can do about it.

    If we act on our own there's not much we can do but as a group we are strong but I need everyone's support.
    I intend to organise a national rally on the 3 rd of September through CFMEU since a majority of CFMEU members are "clients" of CSA.
    My intention in Brisbane is to start rally at CSA office @ 400 George Street and make our way to DHS 100 Creek Street and then on to new DHS office @ 140 Elizabeth Street to highlight how dysfunctional current legislation is.

    I no longer call CSA, I e mail the minister which then gets passed on to Lorna Andres the nation client manager who's on a salary of around 400k a year to copy n paste letters. They hate it but not illegal. Get everyone you know dealing with CSA to do the same.
    I send one or two every day he he.
    Christmas will have a skeleton staff so this is a good time to bombard them and keep going hard into the new year and make them work for their money.
    I've also engaged Chris Wellman and Associates to deal with CSA.
    Chris is a former CSA worker who knows the legislation better than any of us and is a good guy.
    His web is
    When e mailing the minister, cc Bill Shorten.. Why?
    Let's make it an election issue.

    Questions, feel free to e mail me
    The time for change is NOW

    By: Joseph M Pau from Perth, Australia on December 18, 2017 @ 3:18 pm
    Just needing to move on, so i have been seperated from my ex now, and according to Centrelink, she is sole carer to our 4 kids, and I have nothing under my name, i contacted centrelink several times to let them know that my ex partner have been split now and its coming on 2 years now, so far, she still claims ftb as defacto, sole carer 100 percent, and yet she is working in Brisbane, claims ftb, and yet, i am stuck living at her parents house which is mould and coachroach infested, and all i want to do is move on with my life and shift out of her parents, as i have been under their roof for 4 years, i suffer from depression, carpal tunnel and rhematoid arthritis, so finding a steady job foor my self has been hard, i applied for 137 jobs, and 4 of them declined me. Now the ex, only gives myself and the kids half of ftb, which is completely bull, i need help, and i have no family here in perth
    By: Norma from WA, Australia on December 18, 2017 @ 2:53 pm
    I have NOT been through the system but have worked within the industry for 20 years. I have always believed that the CSA need to be totally overhauled. The poor man needs to get a new life but with these greedy lazy women they can't. (Sorry ladies but you do need to work even though you have children.) The Mother and Father are both parents and should share the costs of bringing up the children. It's easy for the mother to get on with her life while destroying the Father. The children need both parents and need to feel secure and loved. The CSA has to re access the payments. It should have nothing to do with the Father's income. He works hard for that. My thoughts are that it should be based on the age of the child and what it would reasonably cost for that child and then be halved. A 6 month old costs next to zero compared to a 7 year old or 14 year old. Everything should be halved. Someone needs to sort this out and soon. There is far too much tragedy and heartbreak out there. Before you women go off on a tangent I am aware there is always the exception. But really, give the guys a go. You don't have to like each other but what about the children.These are just my personal feelings about this. A lot less stress is good for everyone.
    By: D_nguyen from NSW, Australia on December 13, 2017 @ 2:30 pm
    Hi does having an investment property affect CS assessment? Does CS screw you over even if its negatively geared?
    Is rent income, although negatively gear, is added to gross income right which is what they work out your assessment right? Am i better to get rid of it? Thanks
    By: gary from Qld, Australia on December 13, 2017 @ 12:09 am
    there doesn't seem to be much activity here anymore, I pray its not from self harm.
    By: gary from Qld, Australia on December 8, 2017 @ 9:26 am
    had a phone call from the thieves and they do the this phone call is reordered to training purposes bla bla bla and I told him that I also record all my calls for training purposes and guess what he said oh this call cant go ahead because I don't feel comfortable about being reordered. what a bunch of protected thieves with a policy that they record all the calls for bla bla bla and EVEN WHEN YOUR ON HOLD, lower than scum CSA
    1800. By: Dean from Queensland , Australia on November 22, 2017 @ 7:28 pm
    I pay child support to my ex and in addition also pay 50% of school costs, uniforms, books, etc. I have separate expenses with the children where the ex doesn't contribute. The ex now asked for me to pay 50% of dentistry and I can't afford but agreed to pay 40% as it's my CSA deemed financial responsibility. Is it unreasonable to ask me to pay 50% when I already pay child support and pay half of other costs while the ex refuses to assist with after school care?
    By: David Farmer from Herts, United Kingdom on November 22, 2017 @ 7:23 am
    CSA : Child Access : Suicide!
    For me the state backed bandits that bully the good Dads who want to do right for their children whilst pandering to self serving mother, whilst feckless fathers leave caring mothers to struggle for the basics.

    The Government does not see fit to link CSA demands to Family Court injustice meaning a mother ( most often) will with hold the children so the erroneous organisation sees the mother as a sole carer when, as in my case, this is not always the case with joint residency and shared care as part of what has proved to be a worthless court order yet if they refunded the £35,000 wasted here I could then pay the CSA but from the perspective of a caring and loving dad all be it now deemed ‘absent’ you can’t have it twice yet even on a meager wage they still demand more so you are compelled to take refuge at the JSA,

    Where is our Justice?

    I have learned of 3 suicides by fathers in just this past week due to the unreasonable strain brought on by this inconsistency of Family Court and CSA how many more lives need to be lost before something is done , I changed my campaign title to
    Justice4Children some years ago as it was clear then as it is today nobody gives a damn about Fathers! (they seeming are not that concerned for Children’s justice either especially if they want their dad in their life!)
    By: Clemo from WA, Australia on November 14, 2017 @ 2:24 pm
    I'm a Mom paying child support to my deadbeat of an ex and suffer through all the injustices that paying Fathers do too. Not only do I pay full child support, but I also pay all costs associated with clothing, schooling, general upkeep (haircuts etc)associated with my boys as their Dad just takes the money and looks after himself.
    CSA are NO help. All you can do is suck it up until the kids are old enough so that you don;t need to pay enymore......and if your ex is anything like mine, they'll apply for the over 18 child support too for the 4 months it takes my eldest to finsh school.....just gotta laugh!
    By: Neil from NSW, Australia on October 29, 2017 @ 9:49 pm
    Hi Guys, I have been paying child support for the last 4 years religiously even though I haven't seen my son for the last 3 years. His mother abducted him and took him overseas to her parents. Now I am planning to go to another country for good. Do I still have to pay the child support even if none of us will be in Australia? Cheers
    By: Nate from TAS, AUS on October 29, 2017 @ 7:14 pm
    My partner is just about to be dragged through this bullshit and we both feel stressed and absolutely terrible about what might happen.

    For starters, he's paid for legal aid to try get even just a little bit more time with his kids. Now he's in debt, doesn't earn much and is only allowed 4 hours a fortnight to see the kids.
    I'm unemployed but looking for work, hopefully one paying well enough that I can help him.
    We're super worried that this is going to go horribly wrong anyway because simply put, he's a man. A father who has been poorly accused and been made to jump through burning hoops but still just a human being.

    Imagine what this is doing to his poor kids!??? I never wanted children so much until I met him and now I want to protect them !
    By: Fitzy from WA, Australia on October 28, 2017 @ 8:10 pm
    Hi everyone
    Need some advice if you can respond it would be great
    I religiously have paid child support for my 14 & 16 year old until I was made redundant in late May 2017. Since then I haven't seen my kids as apparently they refuse to come now ( coincides with me not paying maintenance ) as this has happened before 2 years ago when the same thing happened
    My question is two fold?
    1. Do I still have to pay full child support ( based on zero care ) even if I have family court orders stating I'm supposed to get 35% care or 128 nights per annum? If so, This would mean on earning $160K (she earns $80K ) according to CSA Calculator I would have to pay her $2900 per month? Is that right? Since when do kids cost this per month?
    2. What can I do to reduce this as going through family court resulted in me being told to go to family councilling! This woman has totally damaged my relationship with my kids for years - any advice great fully received
    By: Mike from WA, Aust on October 24, 2017 @ 5:20 pm
    To Mick
    I went through all the avenues to fight same scenario. Reason 8, no good, CS help australia, cost me 1k for them to make a phone call and write a letter, no good. Administrative Tribunal with overwhelming evidence and the csa law on my side....still lost. I now just cop the fact the ex left a well paid job to start own business and claims under thresh hold every year, 26k and doubled my payments. She apparently can afford to renovate a house and adding 2 extra rooms and private schooling on this income. The AAT female judge èven tried to coax her to claim more school fees from me during initial 3 way phone interview. It was then I knew I was up against it even before the hearing date. My wife and I after trying every avenue for a fair and equitable outcome, have now resigned to live with it and be happy rather than stress. The system enables vindictive and greedy mothers to use the system. Unfortunately, all the great things like camp trips and holidays I used to do with my sons have now ceased due to affordability. Cheers AAT, good luck dads.
    By: Don from NSW, Australia on October 23, 2017 @ 7:20 am
    To Mick. Also look at "Child Support(assessment)Act" section 117 (7B) CS must follow this as well as the courts
    By: Don from NSW, Australia on October 23, 2017 @ 7:14 am
    to Mick.A Change of Assessment for reason 8 "earning Capacity" see Child Support Guides 2.6.14 "Although a parent's most recent taxable income is used in the child support formula, the Registrar can look beyond the parent's taxable income when considering an application for a change of assessment. Income, earning capacity, property and financial resources which do not necessarily form part of a parent's taxable income can be added to or excluded from a child support assessment (Carey and Carey (1994) FLC 92-489)." ALSO note that WA CS can be different than the rest of AUSTRALIA so check that out. ( or phone me see entry just below" Don
    By: Mick from WA, Australia on October 23, 2017 @ 4:56 am
    Hi, I have a 12yo child that I have shared care (50/50) of with my ex. She was until recently a retail manager on 75K and my CSA payments were approx 400/month which was manageable. I just got a message from CSA advising me that her income is now estimated to be 35K and my payments will now be 800/month. Is this legal, or am I expected to pick up the slack because she chooses to cut down her hours and work part time. Is there any recourse for this? Are there any agencies that can help with challenging the change of assessment or am I on my own? Any advise would be appreciated.
    1790. By: Bk6210 from Wa, Australia on October 22, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
    Andrew go through change of assessment, CSA can add the flights to your costs, read the change of assessment process.
    By: Andrew Cashin from Qld, Australia on October 22, 2017 @ 8:52 am
    Hi All I relate to all of you as I am in a similar situation. Currently CSA take half my weekly income to give to an ex who has not worked for at least 15 years. Why would she when she draws a wage from me. The downside is the court order says I have to pay for flights if I want to see my kids which is supposed to be one weekend a month. I have not seen my kids for 10 months as I cannot afford the CSA payments and 1000 bucks a month for flights. You are all right CSA and the law don't give a shit about the kids.
    By: Don from NSW, Australia on October 21, 2017 @ 2:51 pm
    to Jason i have been thru this . have some good information. look at march 8 entry below for contact. don
    By: Prefer not to say from Prefer not to say, Australia on October 15, 2017 @ 2:22 am
    Hi Jason sounds like you need help challenging that. If you are being hit up for that much you would be better off paying money to that child support company that assists you in challenging csa assessments. I can't see how on that income even if your ex had 100% custody you would pay that much. You need to get onto it quickly, you have a timeframe to object in.
    By: Jason from Wa, Australia on October 10, 2017 @ 11:44 pm
    This is my first year of paying child support, I earned $39000.00 they want $22000.00, I have no idea why, no idea how this can happen , I'm thinking about getting rid of my assets hide my money in the back yard and never work again, I may be broke but at least I'll be happy, what can child support do about this.
    By: Ian King from Qld, Australia on October 10, 2017 @ 3:24 pm

    Like many on this forum, I have had a terrible experience at the hands of the CSA.

    I would like to see the Change of Assessment process changed or abolished, as it currently gives the CSA far to much power to arbitrarily set the paying parents Income, and therefore Child Support Amount.

    There is anecdotal evidence that 21 fathers take their own lives each week as a result of these rulings, however nothing seems to change.

    It is my belief that if concrete evidence supports these statistics, government would be more inclined to change the process.

    To this end I have contacted the data department at the CSA and asked them to provide me with the deceased statistics for the past 3 years, specifically with regard to parents undergoing COA, review or AAT processes.

    The CSA is prepared to supply the report, but have quoted me a figure of $7,000 to perform the work. Which I do not have.

    Is anybody on this forum aware of any Not for Profit organizations that could asdist with this ?

    By: nicole henderson from qld, Australia on September 30, 2017 @ 7:05 am
    i have had to deal with CSA for nearly 20 years and my only opinion was to help set up a group for uncensored feedback from parents that have been dictated to by CSA and /or are in the family court . time to reform this legislation .¬if_id=1506698528842010¬if_t=group_activity
    By: Mary from Vic, Anstralia on September 19, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
    @sharron, they have over stated my husbands capacity to earn to 105k, when he actually earns 43k as a chef, has for 4 years and has submitted tax returns every year. He pays well over 1/3 of his income to his ex, even though he has 50% care of his kids. So has $440 a week to live on whist she has over $800. There is nothing he can do about it. The stress it causes him is ridiculous. My heart goes out to anyone who is treated this babka by CSA.
    By: Sharron from Qld, Australia on September 19, 2017 @ 2:35 pm
    CSA have estimated that my partners income is higher than what it actually is (based on income from 2 yrs ago). They are expecting him to pay 50% of his current wages to his 16yr old son. How can a 16yr old boy have more expenses that his father??
    it's so frustrating and so unfair that once it's on paper their response is - sorry sir you need to pay, we can work out a payment arrangement but that will cost you an additional $40 a month.
    Yeap, thanks for that. Try and do the right thing and you get to live on the bones of your ass for the next 12mths until you catch up on your own expenses.
    By: Cathy from Nsw, Audtralia on September 18, 2017 @ 9:43 pm
    I'd just like to remind people it is not just men that lay child support . Women pay too.
    My ex has full care of our 15 year old. Who is mostly alienated from me . I left the man because I was was not happy being the bread winner with him working very little. Now I have my 18 year d who I support and oY full amount for 15 year old . So he wins again. At the end of the day with his low income , my child support and family tax he will have a bigger income than me .
    Oh and did I mention he inherited money that doesn't count in the assessment
    So I feel your pain boys .
    1780. By: Kris from nsw, ZOG on September 17, 2017 @ 7:40 am
    Dear wifeofagoodman ,
    My ex does the same thing. She normaly works for 1.5 to 2 years max at her max " capacity to earn" ,but I'm paying the top amount to her cause its based on her centerlink income, because she does her tax return after she quits/looses her job. I have given csa her employers information etc. And they do nothing with it and don't demand back pay from her cause by the time she does her tax return she is back on centerlink and they wont recover the money from her cause she is on centerlink benefits.
    You must remember its a bullshit barbaric system designed to devide and conquer and create hatred amongst people.
    The cs formula should be the mothers "capacity to earn" ×2- (self support for mother/father ) ×18% (one child) ÷2= what father should pay.
    And it should be for the whole time of the cs payments.
    Yeah she may choose to stay on centerlink her whole life but at least you paid exactly half for the support of your child and it will eliminate a lot of the bullshit.
    Revolution dreaming.
    By: Wifeofagoodman from NSW, Australian on September 13, 2017 @ 7:11 pm
    Hi Gentlemen,
    I am the wife of a very good man who regularly and religiously pays his monthly child support, based on assessments for both he and his ex/wife. Recently his ex-wife accepted a well paid full time job (approx $65k per annum) which is great, but she is refusing to declare this to CSA, which according to their guidelines is omitting to declare a change of income, while still receiving the full CS amount based on assessments calculated 4 years ago - surely this is fraud. We have reported this numerous times to CSA but it falls on deaf ears. We are incredibly frustrated!

    What are the repercussions if he stops paying CS? Does she need to get a court order to garnish his wage? Willl there be additional financial penalties? We simply want to shock his former wife to stop "double-dipping " and get justice.

    Welcome your thoughts and experience.

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